Popular Traditional Sports in Dubai

Dubai has carved a niche for itself in the realm of international sports, emerging as a hub for various sporting events. The region showcases traditional sports that retain their status as some of the oldest and finest in Dubai’s history. Visitors and tourists coming to Dubai can enjoy the vivid experiences of the sporting events conducted and cherish the winning moments of the games here. Let us check out the few important traditional sports conducted around Dubai mentioned below for the readers.

Traditional Sports in Dubai

1. Falconry

Falconry has been a great traditional sport since the early Islamic ages. The falcons were first used for hunting in the wild deserts before turning into a sport in Dubai. Bedouin groups would train falcons to attack their enemies coming into their camps and to hunt animals and birds for their food resources. Later, it turned into a sport that marked pride, honour, courage, and patience. Falconry has gained a reputation in recent times with the involvement of the ruling family in the sport.  Dubai employs various international falcon breeds, such as Gyrfalcons, Houbara Bustards, and Saker Falcons, for both racing and exhibition purposes. Falconry competitions, including the Fazza Championship, the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival, and the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, showcase the diverse and competitive nature of this traditional sport in Dubai. Do check out our Royal Falconry Training and nature safari here.

2. Camel Racing

Camel racing stands as one of the oldest traditional sports in Dubai. The sport marks the significance of an occasion and makes it livelier and more enjoyable. In ancient times, local Emirati folks would conduct camel races during festivals, wedding venues, and during the Sheikh visitation to the local Bedouin villages in the UAE. The sport is now a great way to be entertained and enjoyed, with numerous camel racing tracks developed in the Emirates. Individuals can check out the races here at venues like Al Marmoum Camel Racing Club and bet on the camels. Huge prizes, along with luxury supercars, are provided as awards to the winning camel racing team here in Dubai. If you love camel riding in Dubai then check out this tour here.

3. Horse Racing

Horses are the pride of the Bedouin folks, and they were the most important mode of transport for the local people here. Early Bedouins would use horses to carry heavy loads of palm leaves and timber to build houses and also to travel to distinct places around the UAE. Today, horse racing is a major sport recognised by the ruling families here in the UAE. Thoroughbred and local horses participate in the racing competitions with trained jockeys to help them clear the track. Arabian horses are one such significant breed that is a consistent runner and can certainly win races over longer distances here in the UAE. Some of the important horse racing tracks in the UAE are Dubai Equestrian Club, Ajman Equestrian Club, and Emirates Equestrian Club, which conduct racing championships like the Dubai World Cup, Meydan Racing, and FEI World Endurance Championships held around the country.

4. Dhow Racing

The history of the UAE is intertwined with dhow racing, a cherished sport since ancient times. Currently, Dubai hosts international dhow boat races, attracting participants from both local and international communities. Originally employed for pearl farming and fishing, dhow boats were transformed for travel and entertainment purposes. Today, dhow racing has evolved into a prominent sport, with competitions taking place around Sir Bu Nair Island and Mubarraz Island in the country. The best time to enjoy the Dhow Racing competitions here in Dubai is between October and April at this location. If you love this dhow racing then you should try the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina to enjoy a romantic evening with mouthwatering dishes.

5. Saluki Racing

Dubai has a unique sport called Saluki racing, drawing inspiration from the local community. Ancient Arabs utilised Salukis, a distinctive breed of dogs, for hunting and foraging in the deserts. It is interesting to know about its speed, which can reach up to 70 km per hour. In contemporary times, Saluki racing has gained increased importance, prompting the organisation of races throughout the UAE due to the absence of hunting platforms. The annual Arab Heritage Saluki Race is a great event to train dogs and win huge awards and prizes for winning the event.

In a Nutshell

In conclusion, these are a few important traditional sports conducted around Dubai. Individuals can check the schedule of the races and participate in the racing events conducted around Dubai. You can book tickets and bet slips online or at the racing venues in Dubai.