AYA Universe– The New Futuristic Light and Sound Show In Dubai

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A new attraction has opened up in Dubai. It was inaugurated on December 18th, 2022. The name of this attraction is AYA. It is a, one of its kind, light and sound park of approximately 4000 square metres. It is located at the Wafi City Mall. The new destination promises a beautiful world never imagined before; forget about seeing it. According to the creators of AYA, they wanted to come up with something unique and futuristic entertainment concept for the public. That was how AYA Universe was born.

The Idea and Concept

It is well known to everyone that Dubai happens to be one of the most interesting places on earth. It is, therefore, natural that such a concept would be brought to life in no other place than Dubai. Another reason for having it in Dubai is the future-oriented, diverse, and digitally illiterate audience. Also, Dubai happens to be among the most visited places on earth.

AYA Universe makes intensive use of light, sound, and mirror tricks to produce an out-of-the-world experience for the audience. The entire park is divided into 12 zones. Each of these zones has been specifically designed to induce a particular response from the audience.

The concept of AYA has been developed in such a way that it is possible to extend a transformative experience to the audience. It involves transporting a person to a place far away. The basic theme behind the concept of the park is time travel. The idea is that the audience would be taken to a distant universe. Also, the audience would be made to interact with technology in a way that has never happened before. The experience is going to be such that it will grab the hearts and stomachs of the audience while taking the rides. So, this experience should definitely be on your list of top things to do in Dubai.

Things to See

The entire park is divided into rooms or zones that can help to extend a heavenly and sensory encounter. It is almost equivalent to being on a beach with waves all around or being on a snow-covered mountain. There are also provisions for individual shows comprising a lively choreography of sound and light that may continue for almost up to 7 minutes or even more. The staff of AYA is well-trained to guide the audience from one room or zone to the other.

For most of the part, AYA exhibits abstract images involving extra-terrestrial components. For example, there is a room where the audience interacts with creatures resembling jellyfish that either fly or swim in a celestial manner. There is another zoom or room where visitors are required to lie down and observe a projection on the ceiling. The illusion created is similar to a floating experience. There are other zones like The Falls that highlight a reverse waterfall. Then there is a circular projection called The Pool that looks like a real deep vortex. The zone Flora features an imaginary garden that can recognize and have feelings. This garden has grass that lights up.  Moreover, you can also visit the Dubai Garden glow that also glows in the dark. This garden is also a very popular tourist attraction.

AYA Ticket Pricing

Children below the age of 3 can visit for free. Above this age, it’s AED 99.  The customer service desk will be happy to help with the tickets. Moreover, it is worth noting that the AYA experience involves vibrant multimedia and hands may not be suitable for those not comfortable with loud sounds, flashing lights, and dark environments.

How to Reach

Head to Oud Metha Road (Umm Hurair) and go to the first floor above the grand atrium. You can park at the WAFI valet. In addition, if you prefer public transportation services, go to the Metro Green Line Creek Station. From there, it is hardly a 5-minute walk to WAFI city.


AYA is a gateway that allows wandering into a mysterious new world. Also, the AYA experience involves drifting, playing, and dreaming through stars, gardens, and rivers that seem to somehow connect with infinity. The best thing is you can drop in at any time.