Sea World Yas Island, Abu Dhabi- A Marine Wonderland

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Sea World Abu Dhabi is a marine life theme park. So, you can discover 1,00,000 marine animals here. It’s a 5 storey theme park that offers its visitors to live among and spend time with sea creatures. This park is a future inspired marine life theme park at Yas Island. 

The Sea World at Yas Island offers a fun and amazing experience via the themed zones at the park. There are a total of 8 realms at the park, each featuring dynamic experiences. The Abu Dhabi Sea World is the region’s first marine life theme park.

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The 8 Realms of the Park 

  • Endless Ocean– It has a marine collection of 68,000 animals. In addition, to the aquarium, you’ll also have a chance to discover 7 other habitats. Moreover, there are viewing areas as well which include a 20m vertical window. So, that window is also called Endless Vista. 
  • Tropical Ocean–  It provides an engaging environment for all animals. This realm is inspired by the Amazon rainforest. Moreover, it is the largest realm at Sea World Abu Dhabi
  • Rocky Point– You’ll see sea lions and seals resting on the rocks over here. Pelicans and cormorants can also be found in this area. 
  • Abu Dhabi Ocean– It gives you an insight into the Arabian Gulf marine ecosystem and Bedouin families who searched for water for the pearl trade. Moreover, live shows are hosted to showcase the history of pearl diving and mermaids. 
  • Artic– It is also home to a variety of marine animals such as walruses, puffins, and sea otters. The section is an inspiration by the polar ocean theme. 
  • Antarctica– It is the second polar realm of the region. So, it’s the land where penguins live. This place has the ideal climate for the penguins. 
  • Micro Ocean– There are 4 rides, a play area, and live entertainment options in this realm. So, it’s a zone where kids can have fun and ride on marine life inspired adventures.  

Things to do at Sea World Abu Dhabi 

Live Characters performance– You can enjoy the performance of Sea World characters like stilt walkers, the camel and heron puppets, the krill dude, the seafarer’s jugglers, and the sea maintenance crew. 

Dining at Sea World You can choose from 17 International dining outlets at the Sea World Abu Dhabi dining area. Bay View Cafe, Bitsy Bites, Bay View Cafe, Cenote Cafe, etc are the eateries available at the park.  

Shopping at Sea World Abu Dhabi– You can shop for clothes, souvenirs, gifts, and much more at the park. There’s a separate shopping area at the park for the visitors to shop from. There are a total of 13 shops at the park such as Flamingo Point, Polar Pier, Jellies, and a few other shops. 

Some Facts about the Sea World Park

Here are some interesting facts about Sea World Park Abu Dhabi. You must know these facts before visiting the park.

World’s largest Aquarium

It is the world’s largest aquarium with more than 68,000 marine animals in 25 million litres of water. It’s home to marine animals such as sharks, rays, fishes, octopus, jellyfish, lobsters, and many more. With the wide range of marine animals to explore this aquarium is the best Abu Dhabi attraction.  

Dolphin, Sea Lion Show

You can get a chance to feed the sea lions. The realm at the park also has Flamingo Point, tropical birds, and some dolphins. There will be musical and inspiring performances of the dolphins. You can also 

Animal Welfare and Rehabilitation

The main motive behind the Sea World Yas Island is rescuing marine animals. The team has also rescued almost 37,000 animals- dolphins, sea lions, manatees, sea turtles, etc. 

Attractions Near Sea World Yas Island 

You can also explore many other famous attractions in Abu Dhabi with Travel Saga Tourism.

  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi– It is the world’s first Ferrari themed park. The park offers the best family friendly attractions along with rides and 40 thrilling rides. Moreover, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has  5 different zones Welcome Plaza, Family Zone, Racing Zone, Italian Zone, and Adventure Zone. 
  • Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi– While travelling to the capital city of Abu Dhabi, Warner Bros. is a must visit attraction. The massive complex includes not just the park, but a hotel, a multiplex, and as many as 29 amazing rides. Hence, it’s a super entertaining day out for your whole family. Book Your Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi tickets today 
  • Yas Waterworld at Yas Island– It is spread across a mammoth 15 hectares area in the middle of Yas Island, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi beckons to a day of fun and frolic with more than 40 exciting rides. 

So, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is famous for its vibrant marine life and attractions. Additionally, you can dive into the world where imagination meets conservation. SeaWorld Yas Island is a place where dreams meet the depths. Connect with Travel Saga Tourism for Sea World Abu Dhabi ticket price.