Al Montazah Parks

Al Montazah Parks

The Al Montazah Parks is loved by the locals and foreign tourists, simply because it has so much to offer in terms of entertainment. The island has several sections and is loaded with fun rides to keep you entertained for hours together. This park is designed to help people beat stress and have a good time and relive their childhood days. Are you eager to know what this park has in store for you? Then keep reading as we reveal some lovely details.

A Brief Overview Of Al Montazah Parks

The park has two primary sections and they have tons of fun rides for people of all groups. So, no matter how old you are, this park is bound to take you back to your carefree childhood days. Isn’t that great? So, make sure you start planning your trip to this amusement park soon.

What Can You Expect At the Park

Here is a list of rides in this park that you can enjoy. Each ride is unique and offers a distinct experience to the guests.

  1. Extreme Adventure

This attraction has tons of fun activities such as wall climbing and rope bridges. This is perfect for a little family adventure.

  1. La Fiesta

This attraction replicates a Spanish Carnival with fun activities and games for people of all ages. You should not miss out on this at all.

  1. Fun Castle

What is so good about this attraction? Well, it will keep your kids entertained for hours as it has slides, obstacles, and rope bridges. They will also encounter magic, pirates, and ghosts, making their time very exciting there.

  1. Taga J

This place lets you have a little extra fun by hopping on a single leg, this is quite challenging and the person who is still standing at the end is the winner. People of all age groups can participate in this. 

  1. Crazy Submarine

There is no doubt that at this attraction you are in for a crazy time. You get to sit in a submarine and embark on an underwater adventure in search of a mythical city. Sounds like tons of fun, doesn’t it?

  1. Rocking Tug

This is another fun ride that your kids and you are going to love. Step on a boat and make your way on the sea and explore its wonders. This a rocking boat ride that will keep you on your feet for a long time.

  1. Jump Around

Want to test your Reflexes? Great, then be brave and step into this ride. Here you will have to avoid speeding objects that appear in front of you out of the blue. This ride is certainly going to leave you gasping for air.

  1. Eye Of The Emirates

This is a safe ride where you will be inside a glass capsule on a giant wheel, you will get a good view of the entire city below and the experience is a charming one. If you love photography, then this is the perfect occasion to take some lovely pictures.

  1. Happy Swing

This ride will give your kids the chance to explore a Scandinavian village in an undisturbed location. This is undoubtedly a fun ride to indulge in.

  1. Baz Coaster

Step in to the gunslinging world of a cowboy with this attraction. Enjoy some tossing and turning and enjoy the excitement that this ride brings.

  1. Volcano Tower

Here you get to participate in some free falling from a tall tower. This is only for people who are brave enough, if you are afraid of heights then you must give this one a miss at all costs.

  1. Dragon Discovery

If you feel that your kid loves dragons then this is the place for him or her. This is a very thrilling ride and you should not miss out on it for anything in the world.

  1. Lochness Boat

This is not an ordinary boat ride as you will get a glimpse of the Lochness Monster. This is a pleasant ride and you are going to have a lovely time.

  1. Dancing Flowers

This is a simple and relaxing ride that you can take with your kids and it is perfectly safe.

  1. Time Train

Get on a Time Train and take a trip around a magical island. This is also a good way to get a glimpse of the rides that you wish to visit at the park.

  1. Le Palais

This is a ride that consists of a maze of slides and slides through tunnels. This will keep your children busy for a long time.

Timing: Opens Daily 10 am–10 pm

Location: Opposite the Flag Island – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Ticket Price: Price can vary from 105 to 195  AED

Al Montazah Parks FAQS

What About Food?

The park has many food stalls and restaurants that sell food and beverages.

What About Parking Facility?

The good thing is that the park offers free parking for the entire day. The parking lots are under security camera surveillance.

Are the Rides In The Park Safe?

Yes, you need not worry about safety as all the rides are very safe and your kids will also be supervised by trained professionals at all times.


Now, that you know how fun this park is, it is time you round up your family or friends and head out for a day of fun and frolic. Do0 not be surprised if you crave to goi back there for a second time, the park is known to have an infectious charm to it. So, All the best, and have a blast.

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