Jumeirah Mosque Dubai: Everything You Want to Know About It

Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

Jumeirah in Dubai is a place that is known for its various lavish resources and vivid beach life. Tourists gather around this place to view the enchanting Dubai skyline along with the adventure and thrill rides conducted around the location. Apart from all the glitter and dazzle of the place, there is a sacred heritage site and a mosque that relate to the early idealism of the Emirati people.

The Jumeirah Mosque Dubai is one of the famed mosques found across Dubai and is also known for its intricate carvings along the mosque’s surface. Let us check a few of the essential things to do near the Jumeirah Mosque, along with the proper timings for visitation at this place.


The Jumeirah Mosque Dubai is considered one of the oldest structures in Dubai and is also a fascinating icon among the Muslim community. The interiors are majestically designed, with magnificent designs and calligraphy notes around the mosque. Two distinct minarets lie adjacent to the main mosque and also act as support for the structure. Around 1,300 people can address their prayers at this place, but during the Friday Namaz time, many worshippers are seen concluding their prayers outside the mosque gates as well.


The colossal landmark was created under the administration of the early ruler, HH Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. The construction process started in 1976 and was finished around 1979. One such fact about the mosque is that it is featured on the 500 AED note. The mosque is constructed along the lines of the Fatimid style, which originated in Egypt and Syria and has beautiful carvings and designs on its surface. The dome is also intricately designed, with numerous designs and Arabic dialects carved on the outer layer.


Things to check near the Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

There are various cool places to check out while visiting the Jumeirah Mosque in the region. Quite a few important ones are discussed below for checking purposes.

1. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is a great place to enjoy the Dubai sun and partake in various activities along the way. Luxury dining and accommodation services are available around the place, which has become a focal point for tourists to mass assemble here. Individuals can enjoy their long strolls along the sandy terrain while gasping at the clear waters of the Persian Gulf. Various outdoor adventure programs are conducted at this place, including options for snorkeling and scuba diving.

2. Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is another place that is famed for the lavish rides and attractions along the way. Individuals coming to the Dubai Marina can enjoy dhow cruises with their partners and gorge on the delectable grub available at the cruises here. Individuals can also pursue adventure sports like jet skiing, kite surfing, and even wakeboarding at the location. Hotels and lounges are lined across the coastline here and also serve the best savory dishes found across the globe.

3. Marjan Islamic Art Gallery

The Marjan Islamic Art Gallery is a great place to check if individuals are opting for an exhibition tour around the Jumeirah region. This place has some of the earliest Emirati artifacts on display, including wall hangings, tools, and old crockeries, along with centerpieces and early armor sets of the Emirati soldiers. The place is neatly designed, with two distinct black lion sculptures guarding the building. Individuals can check out the place along with their families to ensure a great time learning about Emirati culture and traditions at this art gallery near the Jumeirah region of Dubai.

The best time to visit the Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

Jumeirah Mosque can be visited any time of the year, but the best time would be during the sunsets, as the whole complex creates a radiance with the setting of the Dubai sun here.

Entry fee and proper timing of visitation

The entry fee is kept free at the location, while a guided tour can cost around 25 AED per person. Individuals need to reach the place 30 minutes earlier to check out the guided tours here. Normally, the place is open for visitation between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. each day, while Fridays remain closed for communal purposes.

How to reach the Jumeirah Mosque?

Individuals coming from Abu Dhabi can take Exit 50 on the Al Safa Road and move along until they reach the Al Wasl Road. The Jumeirah Mosque is right around 17B Street in Dubai. People visiting from Sharjah can take Exit 53 at Al Dhiyafa Street and head along Al Wasl Road till they reach the Jumeirah Mosque at 17B Street. Public buses X28, 8, and 9 reach the Jumeirah Mosque regularly.

Bottom Line

These are a few interesting facts regarding the history of the Jumeirah Mosque, along with the proper time to visit the place. The place of attraction is quite an old one and is regarded as one of the heritage places of worship in the city of Dubai.