Best Spas in Dubai

Dubai has been a destination to enjoy the vivid locations and colossal architectural marvels around the place. Individuals coming to Dubai can check out the grandeur of the place and immerse themselves in the distinct wellness treatments offered at the luscious spas available around the city. Providing international-level treatments and massages, these spas are a great way to relax and soothe our time here in the city of Dubai.

10 Best Spas in Dubai

A list of 10 important spas available around Dubai is mentioned below for the audience to look at.

1. Amara Spa at the Park Hyatt Dubai

The Amara Spa is one such destination to check out in Dubai that offers the best facial treatments and body massages around the location. The Amara spa is located around the Bur Dubai region and is a double-decked villa with a courtyard and gardens. Individuals can immerse themselves in Hawaiian, Thai, and Balinese massage techniques to ensure a great time here at the distinct 8-room Amara spa in Dubai. The Amara Spa is open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

2. Armani Spa at Burj Khalifa

Individuals looking to relax and relish the best treatment and massages from around the world should try the Armani spa located here at the enchanting Burj Khalifa location. Individuals coming to the location can try the Japanese shiatsu along with the Thai and Indonesian hot stone methods. Various other tantalising treatments are also offered here, including manicures and pedicures, along with laconium treatments.

3. B/Attitude at Dubai Marina

The B/Attitude at Dubai Marina is another distinct spa that has good repute and fame for the treatments and massages provided to the customers here in Dubai. Distinct facial treatments, such as Thai massages and beautifying body scrubs, can help rejuvenate the skin over the long haul. The treatments are conducted by trained professionals and skin specialists with a bag full of experience to serve interested visitors here in Dubai.

4. Chi at the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai

The Chi is a great spot for spa treatments and facial massages available at the Sheikh Zayed Road in the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai. Individuals can check out the distinct aromatherapies conducted around the location with oil massages and deep cleansing techniques offered by skin specialists and professionals here in Dubai. Various skin restorative processes with rejuvenating oils are available for you. This makes the skin glow and feel good over time.

5. Jiva Spa in Dubai, Taj

Individuals looking for a luxury spa with various skin treatments and therapies can visit the Jiva Spa here at the Dubai Taj in the Business Bay area. Individuals can spend their time immersing themselves in the candlelit aromatherapies conducted here, along with rejuvenating skin sessions for the customers. The Prishta Mardana treatment of Indian origin is one of the profound head massages for guests and visitors here in Dubai.

6. Mandara Spa at Sheikh Zayed Road

The Mandara Spa, located at the start of Sheikh Zayed Road, is an opulent destination to receive some lavish facial treatments and therapies. Located at “1 Sheikh Zayed Street” in Dubai, this place is known for the popular individuals coming to the location. Various skin and facial treatments are offered at the place, including Balinese, LomiLomi, Hawaiian, Japanese shiatsu, Thai, and more. The place is open to visitors from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily and is based at the H Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road.

7. Natureland Spa at the JBR, The Walk

Another important spa location to enjoy the variable aromatherapies and skin-rejuvenating massages. The Natureland Spa is located at The Walk, JBR, in Dubai. This place is known for the lavish techniques and treatments provided by the professional staff members here. Asian hot stones, along with Hawaiian therapies, are a must-try at the Natureland Spa here in the Jumeirah Beach Residence location. Relax in the spacious treatment rooms here, overlooking the magnificent Persian Gulf in the distance. You can also try water sports like a jet ski ride nearby.

8. Saray Spa at the JW Marquis Hotel

Individuals longing to enjoy a relaxing stay at a vintage-themed spa location can try the Saray Spa here at the JW Marquis Hotel in the Business Bay area. The spa has one of the best professional staff with skilled therapists to provide relishing treatments for the skin here at the Saray Spa in Dubai. Thai massages with LomiLomi treatments are an exception to the varied skin-rejuvenating experiences to check out here in Dubai.

9. Sensasia at the Palm Jumeirah

Located in the Palm Jumeirah region is known for the Asian techniques and styles utilised to replenish and rejuvenate the skin. Customers can choose from the varied packages and products utilised here and make themselves feel good in the treatment chambers. The place is open to visitors between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. each day, along with a spiritual ambience within the chamber interiors here in Dubai.

10. Six Senses Spa at Business Bay

The Six Senses Spa is one such spa that has special recognition for facial and skin treatments. Moreover, it is along the Business Bay area of Dubai. Furthermore, it is located in the Renaissance Hotel in Dubai. So, the Six Senses Spa is popular for vibration treatments with sound and acoustics. Such as the utilisation of chimes and bowls to relax the mind and body. Also, holistic approaches, include the use of spices and herbs. As a result, ensuring a great treatment procedure for the customers here in Dubai. The place is open to visitors between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. each day.

Final Words

In conclusion, these are the top 10 spas available around Dubai. They provide the best treatments and skin therapies for individuals here. Visitors can take their time and choose the distinct packages according to their will. Thus, ensuring glowing skin with efficient therapies conducted around the internationally acclaimed spas around Dubai. Book Travel Saga Tourism’s transportation services to reach any of the above spas.