Mushrif National Park

For a fun day out with your family and friends, there could be no better place than the Mushrif National Park. Sprawling across all of 1,300 acres, this awesome patch of lush greenery is located in Dubai’s Mirdif. The scenic park is the perfect getaway from the hassles of your mundane daily life. The facilities set up for recreation here are just awesome!

About Mushrif National Park

Your kids will love it here. There’s an entire playground meant exclusively for them equipped with wonderful rides and slides. You can relax in the enjoyable company of your family and friends on the lush green grounds while your kids enjoy every moment at the park. Yes, Mushrif Park is indeed a great place for you to rewind at the weekend.

While the swings, seesaws and merry-go-rounds keep your kids engaged, you can take a splash in the swimming pool that refreshes you. A swim here is especially relaxing since you’ll be enjoying it in the lap of nature. You could also go jogging on the stunningly picturesque track. No less beautiful is the cycling track. These facilities make Mushrif Park ideal for the health conscious. A visit early in the morning can surely do wonders for your health. Another similar place to visit is the Sharjah National Park.

There are special Dubai tourist attractions as well catering to visitors specifically seeking adventure, like the Aventura Parks. The many activities like climbing walls and trees offer the perfect dose of adventure on a fresh morning. The Zipline Dubai which can be accessed from the park deserves special mention here. This adrenaline pumping ride has you zooming across the Dubai skyline in the world’s longest zipline. The toy train here takes you on a joyride around Mushrif Park with your kids and family. Do check the Mangrove National Park which is the perfect destination to visit with kids and family.

When you hear your tummy rumble, there are a host of cafeterias waiting to usher you in. They serve lip smacking snacks and refreshing beverages helping you rejuvenate. Parking your car isn’t an issue here since there’s a large parking zone meant exclusively for visitors to Mushrif Park.

Highlights of Mushrif National Park

  • You can go bird watching along the lovely nature trail where you can spot birds like Arabian babblers, Yellow throated parrots, robins, owls and even stunning peacocks.
  • Explore the traditional architecture of nations in various parts of the world including Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and England showcased in the form of houses built in the traditional styles of the respective nations.
  • Enjoy a ride on a horse or a camel ride through the lush green environs of Mushrif Park.
  • The five levels of challenges at the Aventura Park test your skills in adventure sports.
  • The swimming pools with their turquoise blue waters entice you for a refreshing swim.
  • There are courts where you can have a go at your favourite sports like basketball, volleyball, and handball. There’s a football ground as well.
  • Enjoy watching your kids have fun on the slides, swings and the many rides at the Mushrif Park.
  • Cook up a delicious BBQ lunch at specially designated zones where you can gather to enjoy a feast with friends and family.
  • Soak in the beautiful vistas as you go cycling on the stunningly scenic cycle track here.
  • Biking and Hiking in Mushrif Park is a new magnet for local people in winter.

The Ticket Prices

  • The tickets for adults at Mushrif Park come at a minimal price.
  • You can park your car here at an additional charge.
  • You’ll need to pay separately for the games at the Mushrif Park
  • The charges for swimming in the pools are different for children and adults.
  • A ride on the toy train also comes at a very low price.

Please note that on Wednesdays, the park is reserved exclusively for women and children. Pricing is subject to change as per season.

How to Reach

The nearest metro station is the Rashidiya station. From here, you’ll need to take a cab or rent a car to reach Mushrif Park.

The Best Time to Visit the Mushrif Park

The best time of the year to visit Mushrif Park is between November and March when it’s winter here in Dubai. The weather’s just fine and you’ll enjoy your BBQ lunch a lot. It’s best to visit the park between 10 a.m. and 12 noon when there’s a pleasant breeze blowing.

Important Points to Note

  • The Mushrif Park has prayer rooms for visitors.
  • Apart from the entry fee, you’ll need to pay for each attraction inside the park separately.
  • Admission for children and specially abled visitors is free.
  • Visitors are requested to reach the park at least 20 minutes before the scheduled bookings at every attraction.
  • Closed-toe footwear and comfortable clothing are recommended for sporting activities and hiking.