Al Zorah Natural Reserve

Al Zorah Natural Reserve

The Al Zorah Natural Reserve is a vibrant and thriving biodiversity in Ajman Though Ajman is considered the smallest of the Emirates, the place mostly houses lush green flora and fauna, with natural reserves all around the place. Ajman is quite famous among visitors here in the UAE due to the various heritage sites available here, along with the vast vegetation and mangroves around the place.

Let us check out the various activities to conclude while delving into the history of the Al Zorah Natural Reserve here.

Al Zorah is a natural reserve for protecting the biodiversity of the planet, including plants and animals, here in the small community of Ajman. The Al Zorah reserve stretches across a million square kilometers and has an area of 195 hectares. The area is covered with muddy marshes, dense mangroves, pristine beaches, and even natural lagoons.

Among the interesting places to visit in Ajman, the Al Zorah Natural Reserve is the place to spend ample time.


The place started as a reserve in 2004 and now accommodates over 100 species of birds and migratory avians. Various colored fish with corals and sea mollusks can be found here in the Al Zorah Natural Reserve in Ajman. The famed pink flamingos can be viewed at the Al Zorah Reserve while they stop by for migration here.

Things to do at the Al Zorah Natural Reserve

There are various things to engage in while spending time at this park in Ajman. A few of the essential points are described below for checking purposes.

1. Bird watching activities

Individuals visiting the Al Zorah Natural Reserve can view the distinct birds roaming around the place. Over a hundred species of birds can be seen here, including parrots, woodpeckers, flamingos, bluejays, ducks, and much more. Egrets and herons are quite popular around the place. Migratory birds are also seen in abundance at the natural reserve here in Ajman.

2. Enjoy kayaking and boat rides

Another way to enjoy the mangroves in the Al Zorah Reserve is by boat along the green stretch. Individuals can hire boat ride dubai through the rainforest and check out the distinct wild animals like foxes, crocodiles, and hippos there. Kayak tours can also be enjoyed here while watching the marvelous UAE sunset on the horizon.

3. Get tanned at the beaches

Individuals wanting to enjoy their time in Ajman can check out the pristine sandy beaches here. Restaurants are lined up around the coast for individuals to relax on the beaches and get their natural tan. The tranquil clear waters of the Persian Gulf are also a sight to behold as we spend time enjoying nature at these beaches.

The best Time to Visit Al Zorah Natural Reserve

The best time to visit the this place is during the winter months. Summers can be boiling hot here, and the beaches can burn the skin during that time. Winters are cooler, and enjoying the activities at the marshy lands here can prove to be the best time. Also check the Wasit Wetland Centre which is a popular attraction in Sharjah.

Entry Fee and Timings

The place is kept open for visitation purposes from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, and the entry fee is free for everyone. The activities separately take charge, with mangrove tours at AED 150 and kayaking at AED 100.

This park is situated on the northern edge of the city of Ajman. Individuals can easily reach the place from Ittihad Street in the Ajman region here. Hence, visitors traveling from Dubai or Sharjah can access the Sheikh Zayed Road to reach the reserve area without any hassle.

Final Thoughts

These are a few important activities, along with the history of the Al Zorah Natural Reserve here in Ajman. Moreover, the place is great for bird-watching, kayaking, and even spending some quality time with loved ones on the serene seashore beaches. Individuals can check out this place with their families or friends while staying in the Ajman region. Here is the Guide to Top Natural Spots Around Dubai to Explore More.