Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue

Dubai is known to be the land of varied attractions and is a perfect destination to spend some luxurious leisure time here. Dubai has some of the world’s best exotic beaches, along with colossal architectural feats around the city. People travel from all over the place and gather around Dubai to get a distinct taste of the Emirati culture here.

Amongst the varied destinations to check while staying in Dubai for a holiday, Alserkal Avenue is a great choice for a tourist visit here. Let us look at the distinct details regarding the history of the place along with the general places to visit near Alserkal Avenue in Dubai.


Alserkal Avenue was first designated as an industrial region, which later evolved naturally into a cultural and art exhibiting zone here in Dubai. This region is located at the Al Quoz location in Dubai and can be accessed via multiple routes. The place first housed around 39 warehouses until the Ayyam Gallery was transferred to the location here on Alserkal Avenue. These warehouses have now been transformed into design studios, art exhibition halls, a private museum, and a performing arts and cultural center here at Alserkal Avenue. The transition of the art galleries to this space occurred when Carbon 12 set its art galleries at the location here in Dubai. Industrial business still flourishes at this place, and the region is now home to over 60 distinct art exhibition halls that showcase private ensembles, sculptures, and even community-based programs.


The place has recorded itself in history for housing 25 art galleries in a one-block radius, which is the greatest in the world now. A performing arts and cultural zone is also available around the complex premises that organize various music and arts shows and concerts here at Alserkal Avenue in Dubai.

Things to See at Alserkal Avenue

There are various points of interest near Alserkal Avenue, and a few important ones are jotted down below for the readers to have a look at.

1. Visit Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is pretty near the Alserkal Avenue location and is a hub for tourists traveling to Dubai to enjoy the serene atmosphere and lovely sightings. Various luxury dining arrangements can be located around the place, with posh accommodation areas for visitors. Individuals can visit this location and partake in distinct watersports conducted around the area. Jumeirah Beach is a great place to enjoy the mesmerizing Dubai skyline in the distance, along with sightings of the calm and crystal waters of the Persian Gulf here in Dubai.

2. Spend quality time at the Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is just around the Alserkal Avenue area and is known for the posh accommodation and facilities available at the premises here. Individuals can opt for staying at the Burj Al Arab with a view of the Persian coastline in the vicinity. Various dining areas and joints are available around Burj Al Arab to provide a distinct view of the landmark and the amazing Dubai city sightings along the way. A private beach is also available along the Burj Al Arab area for members to enjoy while spending time here in Dubai.

3. Enjoy the dining fiestas here

The area around Alserkal Avenue is known for the distinct mouth-watering platters and gourmet options available around the place. Renowned food joints like McDonald’s and Starbucks are available just around the corner, with several mid-sized ones offering varied cuisines around the area. Individuals can sip on a cappuccino here at The Costa Coffee Joint or at the Raw Coffee Company available near the location. Alserkal Avenue has a fine dining area and a few renowned malls around the location here in Dubai.

The Best Time to visit Alserkal Avenue

The best time to visit Alserkal Avenue is during the winter months. Winters remain pretty soothing compared to the summer season here, so visitation may not pose any issues here. Individuals can also visit the place during the summer months, but a proper dress code is essential to avoid any sunburns here.

Timing and Entry Fee

Alserkal Avenue does not impose any entry fee for visitation purposes and is open all day for tourists and art lovers. The normal time to visit the place is between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. each day, all year.

How to Reach?

Alserkal Avenue can be easily reached by taking transport to the Al Quoz location. There are around 3 entrances to Alserkal Avenue: 17th Street, 6A Street, and 1st Al Khail Street. Individuals can opt for public bus line 110 to reach the Al Quoz location from the Al Safa area in Dubai. Visitors can also check the M1 metro line here in Dubai and stop at the Onpassive Metro Station here to reach the Alserkal Avenue area.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, these are a few important details and information regarding Alserkal Avenue and the distinct zones to visit near the place. Individuals can check in here with their friends and families and enjoy the surreal art forms and exhibition shows conducted at Alserkel Avenue in Dubai.