Al Marjan Island Beach

The Al Marjan Island is located in Ras Al Khaimah and is known for its popular activities in the entire UAE. Tourists here can spend quality time while enjoying the beauty of nature. It is an artificial island (of course human-made island) and is made to resemble the shape of a coral. Individuals can enjoy varied adventure sports here, check out the archaeological artifacts or you can even go on a desert safari into the sands. Let us check a few more important facts and figures with things to do while on a trip to the Al Marjan islands.

Introduction and History

The Al Marjan islands are one of a kind which was developed to contain an area of 2.7 million square miles into a 4.5 km stretch of water. The islands have a 23 km long coastline that shelves the best beaches and luxury resorts for tourists and guests. Notably, there are a total of 4 islets that give the structure to the islands. These islands are named Breeze, Treasure, Dream, and View Islands. The Al Marjan Island project has been an urban development project allotted to Al Marjan Island LLC and managed by the chief architect Abdullah Rashed Al Abdooli. This island is one of the hidden gems in the country.

How to reach Al Marjan Island

The Al Marjan island can be easily travelled from all parts of the country. Major airports around the place constitute the Dubai International Airport, Sharjah International Airport, and the Ras Al Khaimah International Airport which are around 45 minutes, 35 minutes, and 25 minutes respectively from the place. Another best way to connect to the island is to avail the public and private transportation services available throughout the country. The rates are quite reasonable with options of shared and normal hire being available for the customers.

Things to do at the Al Marjan Island

Visitors and tourists can bask in the many activities available to try at Al Marjan Island while visiting tourist places with their close ones. A few of the essential activities are depicted below that can be concluded over a day’s time.

1. Travel around the different Islands

One of the main activities to indulge in while being at Al Marjan Island is to travel around the 4 distinct islets viz:

  • The Breeze
  • Dream
  • Treasure
  • View

The different islets provide a distinct viewing experience for its viewers here. Individuals can spend their time enjoying the kids’ making sandcastles. Moreover, a walk down the shoreline or even relishing a hot beverage while rejoicing in the cool sea breeze here. Cyclists can also enjoy the serene view of nature with the long 4.5 km cycle track available along the coastline.

2. Desert Safari at Al Marjan

Tourists and travellers can relish the desert safari conducted throughout the day. Individuals can opt for their best time to watch a magnificent sunrise or a blood-red sunset to mark the day. Desert Safari tours are available in the desert with several agencies conducting the same throughout the year. After viewing the sunrise or sunset, the safari 4×4 is used to dune bash over the sands. Individuals can get the thrill of the ride and snap pics for their Instagram profiles. Later the tourists retreated into a Bedouin-styled camp amidst the desert. Then, they enjoyed a wonderful dinner with henna art and belly dancing shows. Along with the desert safari, you can also go to Jebel Al Jais mountain for other adventures in the city.

3. Check the Archaeological Artifacts

Individuals can check the different historical places available to visit around the Al Marjan island here. Moreover, the National Museum in Ras Al Khaimah is known for its ancient artefacts and distinct archaeological remains. Also, the museum is famous for keeping the oldest items ever recorded in the history of Arabia. The museum used to be a residing place for the rulers here which was later transformed into this museum.

Final Words

The above are a few facts and points regarding the history and the various activities to indulge in while being on a trip to the Al Marjan Island. Individuals can check the dates with the authorities here to spend a hassle-free time at Al Marjan Island. Apart from this Island in Ras Al Khaimah, you must also visit the other 6 Emirates in UAE. Connect with Travel Saga Tourism to book your 6 Emirates Tour.