Top 10 Italian Restaurants in Dubai

Italian Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai has been a ravishing destination for many, as visitors and guests can enjoy the varied attractions and beautiful sightscapes around Dubai. The magnificent architecture of the vivacious landmarks around Dubai combines traditional Arab works with modern, efficient engineering. Individuals can take time and spend their time at the pristine beaches around them and relax under the Dubai sun here. Food is of excellent quality here, and multiple cuisines are served around the food outlets here. Coming to terms with the lip-smacking cuisines, there are numerous Italian restaurants and lounges around Dubai that serve the best authentic Italian platters at reasonable prices.

10 Best Italian Restaurants in Dubai

A significant list of the 10 best Italian restaurants in Dubai is sufficed below for the readers to follow.

1. Alici

Alici is a marvelous Italian restaurant found at the heart of the Bluewaters location in Dubai. Genuine Italian dishes are offered at the restaurant, and they resemble an Italian one along the Dubai coast. Alici is an Italian term for the fish species “Anchovy” and the interiors depict the same, with potteries and paintings suggesting fish art by the famed “Anchovy Man”. The menu is a delectable statement and is also pretty reasonable at the outlet here. Individuals from all over the globe turn to this restaurant to enjoy their favorite dishes here in Dubai.

2. Armani Ristorante

The Armani Ristorante is another amazing Italian restaurant available in the mesmerizing Burj Khalifa complex. The restaurant stands out due to its wonderful assortment of Italian dishes and chic ambiance. Individuals can enjoy their time savoring their favorite pizza along with trying some exotic refreshments along the way.

3. GIA

If you are looking for some munchies while enjoying a shopping extravaganza, then GIA is just for you. GIA is located in the Dubai Mall and excels at making arancini dishes. GIA has been curated by top brands like Valentino, Cartier, and Burberry for visitors to enjoy an exotic shopping-cum-meal here. Enjoy your burrata as you check out the opulent Dubai Fountain from the interiors of GIA here. Do check the best beach restaurants in Dubai here.

4. Bella

Bella is located in the Business Bay area and is a marvel of an Italian restaurant in Dubai. Explore a variety of world-famous Italian platters listed on the menu, along with enticing options for refreshing take-away beverages. The unique concept of the restaurant comes with a retractable ceiling that provides a distinct view of the enchanting night sky filled with stars.

5. Basta

The Basta! is another significant Italian restaurant that gained fame as one of the outlets of the world-famous “Gypsy Chef” named David Myers.  The restaurant’s renowned for its chic and sleek design, complete with an open kitchen area housing firewood grills. Visitors are delighted by a notable highlight – the life-like art form of Sophia Loren showcased on the restaurant’s wall.

6. Scalini

Scalini is a beautiful Italian restaurant located on Jumeirah Street, Dubai, and is a pleasant venue to spend time savoring some exotic Italian dishes. The restaurant is adjacent to the Four Seasons Hotel and is a perfect place for couples, partners, and friends to enjoy themselves. A bar area is also available to help visitors check out some cool drinks around the counters here in Scalini. Also check the best buffet restaurants in Dubai here.

7. Torno Subito

The Torno Subito is an excellent destination to enjoy the beautiful Italian cuisine here at The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Individuals can enjoy vivid Italian cuisines like stone-baked pizza, pasta, or risotto. The price is kept reasonable and does not overburden a pocket while enjoying the delectable meals at the Torno Subito.

8. Bussola

The Bussola is located between Dubai Harbor and the Palm Jumeirah region and is a great place to enjoy the lavish Italian meals here. Sit back and enjoy the open-air atmosphere of the Dubai surroundings here while relishing the exquisite Italian dishes available. Individuals can also try the hand-made pizzas and enjoy the vivid ambiance of the restaurant here. Also check the Persian restaurants in Dubai here in detail.

9. Casa Mia

Casa Mia, located in the Le Meridian Hotel, features unique architecture and design, characterized by chocolate-colored timber interiors complemented by a cream color scheme. An exquisite patio is available around the premises that provide a shaded area to dine on the amazing pizzas, pastas, and macaroni here at Casa Mia in Dubai.

10. Certo

Certo is an amazing Italian restaurant located in Dubai Media City, serving the best mouth-watering Italian platters here. The staff members are pretty hospitable, offering reasonable prices for the dishes and providing awesome Italian cuisine and refreshments on the go. The facilities and amenities are also quite modern here, with the option of choosing open-air seating here at the Certo in Dubai.

Final Word

To end with, these are the top 10 excellent Italian restaurants available around Dubai and serving the most exquisite platters and dishes here. Individuals can enjoy their time with their friends and families at these Italian restaurants and indulge in the cozy ambiance around the restaurants here in Dubai.

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