Beyond Reality: A Trip to the Museum of Illusions

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Have you ever heard of a place where reality is questioned? The Museum of Illusions of Dubai is that place. If you’re looking for some off-beat entertainment place then it is a must-visit for you. Once you visit this place then you will question your perception of reality. This is a unique museum that will provide you with interactive and educational experiences. 

As its name suggests this museum offers exhibits of illusions that will leave you mesmerised. The museum features a variety of exhibits with optical illusions, visual tricks, and interactive displays. This museum is located in the Al Seef area, which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This area in Dubai has a very vintage charm, unlike the rest of Dubai. 

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Exhibits at the Museum of Dubai 

  • Illusions Room– You get to take a walk in the upside-down world inside this room. There’s a specially designed area where you will feel like your body has grown or shrunk. So, you can click illusionary pictures here in the room. 
  • Installations– You won’t believe your eyes as you enter this fascinating world of installations. Here at this exhibit, you get to hang out with your clone and swap your nose. 
  • Cloning Table – This is the most popular exhibit in the museum. For once in a lifetime experience visit this cloning table at the museum. This will appear as a circular table to you but in reality, it’s just an arc. So, when you sit down at this table you will have at least 5 of your clones, sitting around you. 
  • Holograms– The museum has the largest collection of 3D illusions, that are holograms. The images reappear, disappear, and also change their motifs. As you’ll look into the images these holograms will trick you as they may also transform into something else.
  • Anti Gravity Room– This anti gravity room is an Instagram favourite. Through this illusion room, your eyes will witness the various illusions.  

Tips Before Visiting the Museum of Illusions

It’s an edutainment destination where you can immerse yourself in the wonderful Museum of Illusions Dubai. Here you can enjoy more than 60 visual and educational exhibits. The mall opens every day for the visitors. Additionally, there’s a shopping area also in the museum. This museum is a perfect choice for visitors who are visiting Dubai during hotter days. 

Why This Museum In Dubai Is A Must Visit 

It is not a typical museum that you might think of. A visit to this museum will leave you astonished. Moreover, it’s a place that showcases distinctive and creative art exhibitions. The awe inspiring rooms, optical illusions, and holograms will give wind to your imagination. This place can surely be a feast for your eyes and mind too. 

How to Reach the Museum of Illusions

By Metro: You can board a metro on the red line to reach the Burjuman Station or the green line to reach the Sharaf DG Station. These 2 metro stations are the closest to the station. 

By Bus: You can take the F70 bus and get off at the Heritage Village station. So, from there the museum is just a short walk away. 

By Car: This museum is located inside the Al Seef Dubai Mall. So, you can easily reach there by car and park your car at the basement parking available at the Mall. You can also rent a car from Travel Saga Tourism’s rent a car service.  

Places to go near the Museum of Illusions 

Dubai has so many places that visitors must go to. These places not only offer unique experiences but also a fun time. So, let’s explore some of the other places to visit in Dubai.

Dubai Frame

This huge structure resembles a picture frame. It is the largest picture frame in the world. This Dubai frame was constructed in the year 2018, as a symbol of the connection between the past and future of Dubai. 

Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo 

If you’re a fan of marine animals you’ll love this place. This aquarium is one of the largest and most stunning aquariums in the world. So, it is home to more than 33,000 aquatic animals. 


So to embark on a journey where reality becomes an illusion, book your Museum of Illusions Dubai tickets with Travel Saga Tourism. You will be enchanted by the wonders at the Museum of Illusions in Dubai. Moreover, it’s a family friendly place, kids can also have a great time here by losing themselves in the world of illusions.