16 Best Things to do in Dubai Marina

16 Best Things to do in Dubai Marina

If you want to know the true meaning of sophistication, then make sure to visit one of the most hyped Dubai Marina. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in Dubai and stretches across fifty million sq. ft. Now you might wonder what is so exciting and unique about Dubai Marina. Well, it is human-made and was built across the vast shore of the Persian Gulf. A compulsory visit here will be a delightful experience. Although you won’t find much difference from the main city, you will find uncountable activities to try.

For example, you can either take a walk on Jumeirah Beach while soaking vitamin D or stroll around the Dubai Marina Promenade and check out the aesthetic cafes and craft markets, or visit the stunning restaurants. If you are coming to Dubai to shop for luxury brands, then Dubai Marina is the best place. The mall is lined with all the popular brand outlets. Also, don’t miss out on praising the architectural work of the Arabian people as you will find many marvellous skyscrapers here. Let us dive in to find out the activities you need to try in Dubai Marina.

  1. Dhow Cruise

Indulge in the beauty of Arabian nights while riding the Dhow Cruise Marine. Plunge in the shimmering city escape and enjoy witnessing the skyscrapers. Dhow Cruise comes first on the list since it is undoubtedly the best thing that you should try if you are coming to Dubai Marina. Also, don’t forget to capture pictures of marvellous monuments such as Dubai Yacht Club, Dubai Marina Mall, and the Giant Ain Dubai in your camera. The praiseworthy architectural work is a work of art. Once you are done, you can take a moment and taste the delicious food. You will get a buffet having foods from different cuisines (Middle Eastern, Asian, and Continental) as well as countless beverages. The cruise organises live performances like folk dance Tanura, henna art, etc.

  1. Xline Zipline

Adventure can make your life exciting and if you are in Dubai Marina, you can get the perfect opportunity with the Xline Zipline. Tied at a height of 170m, you can view the beauty of Dubai Marina from above. Both the length and the speed of the zipline are mind-blowing. Experts are there who will train you regarding the techniques of riding. As an added benefit, every zipline comes with a pre-fitted camera so that your experience gets recorded, and you can take it home to cherish the adventurous memories.

  1. Flying Cup

Indeed, Dubai can be called the ‘land of wonders’. The reason behind this is here you will find some unique yet exciting activities to try for every age. Flying Cup in Dubai is one of the worth-trying activities. It is a three-fold entertainment option, where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city, enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city, and try delicious foods and drinks. Tourists love the Flying Cup since will be taken to 40m high from the ground level. Make sure to visit in the evening to enjoy the breathtaking beauties of Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and the beach while having lip-smacking dishes. You can either plan a surprise birthday for your friends or family members or take your partner on a date here.

  1. Dubai Marina Mall

Your Dubai trip will remain incomplete if you don’t shop from the shopping malls here. Dubai Marina Mall should not be missed out since the mall has been carefully planned and constructed. Whether you want to shop for luxury items or buy random things, Marina Mall can cater to your needs. More than 140 retail outlets are present in the mall and it is a four-storeyed building. You will get fashion, accessories, art, and other random things here. A separate kids’ entertainment zone, a movie theatre, and a supermarket are present. The mall features food outlets where you can enjoy delicious delectable after a hectic day.

  1. JBR Beach

Located close to the Persian Coast, JBR is also known by the name Jumeirah Beach Residence. The clear blue water and the vast stretch of white sands made Jumeirah Beach quite popular among travel enthusiasts and locals. You will find many picnic spots, beach side restaurants and resorts, and lunge areas lined near the beach. Although it is better to plunge into the water to have some fun, you can also lie on the beach to soak in the sun. Adventure sports are also practiced here like parasailing, boating, and skiing. The nightlife of Dubai Marina is also interesting since the JBR is filled with nightclubs.

  1. Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity features a stunning private beach, swimming pool, and a glamorous nightclub. All these things together can definitely make your evening fun and memorable. A few popular DJs will grab your attention with their top-notch music mixes. Not only that, the club is famous for offering delicious beverages. If you plan to stay all night, you can come to the garden area and spend some time in the shisha lounge.

