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Time3-4 Working Days
Documents RequiredPassport Front Page Scan Copy & 1 Passport size photo
Price30 Days  AED 425  | 60 Days  AED 599 with Insurance
RemarksRound Trip Flight booking is  Mandatory
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There has always been a regular flow of visitors from the land of Petra, Jordan to the city of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai. Dubai is a very popular holiday destination among travelers from around the world, with its many exciting adventures and activities beckoning you to the vibrant city. Jordanians have been no exception and they too have been flocking to the United Arab Emirates through the years. Citizens of Jordan and all those who hold Jordanian passports need a visa to travel to Dubai in the UAE. Depending on the purpose of their visit and duration of stay, they can choose from the following types of visas:

The Various Types of Visas to Dubai from Jordan

  • The 96-hour visa that allows you to stay in Dubai for 4 days is applicable from the day you arrive in the UAE. It’s ideal for you if you plan to visit Dubai only on a short business trip. Costing around USD 55, this type of visa can’t be extended.
  • The 30-Day Single Entry Visa allows you to stay in the UAE for 30 days and it’s applicable from the day of your entry into the UAE. This visa costs around USD 90 and this visa doesn’t come with any option to extend it either.
  • The 30-Day Multiple Entry Visa allows you a stay in Dubai for 30 days including the day you arrive in the city and you can enter and exit the country multiple times with it. Costing around USD 175, these visas also don’t come with an option to extend them.

The Documents Required

When you apply for a visa to the UAE from Jordan, you’ll need to submit certain documents to the embassy of the United Arab Emirates. Here are the standard documents that are required-

  • A color copy of your passport and the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the day you apply for the visa
  • A recent color photograph of yours
  • A copy of your flight tickets and accommodation bookings in the UAE
  • A copy of the visa application duly filled in and signed by you. It must include your complete address, your telephone number, and details of the place you will be available at in the UAE
  • A formal letter of invitation addressed to you shall have to be submitted if you are visiting the UAE on an invitation from a relative or a friend residing in the UAE
  • A permission letter addressed to the employee is required from the employees if any applicant is visiting the UAE on employment

Important Points to Note

Do make a note of the following important points when you apply for a visa to the United Arab Emirates.

  • If you haven’t submitted the visa fees, your visa application shall be deemed incomplete
  • The visa will be granted to you only if you make your entry into and exit from the UAE through Dubai on an Emirates flight or any other carrier authorized by the Emirates
  • It may take up to 4 working days to have your visa processed
  • You’ll be allowed to enter the UAE subject to approval by the immigration authorities
  • Once you’ve applied for a visa, the fees you pay can’t be refunded under any circumstances even if your application is rejected
  • If you have applied for a 96-hour visa, you have to make your entry into the UAE within 30 days from the date of issue of the visa. Any other type of visa requires you to enter the UAE within 60 days of its issue

You’ll need assistance when you apply for a visa to the United Arab Emirates. Do call us on +971 4 268 4645 for handy tips and valuable guidance.

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