Mangrove National Park

Abu Dhabi is popular for its marvellous heritage sites along with the various mammoth landmarks around. Travellers come down to Abu Dhabi and relax in the serene seabeaches around. Luxury is to the optimum extent here, and special rides are conducted on a request basis for travellers. Let us check out the distinct history and facts regarding the Mangrove National Park in Abu Dhabi depicted below for the readers.

Things to do at the Mangrove National Park

The Mangrove National Park covers an area of 768 square kilometres of dense vegetation with mangrove trees around the coastal areas of Abu Dhabi. The place is popular for the variety of birds and animals found within the area. Around 60 species of birds are available to watch here, along with distinct animals like flamingos, herons, foxes, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, and more. The rare extinct manatee species of Congo are kept in these mangrove forests here in Abu Dhabi. This park is quite important for the ecological balance in the atmosphere and helps with proper climate change. Among the diverse places to visit in Abu Dhabi, Mangrove National Park is a great location to pass the time. Various activities can be done while at Mangrove National Park, and a few are demonstrated below for informational aspects.

Strolling the park with a guide

Individuals can spend their leisure time here walking over the boardwalks with a guide in town. The guides are also professional and would provide distinct details of the park’s ecological system and the various wildlife creatures to spot. Moreover, the guides will again make us stop at the Salt Collector Point and let you watch the trees and wildlife from the observation towers here. The activity here is done by a group of 10 people, with the utmost safety and security for the visitors.

Kayaking down the mangroves

Kayaking tours mainly take place 3 times a day. One is the morning kayaking, which helps visitors check the mangroves around on kayaks for one hour. The morning sunrise, along with the wild, serene surroundings, is a sight to behold here. Sunset kayaking is another sports activity to enjoy while checking out the park area along with the stunning sunset scene in the distance. Night kayaking is also there with neon lights on the kayaks, making them glow in the tranquil waters here.

Boat ride across the mangroves

Another activity to enjoy while at Mangrove National Park in Abu Dhabi is the boat ride through the mangroves. So, this is an excellent option for many trying to check out the diverse wildlife with the flora and fauna on a boat ride. Individuals can enjoy this activity with friends or even take their families along with them.

How to reach Mangrove National Park

Mangrove National Park is on Jubail Island and is close to Yas Island and Saadiyat Island. Additionally, Jubail Island is accessible by boat, and from there, signs are available that lead to Mangrove National Park. Individuals coming from Dubai or other Emirates can reach Abu Dhabi and ask for a boat ride to Jubail Island. So, you can also check out other places like Ferrari World and Warner Bros. at Yas Island. You can rent a car from Travel Saga Tourism to reach your destination.

Best Time To Visit 

The best time to visit Mangrove National Park is during the summer months, as there can be a variety of distinct wild creatures to spot. Winters are also good for travelling here and checking out the distinct migratory birds around. Be sure to wear properly covered dresses to avoid any rash or infection of any kind. Also, check the Jubail Mangrove Park which is also located in Abu Dhabi.

Entry fee

Entry to the Mangrove National Park is free for visitors. However, you may have to pay rent for activities like boardwalk, kayaking, boat rides,  etc.

Things to remember while visiting Mangrove National Park

There are some essential things to remember while visiting the Mangrove National Park in Abu Dhabi. So, it is important to wear sober clothes as it is a family destination. Drinking, smoking, and littering are not okay in this area and may have adverse effects if done so. Pets can not enter here, and kids should come with a guardian for visitation purposes. Wear proper shoes and avoid wearing slippers in the marshy patches here at Mangrove National Park.


These are a few important pieces of information regarding your visit to Mangrove National Park in Abu Dhabi. The place is quite apt for individuals wanting to spend a casual time amidst the lush green vegetation and gaze at the various wild animals and birds wandering throughout the marshes. Individuals can enjoy the place any time of the year, but you can spot major animals during the summer season here and proper apparel and footwear should be on before going out on a trip to Mangrove National Park with friends and families.