  1. Pier 7

For all the foodies out there, Dubai is not only a place for shopping and fun activities, you can taste some of the best foods here. The list of popular restaurants is lengthy and one of them is Pier 7. The attention-grabbing Asian and Arabian dishes are worth trying. Pier 7 is a beachside restaurant that has seven ‘piers’ and each floor offers unique experiences. You can either opt for dining or go for al-fresco while enjoying the views of the Marina.

  1. Westin Heavenly Spa

Why not indulge in a relaxing spa session since it also falls under the list of luxurious things to try in Dubai? Westin’s Heavenly Spa offers a range of relaxing and luxurious spa treatments that are a must-try. You get the option of trying different rejuvenating packages. So, after a tiring day of shopping and sightseeing, you can relax your mind and body in the Heavenly Spa. Separate rooms for everyone are available along with a sauna and Jacuzzi. You can opt for body massages, facial treatments, and other options.

  1. Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Marvelous architectural work is spread throughout Dubai and Yacht Club is one of them. Various yacht options are available like sports boats, grand super yachts, and many more. You can either choose the self-negotiable ones or get a pilot for driving. The yachts will stop near East Marina, Mall Marina, West Bay Marina, and Club House Marina.

  1. Speedboat Tour

If you want to explore Dubai Marina closely, go for speedboat tours. The entire ride will last between one to two hours and you can customize the ride. Since the boats will cover the coastlines, you will get a clear view of popular landmarks like Burj Al Arab, Palm Island, and many more spots. Options for group and private tours are also available. You can record the entire tour on your camera.

  1. Outdoor Cinema

An interesting offbeat activity that you should try at Dubai Marina is watching a movie outdoors close to the sea. You will find many outdoor theatres like the one close to Dubai Marina Mall and the Harboot Grand Beach Resort. The movies shown are family-friendly and are scheduled during weekends, especially post-sunset. You will find on-site food so that you can fulfill your in-between cravings. With stunning views of the Marina in the background, this is definitely a must-try experience.

  1. Gallery One

If you appreciate artwork, then Gallery One is your place. It is a beautiful art gallery in Dubai Marina that features stunning artworks by noteworthy artists. Gallery One is filled with genuine artwork. From here, you can buy art pieces that will be packed in aesthetic gift boxes for you. Your house will definitely get a new look once you put these artworks in your room.

  1. Address Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina solely became popular due to the artificial marina and the astonishing waterfront development. Address Dubai Marina is one of the luxury hotels in Marina where you can spend a night amidst the sophistication. With the views of the largest marina, this is indeed a dream come true. The hotel rooms are carefully designed with elegant furniture and top-notch linens so that you can have the ultimate comfort. Spa and therapeutic treatments are available so that you can enjoy a relaxing time with your partner, friends, or family.

  1. Friday Brunch

Brunch is a common leisure activity in Dubai since people can taste alcohol during this time of the day. You can take your family or your partner, taste from the exclusive range of delectable, and most importantly try soft and hard drinks. Brunches take place on Fridays from the afternoon (1 pm).

  1. Aquafun

If you are traveling to Dubai in the summer, Aquafun can be the right choice to reverse the heat. It is a floating play area near the Dubai Marina Beach. You can swim, play, and spend a fun time with your close ones.

  1. Skydiving

Are you aware that you can skydive at Dubai Marina? You get options like skydiving in Dubai over the desert or the Palm Jumeirah. But skydiving over the Palm is quite costly. If you are staying near Dubai Marina, you can easily access the departure area.

Final Word

Dubai Marina offers a wide range of activities and attractions for tourists and locals alike. From luxurious yacht cruises to thrilling water sports, there is no shortage of things to do in Dubai Marina. Visitors can also explore the impressive skyline, dine at world-class restaurants, and indulge in retail therapy at the many shopping destinations. With its stunning waterfront views and endless entertainment options, Dubai Marina is a must-visit destination in Dubai. Let us know which activities you are planning to engage during your Dubai Marina trip, till then happy travelling!