Al Khazzan Park

Located in the centre of Dubai, Al Khazzan Park is a must visit place. Individuals from different parts of the world frequently visit Dubai with their close ones to spend luxury time at Dubai’s most prolific places. Dubai has the largest assortment of events and tours conducted around the place for tourists to enjoy. The city of Dubai is also famous for the green parks and vegetative patches around that mark a great day in the serene atmosphere with families here.

Among the distinct lush green parks available to visit in Dubai, Al Khazzan Park is pretty well-known among the tourists visiting here during their holidays. So, do not miss out on one of the best tourist places in Dubai on your trip to UAE.

A few of the important details regarding the history of the place along with the things to do here are sufficed below for the readers to check.


The Al Khazzan Park, situated in the Al Safa area of Dubai, is known to have been operational since the 1980s. The place has been recently renovated, and a great number of trees and hedges have been planted here. The Al Khazzan is famously recalled as the first zero-energy solar park in Dubai. This park gets all the electricity and energy from the 400 square meters of layered photovoltaic panels placed across the parking area.

Al Khazzan Park is also famous for its intricately designed water tank in white and blue, which is around 40 meters in elevation. Various play areas and jogging tracks are available at Al Khazzan in Dubai for individuals to enjoy their time here.

Things to do at Al Khazzan Park

There are various distinct activities to engage in while spending time at this park in Dubai. A few of the important ones are posted below for individuals to look at.

1. Strolling and jogging across the park

Individuals can enjoy their day out at Al Khazzan Park in Dubai. Enjoy the strolling and jogging activities around the place. The garden is filled with multi-coloured flowers. Also, the trees make for a great view while running past the lush green vegetation here in the park. The tracks are paved properly to provide the runners with a distinct grip on the ground without the chance of slipping. Individuals can bring in their families and kids to enjoy fun-filled activities at this location in Dubai.

2. Enjoy a pleasant picnic during the winter months

The winter season in Dubai is known for its soothing temperatures and pleasant breezes around the location. The sprawling flora and fauna at Al Khazzan Park make it ideal to enjoy a picnic fiesta here with loved ones. Individuals can also bring in their badminton racquets and enjoy spending time here during the winter months in Dubai.

3. Play areas for kids and children

There are about two distinct play areas constructed for the kids to enjoy their time here. Individuals can bring their kids to this location. Therefore, play around with the slides, see-saws, and swings placed around the park premises. Seating arrangements are also placed around the play area for the guardians to have a closer look at their kids and monitor them efficiently. Do check out the Dubai Kidzania which is worth visiting with kids.

The Best Time to Visit Al Khazzan Park

The best time to visit this place in the Al Safa location of Dubai is during the winter months. Individuals can bring in their families and enjoy a picnic or stroll around the lush greenery here. Summers should be avoided since the temperatures can soar pretty high and pose heat issues for individuals.

Entry Fee & Timing

Individuals can enjoy their outing at Al Khazzan Park without an entry fee. Additionally, the proper timings are between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. From Sundays to Thursdays and between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

How to reach Al Khazzan Park?

Public and private transportation services are available to reach or you can rent a car for this place located in the Al Safa region of Dubai. Public bus lines 81, 28, and 7 ply along the Al Khazzan Park route so stop at Dubai Petroleum Station 2. The Financial Centre metro station is pretty close to this area in Dubai.


To end with, these are the best details regarding Al Khazzan Park. So, there’s an assortment of activities to engage in here. Individuals can also bring in their families and children to spend a pleasant time at the park premises and enjoy a picnic here and don’t forget to check out our Dubai City Tour.