11 Best Places to Visit on Yas Island

Yas Island

Yas Island is a famed destination in Abu Dhabi known for its wonderous attractions and various frolicking activities to engage in while on the island. Yas Island is around 2,500 hectares of land and has the best dining and shopping areas and complexes in the region. Individuals can indulge in the varied amusement parks with rides around here and spoil themselves in the luxurious ambiance of the place. 5-star hotels and lounges are spread across the island to provide entertainment and luxury to the guests visiting this place to enjoy their time here. The place is scorching hot during the summer months, so it is favorable to visit during the winter. Several places, like the Yas Mall and Ferrari World, are of major importance to visitors here.

Let us check out a few important places to visit while on a trip to Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

1. Yas Mall

The Yas Mall is a major place to visit while on Yas Island here in Abu Dhabi. This complex holds 370 stores that have the best products available in Abu Dhabi. Bigger brands like Zara, H&M, Cartier, and Apple are among the widely known stores here, while smaller ones with reasonable pricing are also available at the Yas Mall. Individuals can shop for their favorite perfume or dairy products available in the stores here. A kid’s play area is also available for the kids to enjoy their time at the mall. Various luxury food joints and lounges can be spotted across the mall, providing the best authentic cuisines from all around the planet.

2. Ferrari World

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is another attraction to take kids and families to. The place is constructed with regards to the major automobile manufacturers and has around 37 rides to enjoy here. Individuals can book an annual package for AED 990 or simply book a single day for AED 295. The Formula Rossa ride placed at the place is termed the fastest roller coaster on the planet and is sure to give goosebumps to anyone availing of it. A 52-meter looped roller coaster named the Flying Aces is available at the park and is quite a ride to enjoy here. The longest zip-line track has been created at Ferrari World and goes through the loop of the Flying Aces ride here.  Read More About what More you Do in Ferrari world abu dhabi guide

3. Yas Marina Track

The Yas Marina Circuit is another place to visit if you like motorsports to some extent. The place houses the longest motorsport track in the world, along with various other tracks for individuals to use. Driving a sports car here takes around AED 400 for 20 minutes. Various supercars like the Porsche Carrera, Aston Martin, and Bugatti Veyron can be checked out and ridden while spending time here at the Yas Marina track.

4. Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld is a great place to spend splendid time with family and friends. Major thrill rides and activities can be experienced here, along with 40 distinct attractions across the park. Slide across the watery terrain while availing of the Rush Rider or drop down to the highest elevation while being on the Jebel Drop ride here in Yas Waterworld. Falcon Falaj is the longest roller coaster available here, with an underwater movie viewing experience available to check out here.

5. Warner Bros. World

Kids and families can have an amazing time at Warner Bros. World, available on the island. As the name suggests, Warner Bros. World has all the cartoon characters available at the venue here. Kids can spend time with their favorite characters or enjoy the stunning rides available here. Individuals can also opt to wade down through the Flintstones Alley and check out the imaginary city of Bedrock here.

6. M.A.D.

If you are venturing out for some classic music from the world-class artists around here, then MAD is the place to be. This is the largest music club in Abu Dhabi and hosts one of the biggest music shows of all time. Top artists like RHCP, T-Pain, and Akon have performed here, and it is known for the best technologies available at the music booths here. There is a wide LED screen at the back with 360-degree projection mapping systems all around the place.

7. Yas Beach

Yas Beach is a great place to relax and also enjoy the thrill of seawater sports. Individuals can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and even paddle boating in the Persian waters. Various waters ports and thrilling rides are available to enjoy here with friends and families. People opting for a calm time with their partners can enjoy the long walk over the sea beaches and the authentic delicacies available at the food joints here.

8. Yas Marina

The Yas Marina is a place studded with the best dining activities on floating boats around here. Many luxury lounges and eateries are available here for visitors to enjoy. If you are looking for a game, then visitors can check out the Stars N Bar lounge to enjoy a game over a glass of beer. Various seafood and lip-smacking cuisines are available at the restaurants and clubs here.

9. Yas Links

Want to spend some cool time amidst the lush greenery here at Yas Island? Then, Yas Links is just for you. Yas Links houses a major golf course designed by the world-renowned designer Kyle Phillips. The golf course is one of the best golf courses in the UAE and also accommodates a gym, clubhouse, spa, and other luxury facilities. Individuals can also enjoy the wide range of cuisines and platters available at the adjoining restaurants here.

10. CLYMB Abu Dhabi

The CLYMB is another place to visit if you are a sports fanatic with a hunger for an adrenaline rush. The SUMMYT is the largest climbing wall track available at the place, and individuals can have a great climbing experience while ascending the massive 141-foot grapple wall. Skydiving and flight courses are available for visitors here, with various techniques and concepts taught by professional invigilators. Interested individuals can take two flight sessions for a package price of AED 235 per entry.

11. Yas Viceroy Hotel

The Yas Viceroy Hotel is a 5-star hotel available on Yas Island, providing the best delicacies and dining options for individuals. Luxury suites and king rooms are available for rent here, with the greatest facilities and amenities available for visitors. Various Indian cuisines can be savored while catching a distinct view of the beautiful Yas Island from the Skylite Rooftop Lounge at the Yas Viceroy Hotel here.

Bottom Line

Yas Island is indeed a great place to spend time. Check out all the luxury facilities here or enjoy the rides along the various amusement parks and water worlds around the place. Dining options are also quite extensive at the restaurants here, with 5-star dinner arrangements and cocktails for visitors spending time at Yas Island.

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