15 Places to Visit in Sharjah

Learning about the history and heritage of a different culture is undoubtedly heart-warming and that’s why we shared the list of 15 best places to visit in Sharjah. The reason behind this is you get to know a lot about the traditions and rules and regulations that were followed earlier. If ancient history and traditions excite you, then Sharjah should be on your holiday bucket list.

Places to visit in Sharjah

Sharjah is one of the renowned cities of the United Arab Emirates and is known by the name ‘Cultural Capital’. When you visit Sharjah, you will find attractive mosques, well-maintained museums, and houses. The city is so beautiful that you can spend an entire day appreciating the beauty of everything you see here.

However, apart from a rich history and culture, you will find other things as well here. Sharjah features a variety of interesting outdoor activities, amazing shops, and delicious street food outlets. If you want to explore every bit of the city, it is best to visit during the winter. Read to know about some of the popular places to visit in Sharjah.

  1. Museum of Islamic Civilization

If you are staying in the heart of the Islamic city (Sharjah), do not forget to visit the Museum of Islamic Civilization. You will find the museum near Sharjah Creek. This museum will enlighten you about the birth of Islamic culture across the world. More than 5000 artefacts are featured here hailing from the Islamic world. There are two separate floors, the first floor displays praiseworthy woodwork, beautiful handicrafts, glass, pottery, and many more. If you are a history enthusiast, the temporary exhibits will excite you. The intricate artwork on the huge mosaic below the museum dome will amaze you.

  1. Al Qasba

Another worth visiting place in Sharjah is Al Qasba. It is both a cultural as well as a commercial hub. Al Qasba is more like a waterfront community and features exciting activities and packages. You will find food joints, movie halls, and activity zones here. If you want to spend some quality time amidst nature, you can walk around the gardens and take pictures near the fountains. Other notable sites include the Maraya Art Centre, Golden Fountain, Eye of the Emirates, and many more. For all food lovers, Al Qasba is home to some of the popular restaurants serving the most delicious foods. From Starbucks and London Dairy to Shababeek and Beit Setti which offer authentic Arabian cuisine, you will get a lot of options.

  1. Sharjah Desert Park

Sharjah is not only famous for protecting its history and culture, but it is also home to many endangered species. Visit Sharjah Desert Park if you want to know about some uncommon flora and fauna and wildlife. There are three sections inside the park- Children’s Farm, Sharjah Natural History and Botanical Museum, and Arabia’s Wildlife. You will find a wide variety of diverse animals. If you are coming here with your kids, don’t forget to take them to the Children’s Farm where they are free to feed goats, camel ride, and sheep. The desert park is the breeding zone for various endangered animals from the Arabian region.

  1. Al Majaz Waterfront

The famous Al Majaz Waterfront is all you need to spend a memorable evening with your friends or family. A blend of entertainment and beauty, Al Majaz is a worth-visit zone in Sharjah where you will find a golf course, creative center, musical foundation, and a lot of other things to try. Due to the greenery present all around, you can go on a bicycle ride on the cycling trails present close to the lake. The Al Majaz Splash Park is meant for kids (up to 12 years). Some worth trying restaurants are also available offering dishes from different cuisines.

  1. Sharjah Aquarium

Who knows what goes underneath the sea, isn’t it? But, finding out about the unknown creates a different level of excitement altogether. This is exactly what you will do if you visit Sharjah Aquarium. The aquarium is huge and you will spot more than 200-250 marine species such as clownfish, sea horses, reef sharks, and many more. Besides, it is quite interesting to find out more about the underwater sea world and how the ecosystem works down here. Various other amenities that you will get here include a cafeteria, prayer room, souvenir shop, free Wi-Fi, and other things.

  1. Al Noor Island

You won’t believe it unless you see Al Noor Island. Situated close to the Khalid Lagoon, it is an oasis and is perfect for those who visit here with their families. A few common tourist spots you should visit include Butterfly House, Literature Pavilion, and Art Park. If you want to experience the nightlife, then Al Noor has a lot to offer. With all the neon and fairy lights around the island, you will feel that you are in a dreamland. Don’t forget to check out the playground for kids and the famous Al Noor café for some delicious food.

