Zabeel Park (Dubai)


Covering a mammoth 51 hectares, Zabeel Park boasts of being Dubai’s largest park. The park is a top draw among locals and global tourists alike. Every day during dusk, the Zabeel Park is teeming with visitors enjoying quality time with family and friends in the lap of lush greenery. Being one of the first technologically driven parks, the Zabeel Park is one-of-a-kind. Close to the architectural wonder, the Dubai Frame, visitors can take in lovely views of the city’s old and new attractions at the park.


Zabeel Park with its scenic jogging tracks and a modern fitness center is very popular among fitness conscious people. They thoroughly enjoy working out within the park premises in the scenic lush green environs. There are tracks for BMX, skating, mini golf, skateboarding and cricket drawing in sports lovers in hordes. Your kids are going to love it here! There’s an amusement complex and a vast zone meant for their education and entertainment—the edutainment center.

The Zabeel Park has separate zones for barbequing making it ideal for picnicking. You are sure to enjoy the live music shows. To recharge yourself, you may drop by at the food kiosks serving lip smacking refreshments. The boat rides on the gentle waters of the lake are a very calming experience. The flea markets, a seasonal affair is also very popular among visitors. Visiting the Glow Garden, a beautiful place decked up with bright lights is like being in dream land. The lights look spectacular after dark.

The mega bowl is a wonderful place for recreation where talented people perform live. There are galleries as well and the park is dotted with beautiful works of sculpture. The Zabeel Park is a hit among the people of Dubai and also visitors to the very friendly city. The lush greenery and the beautiful scenery take your breath away. The flora at the Zabeel Park makes it a very popular place to visit among nature lovers. It’s ideal for a wonderful day out with your family in the winter.

The Major Places of Interest at the Zabeel Park

  • Your kids are sure to enjoy every moment of being at the Dinosaur Park. The sculptures of dinosaurs look amazingly real and the animatronic dinosaurs roaming the park take you back to the prehistoric era where these mammoth creatures roamed the earth. Garden Glow is a treat for the eyes when it’s lit up brightly every winter.
  • The Dubai Frame at the Zabeel Park is a major attraction here. Rising up to a height of 150 meters, the world’s largest frame is 93 meters wide. Spread across a large area of 15,000 square meters, the amazing structure resembles a ring. There’s a daily flow of wonder eyed tourists here.
  • The Flea Market, the largest of its kind in Dubai is very popular among the locals here. It’s a treasure trove of pre-loved items that are sold at throwaway prices. Be on the lookout to bag a great deal here and pick up something that you have been longing to have for long. No wonder there’s a large crowd of people at the Flea Market often.

The Best Time of the Day to Visit the Zabeel Park

It’s best to visit the park after the sunrays have died down a bit. It’s 5pm when that occurs in Dubai and the weather becomes quite pleasant then. Nature lovers and fitness freaks should reach the park early in the morning so they can breathe in the fresh oxygen.

Coming to what time of the year you should visit the park, winter is the best. The winters set in sometime around October’s last week and continue till April beginning.

How to Reach

By Bus: Hop into any bus on route numbers 10, 27, 32C, 91A, or 55 and get off at Satwa bus stop or the Gold Souk bus stop that are closest to the Zabeel Park. You can enter the park through its gate number 6.

By the Metro: You’ll simply need to take the metro and get off at Al Jafiliya station on the Red Line. A short walk takes you to gate 6.

Note: The tickets are priced at AED 101 but it can be changed as per the season.

Some Handy Tips

  • To protect yourself from the sun carry quality sunscreen with high SPF
  • Also, carry hats and sunglasses as well as plenty of water. Mosquito repellants would be necessary during a picnic
  • It’s advisable to come in loose fitting cotton clothes so you feel comfortable despite the heat