Top 15 Dubai’s Best Picnic Places for a Cool Day Out

Dubai's best picnic places


Planning a picnic in Dubai? Great, let us equip you with the right kind of information on where you could go and have a blast with your loved ones. This article will share details and information on some god places for you to organize a picnic. Are you very eager to learn more? Well okay then, let us get started right away without any delay.

List Of The Top 15 Dubai’s Best Picnic Places

Here are some of the top picnic spots in Dubai and they are sure to captivate your senses to the fullest.

1. Jumeirah Beach Park

Jumeirah Beach Park covers a generous area of 12 hectares. The location is very family friendly. You can hang out here for a fabulous picnic. People can avail facilities such as the volleyball areas, food kiosks, showers, picnic tables, barbecue area, and an area for the children to play.

2. Westin Beach Resort

This is a wonderful place for a picnic the location is extremely scenic and beautiful. The good thing is that you do not have to carry your own food here. The resort organizes a picnic buffet on every Saturday. All you have to do is pay Dhs 250 and get a table here and you will be treated to a platter of mouth-watering food. The quantity and quality of the food here is undisputed.

3. Picnic At Plaza Dubai

Want to enjoy a picnic brunch within a relaxed atmosphere? Well, this is the perfect location for you.  This location comes alive with live music and cooking stations that whip up some of the best dishes tasted by the taste buds. The atmosphere here is extremely warm and welcoming. You can get good value for your money.

4. Desert Picnic At Wadi Desert

Do you want to indulge in a different kind of picnic while you are in Dubai? Then, you should try the desert Picnic in Wadi Desert. The experience will be nothing short of a thrill. You can opt for a bike adventure just before sunset.  As a tourist you can have a little picnic in the natural and wildlife reserve.

5. Zabeel Park

If you love hosting picnics at unique locations then you must visit this park that is located in the heart of Dubai. This place a lot that you can do, the park is equivalent to about 45 football fields. Zabeel park has three different zones that will keep children and adults equally entertained. You can avail facilities such as barbecue pits, live music, restaurants, and boat rides. In other words, this place will leave you craving for another visit.

6. Suqeim Park

Are you looking for a place that is perfect for a family picnic? Treat your eyes to the magnificent view of the Arabian Gulf. The venue has a strict rule for women, where they can only visit when they are accompanied by their family. This place stays open from 8 in the morning to 10 pm.

7. Safa Park

You can find this park on Sheikh Zayed Road, this is a favorite picnic location for many people. So, all you have to do is pack your things and head over to the park. If you are a bird lover, you will certainly enjoy seeing some rare species of birds that visit this location. You will also come across some 16,000 types of bushes and trees in this park. Overall, this is a beautiful location to have a picnic with your loved ones.

8. Ripe Market

This is yet another beautiful picnic location in Dubai that is worth visiting. This is market that sells beautiful, decorations, knick-knacks, jewelry, and handicrafts. If you love food you can buy food from the merchants, they sell a lot of delicious fresh food. This place is perfect for a stroll and you can enjoy a nice picnic.

9. Mushrif National Park

Mushrif National park is a charming location for a picnic and you are going to love every minute here. If you fancy an afternoon or a morning walk, you should go to this park as you will enjoy the atmosphere. The park has sports courts, playgrounds, and barbecue areas. There is also a huge swimming pool. To cut a long story short, this place offers hours of fun. The biking and hiking in the mushrif park is the new thing that brings more local people in here.

10. JLT Park

This park is located in a picturesque neighbourhood with skyscrapers surrounding the location. There is no doubt that this park will keep you and your kids entertained for hours together. Not only can you have a fantastic picnic but you can enjoy the beautiful fountains in the park. Here, you will find a host of people in small groups enjoying a variety of activities. There is no doubt that this place is ideal for hanging out with your family.

11. Creekside Park

If you want to a good view of Dubai Creek, this is the location for you. This park is just perfect for having a picnic. The park also offers a wonderful cable car ride and you can get a good view of the park from a greater height. The park is ideal for you to hang out with your family.

12. Burj Park

Why not pack a pack a basket full of your favorite food and have a picnic right near Burj Khalifa? His spot is very scenic and it will not only give you a splendid view of the Great Mall in Dubai but also the fountain. This is a very popular picnic spot for the local and tourists.

13. Khazzan Park

What is so special about Al Khazzan park ? It is completely powered using solar energy. This is very close to city walk and it is not hard to locate. The crowd in this park mainly consists of kids with their parents. This park also has a dedicated path for young kids who like to cycle. Overall, the area is perfect for spending a lazy and relaxed time with your loved ones.

14. Barsha Park

Barsha park is the most popular spot for picnics during the winter month. You can get a comfy spot right next to the pond and enjoy a relaxed afternoon picnic. The pond is quite huge and beautiful at the same time. So, do not shy away from taking some cool pictures to create wonderful memories.

15. Legoland Dubai

Want to indulge in a picnic that is filled with games, good food at restaurants, shows, and rides? Head over to Legoland water park in Dubai and watch your kid’s faces light up with joy. The park uses the latest technology to heighten your experience there. A day here is never disappointing at all.

Final Word

So, these were some of the coolest picnic spots in the city that is visited by thousands of people. The environment in all these places is very friendly for people of all age groups. Whether it is family gathering or a meeting with old buddies followed by food and chit chat, you are going to enjoy yourself without a doubt. A picnic is a great way to absorb the vibe that this city has, you do not have to indulge in a shopping spree or fine dining to get to know the city.

So, go ahead and plan your dream picnic date straight away with Travel Saga Tourism.