  1. Blue Souk

Started in the year 1978, the Blue Souk (popularly known as the Sharjah Central Souk), is a shopper’s paradise. The market is divided into two floors and more than five hundred to six hundred shops are present here. Some common items you will find here include embroidered carpets, customized jewelry and perfumes, and Kashmiri shawls. Imported items from Pakistan, Morocco, India, Iran, Syria, and other countries are sold here.

  1. Sharjah Heritage Area

Sharjah’s history is quite fascinating and the more you learn about it, the more you will love it. Don’t forget to include Sharjah Heritage Area. Sharjah is entirely different from the other glamorous cities from the 7 Emirates of UAE. With the ancient houses and Arabian architecture that highlights the intricate artwork of that era, everything will take you back to the past. The Heritage Area features different sites having historical significance such as Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, Al Eslah School Museum, Al Hisn Museum, etc. The oldest market here is the Souk Al Arsah, which is an open market selling wood handicrafts, jewelry, and other items.

  1. Sharjah Art Museum

You can expect to see a lot of artworks from famous artists in Sharjah as it holds historical and cultural importance. The famous Sharjah Art Museum is the place where you will find exclusive artwork of the region. You will surely get an idea of the history of the Middle East from the artworks exhibited here. Everyday temporary exhibitions are organized for all art enthusiasts. You will also find a gift shop in the museum to buy souvenirs for yourself. In order to visit Sharjah city properly, go for a private guided tour of Sharjah.

  1. Sharjah Rain Room

The United Arab Emirates is filled with awe-inspiring wonders and Sharjah Rain Room is definitely one of them. It is a unique experience as you have to walk through the rain and you won’t even get wet. Sharjah Art Foundation first came up with this thought. You have to book a fifteen-minute slot to enjoy the entire experience. The best part is the silhouettes. Yes, you will be able to see the silhouette effect standing in the downpour. Don’t forget to capture this unbelievable moment.

  1. Souk Al Jubail

Yes, it might sound odd to visit a fish market, especially when you are on a holiday. But you won’t regret it since it is not an ordinary fish market. Also, known as Sharjah Fish Market, this market features a massive section of fresh fish. A two-storeyed construction dedicated solely to selling groceries, meat, and fresh seafood. Unlike the regular fish market, this market doesn’t smell at all since deep cleaning and sanitization are regularly practiced.

  1. Klaba

It is a preserved land of Sharjah covered by the Gulf of Oman on all sides. It features an ancient mangrove forest popularly known as Klaba Creek. The exquisite flora and fauna and uncommon birds made Klaba a famous tourist spot in Sharjah. Falcons, eagles, and owls are mostly found here. Apart from that, you can view live demonstrations. Cafeterias are also present here so that you can spend some time with your friends or family while enjoying good food.

  1. Sharjah Classic Car Museum

The love for vintage cars can make you go weak in your knees. If you have detailed knowledge about every vintage car that existed, come to the Classic Car Museum. Models from top renowned brands like Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ford, and Chevrolet are found on display here. You spot many cars hailing from the 20th century (early era). The museum will give you an idea of how the car industry boomed throughout these years.

  1. Sharjah Science Museum

For all science and innovation lovers, the Science Museum is all you need to know more about science, technology, and innovations. The museum was constructed so that people gain interest in the field of science. You will find a huge collection of displays from space, scientific experiments, and other things.

  1. Buhaira Corniche

Buhaira Corniche is more like a trail running alongside Khaled Lake. It is one of the most peaceful spots you will find in Sharjah. Due to its surroundings and peacefulness, locals and visitors come here both in the morning and evening for cycling or jogging. You can also come here with your family for a picnic.

Finally, if you wish to visit this beautiful city in UAE  you can rent a car and call us for more information.