Visiting Dubai In May 2024 – A Complete Guide

Dubai in the month of May is quite hot and the maximum temperature exceeds 40 degrees. The days during this month are longer and the sun shines for at least 11 hours. However, there are several cool places to visit in Dubai during May. So, if you are planning to travel in May, then make sure to read this secret. Let us share some valuable tips that will make your trip a comfortable one.

Why is it okay to travel to Dubai in May?

The month of May is just the start of summer in Dubai, and you can enjoy many outdoor activities such as visits to parks, deserts, and beaches. The temperature is still tolerable this month. This month is considered to be a lean period for tourism so you can expect good discounts when it comes to airline tickets and hotel accommodations. Also, certain theme parks offer good deals on their packages; you can avail of all of that.

Activities that you can indulge in During May

Here is the list of places that you can visit even in May and enjoy the Dubai trip. Have a look:

1. Morning Desert Safari

Since May is not that uncomfortable, you can take a desert safari either in the early morning or during the evening. There are various morning desert safari packages available and you can choose a lot of options and even select some extra activities for an additional cost.

2. Dhow Cruise With Dinner

This cruise is yet another fun activity to indulge in the summers of  Dubai. The Dhow cruise in Dubai will take you past some of the most magnificent buildings of Dubai while sailing on moonlit waters. The cruise comes with a fabulous dinner buffet and onboard entertainment such as the Tanoura and belly dancing shows.

3. Ski Dubai

This is a fun activity to indulge in during the summers in Dubai. Ski Dubai takes place in the Emirates Mall in a climate-controlled environment. You can also play in the snow and have a really good time in this place.

Places to visit in Dubai during May

Check out the list of major attractions in Dubai:

1. Dubai Museum

If you visit the area of Al Bastakiya, then you will find the Dubai Museum. Visit this museum and travel back in time. This place has some rare historic exhibits and you will get to learn a lot about the history of the UAE.

2. Burj Al Arab

This tourist attraction has been around for over two decades and it is a seven-star hotel. Visit Burj al arab and this hotel to check out the good interiors. You could also consider eating breakfast or tea at any one of its restaurants.

3. Dubai Mall

If you want to experience some chilled-out activities, then you can visit the Dubai Mall, which has an Ice rink, Dubai Kidzania, VR Park, and Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. These attractions will give you hours of fun.

Things to remember if you are planning to visit Dubai in May

  • You must wear sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats for your trip.
  • You must take comfortable clothes with you, as they will be perfect for the weather.
  • Ramadan is the month of fasting, so you should not consume food or drink anything in public places.
  • To save money, you can buy special passes that will let you combine multiple activities together.
  • Do some research on airfares and hotels, as you can have access to some fabulous deals.


Dubai in May offers a unique blend of comfort and adventure. With pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and affordable prices, it’s an ideal time to explore the city’s attractions. From desert safaris to theme parks, there’s something for everyone.

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