Green Art Gallery

Everything you want to know about Green Art Gallery is here. With an array of exciting activities and astounding attractions to check out in Dubai, this Emirati city has made its name in the history books of the world. Many individuals travel to the location with their friends and close ones to immerse themselves in the beauty of the place, along with the colossal landmarks studded across the city of Dubai. Various places of attraction providing tours and trips are spread across the location, along with luxury dining fiestas for individuals to taste the signature Emirati cuisine. Art lovers can also have a great time here, visiting the art galleries and exhibition halls present in the industrial region. One such place to visit for art enthusiasts is the Green Art Gallery in the Al Quoz area.

Introduction and History

The Green Art Gallery, located around the Al Quoz area, started as a Salon D Art in 1995 for prospective buyers who would like to invest in the collection of paintings and sculptures at the location here. Later, it was transformed into an art gallery with exhibition halls for showcasing the various modern and contemporary art forms around the place. The distinct paintings and art forms presented here are from various destinations around the world, including South Asia, Turkey, Israel, North Africa, and some of the regional areas here in the UAE.

Apart from the exhibitions that have been conducted here, the authority and management have come up with options to exhibit world-class art pieces here from the best artists around the world, bringing in more visitors to the centre here in Dubai. The area also has something for your kids. Bounce, Al Quoz is something you should consider on your visit to the Green Art Gallery.

Things to See at the Green Art Gallery

Individuals can check the various art paintings and art pieces around the place and check the details and concept ideas from imminent artists here. The minimal representation of the art forms and the splendid ideas of the artists can surely inspire any art lover. Distinct sculptures with oil paintings and murals adorn the interiors of the Green Art Gallery in Dubai. Individuals can spend their time checking the varied pieces of art here, along with inspecting the fabulous brush strokes and sketches around the exhibition area in the Green Art Gallery. Also, check out the top art galleries in Dubai here.

Best Time to Visit?

The Green Art Gallery is open to visitors all around and during any season of the year. Being an indoor exhibit, summer can also be a great time to visit the place in Dubai. Another similar place is the Jameel Arts Center here.

Entry Fee and Timing

Tourists and individuals can visit this place without any entry fee, and the operational hours are between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. from Saturdays to Thursdays. Fridays are off for inspection and maintenance procedures here.

How to Reach the Green Art Gallery?

You can reach the Green Art Gallery in the Al Quoz area conveniently by both public transportation services and metro lines. The M1 metro passes by the region, while bus lines 7 and 21 stop by the bus stations here in the Al Quoz area. You can also put to use Travel Saga’s expert transportation services in Dubai.


In conclusion, the above points reflect on the history and the things to engage in at the Green Art Gallery in Dubai. Art lovers can check out this place with their friends and partners to get an understanding of the concepts and ideas following these exhibited art forms here in the gallery. Individuals can simply rent a car and shared taxis to visit the Green Art Gallery in Dubai.