Camel Market in Dubai

One of the oldest cultural heritages with ancestral traditions can be seen in the Al Ain Camel Market present in Dubai. Apart from the luxurious buildings and architectural feats around the city, this place is a must-visit for visitors to understand about the camels. The market is open in the morning and has people coming from different regions of the earth. There are traders present who sell camels and their foals to prospective buyers. The camel is a widely sought-after creature in the Emirates and is utilized for many occasions. Below are a few important notes about the Al Ain camel market for the readers to have a look at.

Importance of Al Ain Camel Market

The Al Ain Camel Market is located around 15 km from Al Ain city and marks a diverse stand against the monumental buildings and architecture around. The camel market is an age-old heritage of Arabs and showcases numerous camels for their strength, endurance, and even for breeding purposes. Traders here sell their camels to buyers looking for a sturdy deal in common. Visitors can check this camel market and get a better understanding of the beast’s habitats and conditions. There are mock races for the animals and buyers choose to buy the best for getting them trained for future races. Tourists can check with the animal traders and find out the distinct aspects before choosing the animal for daily purposes. Visitors can even click pictures with the animals and post them on their social media handles too. It is one of the famous Dubai Tourist attractions in winter.

Activities to do at Camel Market in Dubai

There are various activities to indulge in while spending time at the Camel market in Al Ain, Dubai. A few of the important ones are projected below for the readers to check.

1. Hotcake for photographers

Situated around 8-10 km to the south of Al Ain, this place is bustling with vendors, traders, buyers, camels, and even people from around the globe. This can be indeed a haven for photographers who want to capture the market hustle with the animals around. People tend to take pictures of the cultural traditions and the ancient Emirati aura in the atmosphere. Visitors can also take pictures with animals and traders while checking out the endurance races of the animals. Don’t forget to try our Camel ride in Dubai to experience the extraordinary desert culture.

2. Trading of the Camels 

This is another widely enjoyed activity to engage in while being at the camel market in Al Ain. Tourists can check the bargaining and price pointing of buyers and sellers with the market over the camels. Some buy for the meat while others for breeding and racing purposes. It is best to visit the place in the morning hours since this is the time when the trading starts. Apart from this, the buyers generally test the camels with the mock races happening within the market premises itself.

How to reach at Al Ain Camel Market

Tourists and travellers visiting Dubai can reach the Al Ain market from the center of the city. All they need is to take private transportation services and ask the driver for the camel market. Apart from this, individuals can also take trains and shared cabs to this place. The transport system also has an RTA bus option for revelers to visit the place easily and efficiently.

Best timings to visit

The Al Ain Camel Market is best suited for visitors to visit in the wee hours of the morning. This is when the trading starts with the mock races on the roll. Individuals can plan to visit the place between October and May to avoid any drastic weather conditions during the period. The market closes at 7.00 in the evening but visitors can check the other stalls and stores for various day-to-day items here. There are several restaurants and hotels present near the market for a warm stay and a beautiful view of the Dubai skyline in the distance.

Final Word

Thus, the above points portray the proper timings and activities to conclude while visiting the Al Ain Camel Market in Dubai. Individuals tend to get close to the animals and traders and know about the distinct habits of the animals. Visitors can also enjoy the mock races and even take pictures with the majestic animals. Connect with Travel Saga Tourism to book your Dubai City Tour.

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