Is it Mandatory to have Travel Insurance to enter Dubai?

Travel Insurance

Dubai is a wonderful city that will present a blend of natural scenery and architectural wonders for tourists from various parts of the world. Even though one can consider Dubai to be one of the best tourist spots on the planet, one might be needed to face some emergency situations during the trip as well.

Prior to beginning their journey to Dubai, it will be imperative for the tourists to cover themselves with a travel insurance policy. In spite of being in good health, it is possible for any person to fall sick while touring the city. Or, the handbag of a traveler might get stolen containing all the important travel documents and cash. For this reason, a travel insurance policy happens to be a must for obtaining a Dubai visa. There are couple of visa with insurance available at a discount price.

The tourist will be covered against every possible threat while touring Dubai with the help of insurance. This will cover one’s:

  • Medical cover,
  • Loss of passport,
  • Personal assistance,
  • Emergency financial help,
  • Evacuation,
  • Flight hijack,
  • Trip delay,
  • Missed connection flight, and so forth.

Benefits of travel insurance for Dubai

In case you are of the notion that one will need travel insurance only for long or costly travel, then you are wrong. Below, we have mentioned why one will need travel insurance for every kind of travel out there.

  1. Imagine you need to face an unexpected disruption in travel or your trip has become delayed or canceled. Although let us hope that you do not face this kind of situation while touring Dubai or any foreign destination, we simply want to make you aware of all the mishaps that you might need to come across. Even though you might be refunded partly, you might also lose your entire cash spent on planning the dream vacation. Fortunately, an adequate travel insurance policy will help to cover you for all types of interruptions when it comes to travel from the unforeseen termination of trips to theft or loss of your luggage, essential documents, cash, as well as personal belongings while traveling. A glaring example of this type of scenario can be cited in 2020 with the implementation of the lockdown, cancellation of flights, and individuals getting stranded while on business or vacation.
  1. Next, we will talk about medical expenses. Suppose your trip to Dubai gets extended because of any mishap, injury, or any other major illnesses that have caught you unawares. It is a fact that Dubai can take pride in having one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world and you might have to spend a considerable amount of money for meeting your emergency medical bills in the long run. Here we like to mention that this amount might be quite high in case your condition requires an evacuation too. Foreseeing the above situations, it will be a good idea to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy that will help to reduce travel risks to a great extent and likewise save you from spending your money on the entire medical bill too.
  2. Lastly, we like to mention that apart from enabling you to travel free of any tension, some policies might provide you with the safety of your house while traveling in Dubai. This is because it will provide Home Care Plans covering some unfortunate incidents such as burglary.

Things that you should consider for travel insurance

  1. Since inexpensive travel insurance is provided by some service providers right now, always settle for a reputed company with a good track record.
  2. Evaluate all the travel aspects like the length of time you will stay in Dubai, the activities that you like to perform during this time, and so on to choose an appropriate insurance policy.
  3. Ensure that the plan will provide coverage for trip cancellation, medical expenses, as well as loss of any costly documents or gear like a passport. Review the extent of the coverage and the premium amount offered by the policy plus its inclusions and exclusions while making your travel plan to Dubai.
  4. Recently, Dubai has turned out to be an attraction for adventure buffs as well. In case you happen to be an adventurist, then it will be prudent to verify whether the insurance plan is providing coverage for your preferred adventurous activities such as parasailing, skydiving, bungee jumping, skateboarding, and scuba diving.
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