Islands in Dubai

From a dusty fishing village to a futuristic megalopolis. From a speck on the map to the crowning glory of the Middle East. A city that is a global hub of logistics, financial services, and tourism. A city that is a melting pot of global cultures. That, in short, is Dubai for you.

Millions of tourists flock to Dubai every year. And the attractions here are limitless. With a wide variety of theme parks and gaming zones, mega shopping malls that house almost every global brand of repute, and brilliant beaches, the Azure Sea in Dubai doesn’t disappoint anyone. And Dubai specialises in constructing things that are massive and awe-inspiring. And, at times, it was also unbelievable. So, while visiting Dubai tourist places, don’t forget to visit these islands.

Top 9 Islands in Dubai

Dubai boasts of a number of glorious islands that can rival one another in terms of beauty. True to the tradition of modern Dubai, these islands are also equipped with items of unlimited luxury & enjoyment. Here, we will take you through some of these gems of modern construction.

1. Palm Jumeirah

The landmark Palm Jumeirah island, created in the shape of a palm tree, a recognisable object in the deserts of the Middle East, is a structure that is also visible from the moon! There are 17 fronds and the main trunk. These contain luxurious private villas, a number of apartments, star hotels, global restaurant chains, and an Atlantis hotel, among others. Eat, jog, walk, and do a lot more here while relaxing in the deluxe properties.

2. Jumeirah Bay Island

Located off the Jumeirah Beach Road, this 6 million-square-foot island is shaped like a seahorse. Fantastic views of the sea can be enjoyed from the exclusive villas and high-class residential accommodations here. The ultra-luxurious Bulgari Resorts & Residences, the jewel in the crown of the island, offers a range of very high-end private residences and hotels. The Yacht Club here is another key attraction. A 300-meter bridge connects the island with the mainland.

3. Bluewaters Island

This is another gem of construction off the Jumeirah Beach Residence. The signature structure here is the massive wheel, Ain Dubai that towers more than 200 meters above the ground. Bluewaters Island in Dubai has a selection of some of the most luxurious villas, apartments, and multi-bedroom penthouses. A wide range of retail and food options from around the world can also be found here. for recreation, visit the Madame Tussauds Museum, multiple amusement hubs, and some public beaches.

4. Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime City is another step forward in this direction. Spread over close to 250 hectares, the island serves as the base of the extensive maritime trade conducted from and through Dubai. Well-connected with central Dubai & Dubai International Airport, the Dubai Maritime City boasts an infrastructure of global standards that provides a solid boost to the global maritime logistics trade.

5. Dubai Harbor

Dubai Harbor Island boasts the region’s largest marina, which can accommodate several thousand tourists at once. One of the most sought-after tourist & residential destinations in the area, the Dubai Harbor offers a large number of exquisite beachfront residences, luxurious hotels, retail outlets, and a lot of gastronomic options. There is also a popular yacht club located here, and people love to come here for yacht rentals.

6. Pearl Jumeirah

Stupendous views of the sea and the glistening Dubai skyline are among the many beautiful sights that will greet you at Pearl Jumeirah. Covering over 8 million sq ft, this island has easy access to central Dubai. Top-end private villas, as well as apartment buildings of different dimensions, are available here. The town centre boasts multiple retail outlets, various restaurants & cafes, and educational institutions. Exquisite beaches and high-end hotels dot the promenade, with the super-luxurious Nikki Beach Resort and Spa being the most sought-after.

7. Deira Islands

Earlier known as the Palm Deira, the Deira Islands are a collection of several smaller isles. Spread over a large area, the island would accommodate a large number of hotels, luxury apartments, massive malls, food outlets of every hue, shopping arcades, and glistening promenades. The Night Souk, among the world’s largest night markets, is the chief attraction here. no wonder it remains crowded with tourists at all times.

8. Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is arguably the most famous and visible landmark in Dubai. The dhow-shaped 7-star hotel is located on its exclusive island. This island is situated off the Jumeirah coast. A private bridge connects the island to the mainland. The hotel is the epitome of a luxurious stay, with its helipad and exquisitely landscaped gardens. The hotel promises the best of amenities for its guests, frequently including celebrities from every walk of life from all over the world.

9. The World Islands

This is the project that caught the fancy of the entire world. A group of islands, human-made, that resembles the world as seen in the atlas. The collection of over 300 islands is a marvel of modern architecture and construction that will remain unparalleled for days to come.

Exclusivity, incomparable luxury, and easy access to the topmost global brands are just some of the many top-end luxuries that the residents here would enjoy. Even if you are a tourist, nothing will stop you from paying a visit here and feeling awed by this architectural marvel.


Dubai is a city that has transformed from a dusty fishing village to a futuristic megalopolis, offering a wide range of attractions and activities for tourists. From theme parks to shopping malls, beaches, and luxurious islands, there is something for everyone.

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