Visa Update for UAE: Nationalities from 87 countries are visa-exempted to enter UAE

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The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that residents of 87 countries get visa exemptions for entering the UAE. The ministry further urges tourists to check in with the ministry’s official website to get complete information regarding the visa status.

The ministry also confirmed the news that nationalities from a total of 110 countries would have to claim their visas before entering Emirati soil. All the information regarding the new updates and notices is available on the official website of the ministry. Eventually, the complete list of countries with visa exemptions is available for the website records as well.

Individuals can check with the respective authorities and personnel over the matter or get information from the nearest consulate available. Among the few countries been visa-exempted Australia, Japan, Ukraine, Argentina, Italy, and Brazil are the primary ones.

Again, it has also been announced by the UAE Digital Government, that citizens belonging to GCC countries do not need a preceding visa to visit the Arab Emirates. Travellers can simply display their passports issued by a GCC country. Otherwise, they can use their ID cards once they arrive at any UAE port.

Check in with the ministry’s official website to get the list of countries with visa exemptions in the recent notices. Entry visas for certain countries would have a validity of 30 or 90 days with a 10-day grace period.

List of Exempted Nationalities

Albania El Salvador Oman
Andorra Estonia Paraguay
Argentina Finland Peru
Austria France Poland
Australia Georgia Portugal
Azerbaijan Germany Qatar
Barbados Honduras Republic of Ireland
Bahrain Hungary Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Brazil Hong Kong San Marino
Belarus Iceland Saudi Arabia
Belgium Israel Seychelles
Brunei Italy Serbia
Bulgaria Japan Singapore
Canada Norway Slovakia
Chile Kazakhstan Slovenia
China Kiribati Solomon Islands
Colombia Kuwait South Korea
Costa Rica Liechtenstein Spain
Croatia Lithuania Sweden
Cyprus Luxembourg Switzerland
Czech Republic Latvia Special Administrative Region of China
Denmark Malaysia Nauru
New Zealand Maldives Montenegro
Monaco Malta Mexico


Indian citizens carrying normal passports with a validity of at least six months from the arrival date have perks. As the citizen carrying it can receive a 14-day visa upon arrival at the UAE ports. However, it should follow certain criteria like a recent US visit or green card, or even a citizen visa from a European country with a minimum of 6 months validity.  Indian tourists can extend this timeline to an additional 14 days on request to the authorities.

Apparently, an entry pass is necessary irrespective of the fact from whichever part of the world we hail from. Tourists can collect this entry permit from the GDRFA office which would signify the reason for visiting the UAE.

Over the years, the UAE passport has gained recognition and fame. According to the Passport Index Website, the UAE passport is one of the world’s most powerful passports. Passport holders from UAE can easily enter 140 countries, without the need for a visa. Additionally, they get visa on-arrival for the remaining 35 that they tend to visit.

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