Top 10 Visa-Free Countries for UAE Residents

The citizens of the UAE and those who hold UAE passports enjoy the luxury of choosing from a lot of places to spend their vacations in. It’s because they are allowed visa-free entry into many countries spread across the globe. The UAE residence visa gives one the opportunity to travel to many countries without having to make the fuss of acquiring a visa. We have come up with this handy compilation of the top 10 countries UAE residents can travel to without needing a visa.

1. The Maldives

With amazing sea beaches washed by turquoise waters, the Maldives is stunningly beautiful. This heavenly tropical destination welcomes UAE residents for a 30 day visa-free stay. That makes the Maldives in the Indian Ocean just perfect for an idyllic holiday experience. Do Check the Maldives holiday package for your vacation.

2. Jordan

Jordan is home to UNESCO heritage sites like Petra and the Dead Sea. A visit to this charming nation is like flipping through the pages of a history book. Boasting a rich cultural legacy, a visit to Jordan brings UAE residents a unique cultural experience. Jordan offers UAE residents visa-on-arrival. In case people from Jordan would like to visit the UAE then they will have to apply for a Dubai visa for Jordan, details are available here.

3. Seychelles

Located in the Indian Ocean’s deep waters, Seychelles is a land blessed with stunningly beautiful beaches. It’s biodiversity is amazingly rich and the nation welcomes visitors with a plethora of pretty resorts. Residents of the UAE are allowed a 90 day visa-free stay in this gorgeous place, enough to explore the charm of this grouping of archipelagos.

4. Georgia

Tbilisi’s lovely streets and the Caucasus’s tall snow-capped peaks make Georgia breathtakingly beautiful. UAE residents enjoy the privilege of staying in this charming nation visa-free for as long as 1 year. That makes Georgia the perfect getaway for UAE residents from the hassles of daily life where they don’t face the hassle of getting a visa.

5. Armenia

What makes Armenia special is its lip smacking cuisine. Add to that breathtaking scenery and a rich cultural heritage and you have a great place to visit for holidays. Armenia offers UAE residents a visa-free stay of 180 days making the nation a charming option for a long vacation where reaching out for the camera to capture stunning vistas is sure to be a regular occurrence. Check the Armenia Visa from Dubai process in detail here.

6. Fiji

Stunning scenic beauty adorns this tiny nation in the South Pacific. The beaches and the reefs here in Fiji take your breath away as do the breathtaking landscapes. UAE residents are allowed a visa-free stay of a maximum of 4 months, enough to listen to some soothing music on a laid back beach as crystal clear sea waters wash their feet.

7. Mauritius

This is the place to be in for an escape to peace and tranquillity. Boasting of lovely beaches, Mauritius in the Indian Ocean welcomes UAE residents for a visa-free stay of not more than 90 days. That’s a perfect recipe for a perfect holiday in this nation in the tropics garnished with exciting water sports activities. Do check the Mauritius packages from Dubai here.

8. Serbia

Steeped in history, Serbia’s vibrant cultural festivals attract visitors from all around the world. The nightlife in this European nation captivates you with its liveliness and exuberance. UAE residents get enough time to explore the myriad destinations in this nation since Serbia allows them a 90 day visa-free stay.

9. The Bahamas

The stunning beaches of the Bahamas embraced by the deep blue waters of the seas are truly breathtaking. Visitors to this island nation enjoy the beauty of this amazing place’s marine life and they love every moment of relaxing at the many stunning beaches. The Bahamas offer a 90 day visa-free stay to UAE residents making it a holiday destination they just can’t take their eyes off.

10. Vanuatu

The charming beaches of this stunningly beautiful nation in the South Pacific make it an irresistible holiday destination for global travellers. The coral reefs add to the beauty of Vanuatu and these are just perfect for scuba divers to explore marine life. What’s more, there’s a volcano as well. UAE residents can stay here visa-free for up to 30 days.


Before boarding the flight to these lovely places, make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date you have planned your trip. Pick from turquoise seas, lovely beaches, rich cultural heritage and cuisine to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. What’s more, there’s no hassle of acquiring a visa either. Bon Voyage!