Etisalat Tower

Dubai has an aura of its own, and as a result, travellers tend to visit the place from all over the world. The wonderful architecture and cultural values of the local people have made this place a hotspot for visitors. Luxury is at its optimum level here, with distinct thrilling rides to engage in at the water parks and sea beaches. One major landmark to visit while in Dubai is the Etisalat Tower, which is present in the Baniyas area of the Deira region. Let us check the important details about the Etisalat Tower in the Deira region of Dubai.

The Etisalat Tower is located in the Baniyas zone of the Deira region in Dubai. The landmark is known for its distinct elevation of 185 meters above sea level and holds a total of 33 floors. The place is a hub for many telecommunications companies, and broadcasts are carried out from the towers here. With efficient engineering and top-notch technologies involved, the Etisalat Towers connects around 11 million customers around the world and 3,00,000 medium and small residences and enterprises in Dubai. The tower is made into a deck shape with wedges around the sides. A dome is there on the top of the tower that resembles a gigantic golf ball from a distance. An observation deck is also constructed on the top floor for individuals to enjoy the brilliant Dubai skyline and the many Dubai tourist places in the distance.

Things to do at the Etisalat Tower

There are many things to do while spending time at the Etisalat Tower. Let us check out a few important activities to conclude while holidaying here in Dubai.

Check the Telecommunications Companies

Individuals coming to the Etisalat Tower can have a good time checking out the distinct telecommunications companies around here. These companies have set up radio and broadcast antennae all over the tower to broadcast data packets to various subscribers around the world. The companies also provide in-depth knowledge of technology that provides the highest bandwidth. Etisalat has various business administrations for customers, including pre-paid and post-paid mobile sims, Wi-Fi routers, applications, and more. Another similar one is the Princess Tower.

View the vivid Dubai Skyline

Individuals trying to spend some time at the Etisalat Tower can check out the observatory on the top floor of the tower. The observation deck is an amazing place to hang around with friends and partners and view the magnificent Dubai skyline in the distance. Sunsets and sunrises are a delight to enjoy here while visiting the Etisalat Tower in Deira, Dubai. Similarly, you can visit the observatory at Burj Khalifa which is the highest observatory in the world.

The best time to visit the Etisalat Tower & Entry Fee

Tourists can visit Etisalat Tower any time of the year since it mostly remains open from Mondays to Fridays. The best time to visit this place is during the winter since summers get super hot here. Distinct cafes and restaurants are available at the tower, and entry is completely free for visitors here.

How to reach?

Public bus lines are available to reach the Etisalat Tower in the Deira region of Dubai. The nearest bus stop is at the Al Jafiliya bus station, and you can take a metro to reach this place easily. Private cabs, shared taxis, and rental cars are available for individuals to reach the place quite effortlessly. Places to visit near Etisalat Tower are Dubai Frame, Bur Dubai Souk, and Dubai Museum.


These are a few important things to conclude while visiting the Etisalat Tower in the Deira district of Dubai. Individuals can visit the place by bus, train, or even private cab. The best time to visit it is during October–January, with the climate being mild here. So, why wait !! Get your Dubai Visa now with Travel Saga Tourism.