What to Wear During a Desert Safari Tour

Dubai is known to be a great tourist destination for many, with its vivid food offerings and astounding cuisines to try. Diverse fun-filled activities can be enjoyed in Dubai that can ensure a lasting memory for many visiting the place. With the different vivid attractions available around Dubai, the Dubai desert safari is a thrilling activity to partake in with friends and family. Visiting Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve may be fun but you need to know what you should wear. This will help you have a comfortable and enjoyable time.

Let us check out the following set of rules for wearing proper attire while spending time in Dubai’s Desert.

1. Loose and lighter fabric materials

Individuals are advised to wear loose and lighter fabric materials while spending time in the Dubai desert. The temperatures within the desert reach optimum levels, and loose clothes can thus prevent heavy perspiration on the body. The winter temperatures are also pretty high here and can reach well up to a sweltering 32 degrees Celsius.

2. Opt for ponchos or hoodies

Individuals wanting to go on a Dubai desert safari can carry hoodies and ponchos with them. These outfit variants can help protect the bare skin from heat, ash, or burns when spending time here in the Dubai desert. Nights also get pretty cold here, and thus ponchos can save us from the freezing temperature of the night.

3. Long-sleeved shirts and full trousers

The deserts can be gruesome due to the heat generated by the terrain here. Long-sleeved shirts help protect the skin from heat and also let the skin breathe at the same time. Men should wear full trousers to avoid any heat rash or injury while travelling through the desert here. Short pants and short-sleeved tops should also be avoided since the skin can get sore over time with direct contact with the sunlight here.

4. Wear sunglasses and hats

Sunglasses and hats are essential when moving through the desert areas of Dubai. Sunglasses are a great way to restrict the high concentration of UV rays in the desert and also help prevent sand and dust from entering the eyes here in the Dubai desert. Hats are also important to wear in desert conditions since the heat can burn the head and cause the body to dehydrate over time. Tourists and travellers can cover their faces and heads with scarves and pieces of cloth to prevent dust and particles from entering their mouths.

5. Wear closed shoes or sneakers.

Scorpions and centipedes are pretty prevalent around the desert region, and a bite from them can cause physical issues in humans. Wearing closed shoes can help to avoid bites as well as protect us from the sweltering heat of the desert sun in Dubai. Whether you are going for a morning desert safari tour or an evening desert safari tour, wearing shoes is advisable.

6. Opt for bright colours

Visitors trying to visit the Dubai desert should wear bright floral outfits to mix with the translucent touch of the desert sun. Moreover, taking pictures and selfies in these outfits for social media accounts can enlighten the glam quotient of the individual. Individuals can also check out the pastel shades available to wear in the desert in Dubai.

Final Notes

In summary, these are the important rules to follow while wearing an outfit on the Dubai desert safari. Individuals can check floral-printed apparel or even pastel-coloured clothes to snap their best pictures on the holiday outing in the Dubai desert. Wearing long-sleeved attire along with hats and sunglasses can help protect the person from the direct sunlight reflected in the deserts of Dubai.

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