Al Fahidi Fort

Al Fahidi Fort

Dubai is known for both its modern architecture with the heritage complexes built around the city. People visit Dubai to check the enthralling ambiance of the bustling city life with everlasting experiences to find among the vivid rides and attractions. There are many heritage sites in UAE Individuals wanting to visit the heritage sites in Dubai can check out the Al Fahidi Fort here.

Introduction and History of Al Fahidi Fort

The fort is famed for its existence since 1787 and served as the distinct border to separate Dubai in medieval times. This fort acted as a line of defence for the city and later was used as an armory to store weapons and arsenals inside. The late ruler, Sheikh Rasheed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, provided a major hand in the renovation of the fort that also housed prisoners like outlaws and terrorists.

The fort was later turned into a museum and was opened to visitors in 1971. The fort was regarded as the official museum of Dubai and houses various medieval artifacts inside the premises. Later in 1995, an underground museum was constructed inside the premises for visitors to check the ruins and learn about the history of the place. Also, check the Dhayah Fort which is close to Ras Al-Khaimah. You can also visit other Dubai tourist attractions to have a cultural experience.

Things to explore in the Al Fahidi Fort

A proper list of the things to do at the fort and the essential timings are depicted below for instructional purposes.

Rich History and Habitats

Visitors trying to explore the Al Fahidi Fort can taste the rich history. Also, the heritage, and architecture of the medieval Arabian people. Individuals can taste the posh history of the city’s background. Along with the way of living of the ancient Arab citizens. All the distinct terrains of the country including desert safari, coastal, mountains, and marine are properly mapped with the agricultural lifestyles of the people.

Ancient Ruins and Artifacts 

The museum holds numerous ruins and artifacts. Like pottery, weapons and arsenals, tombs and burial areas, monuments and structures, ancient paintings, manuscripts, and much more. Individuals can also check the Dubai wing which resembles an ancient marketplace with different shops and vendors selling various items at that time.

Oasis with shipbuilding exhibits 

Another major thing to witness while being at the Al Fahidi Fort is the oasis present in the middle of the complex. There are also local boats with ancient shipbuilding technologies provided that are placed with the Al Fahidi fort premises.  

Entry Timings and Prices

The museum is open to visitors from Saturdays to Thursdays between 8.30 A.M. to 8.30 P.M. Adult tickets cost around 3 AED while the tickets for kids cost around 1 AED for visit purposes. The entry fee is collaborated with the Museum visit. Thus the tourists do not have to pay anything extra for the process.

How to Reach Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai

The Al Fahidi Fort can be reached by Al Fahidi Street near Bur Dubai. Individuals can take rental cars, private cabs, jetties, or public bus lines to reach the Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai. This place is also 8 minutes away from the Dubai airport. Visitors can also take a Metro to the Al Fahidi metro station to visit the fort here. Tourists can walk down the station and reach the fort complex within 9 minutes. You can also book transportation services from Travel Saga.


These are a few most interesting ideas and facts regarding the Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere at this location while understanding the rich history of the medieval Arab people. Various ancient ruins and artifacts are available on display here for visitors to get a profound knowledge of the cultural heritage of the city. You can have other cultural experiences in Dubai. So, book your Dubai City Tour with Travel Saga Tourism.