7 Islands To Visit This Winter In Dubai

Best Islands to visit in Dubai

Most of the islands in Dubai are man-made and they are considered to great accomplishments. It is the vibrant charm of these islands that attract hordes of tourists every year. These islands are equipped with sprawling luxurious hotels, beaches, and amusement parks.

Locals and foreign tourists are mesmerized by these islands.  These islands combine modern architecture with natural beauty and they are a treat for the eyes. Are you planning to visit these islands during the winter months? Great, let us give a head’s up as to what you can expect at these islands.

Palm Jumeirah

This island is shaped exactly like a palm tree and it has fabulous tourist attractions, eateries, townhouses, apartments, villas, and hotels. This island offers a luxurious experience to the tourists and you are going to love your time here.

Activities To Enjoy

  • Watch the beautiful sunset while walking on the beach
  • Take a swim with friendly dolphins in Atlantis
  • Indulge in sky diving and get a bird eye’s view of the city below.
  • Visit the Aquaventure Waterpark and enjoy a plethora of rides.

Palm Ali

This island is considered to be the biggest and the best island in the whole of Dubai. This island is another portion of Palm Island and the construction for this island lasted for years. Currently, this is home to over 250,000 people.

Activities To Enjoy

  • This island has 6 marinas that tourists can visit
  • You can visit Sea Village, which is a fabulous waterpark
  • You can indulge in walking and photography
  • The sunset is a killer sight from this island.

World Islands

This place is made up of 300 islands and it resembles the map of the world, thus giving it its name. However, only a few of the islands are suitable for tourists, but they have lots to offer in terms of entertainment.

Activities To Enjoy

  • You can enjoy a romantic dinner at the famous Toro Blanco, this is a reputed restaurant and it serves the best food on the island
  • Participate in a host of water sports
  • Spend lazy hours sunbathing at the beach and giving your body all the Vitamin D, it needs.

Deira Islands

This island is still under construction in parts, but that does not stop it from being a top-notch tourist attraction. This island comprises four smaller islands. This place is great to hang out at.

Activities To Enjoy

  • Eat at the restaurants on the island
  • Indulge in water sports
  • Watch the sunset

Jumeirah Bay Island

This fabulous island can be found on Jumeirah Road. The island’s shape resembles a seahorse. This island is ideal for tourists who are looking for privacy and some relaxation. For those of you who want to stay on this island, you can make yourself at home at the Bulgari Hotel, this hotel is suave and classy.

Activities to Enjoy

  • You can enjoy a ride on a boat that will take you all on a cruise near the island
  • Enjoy a relaxing vacation at the Bulgari hotel.

Bluewater Island

If you have a luxurious budget then make your way to this island, you are going to love this place as you will get a magnificent view of the sea. To heighten your experience, stay at one of the premium properties, the island also has many restaurants that serve cuisines from all over the world.

Activities To Enjoy

  • Enjoy peace and quiet at cove beach, you can spend some time under the sun sunbathing
  • Take a walk through the vertical gardens
  • You must pay a visit to the Madam Tussauds Museum
  • Enjoy a host of fun rides at the amusement park
  • Take a ride on the Ain Dubai gigantic wheel

FAQ’s on Dubai Island

When Is The Best Time To Visit This Place?

You can visit these islands anytime, but if you want to enjoy outdoor activities then you should visit during the winter months.

What Can You Do At These Islands?

From fine dining to water sports, you can enjoy a wide range of activities.

Is Water Sports Safe At These Islands?

Yes absolutely, you will be supervised by trained professionals at all times.