What is the Tanoura Dance, and Where to Watch it

Tanoura dance

UAE is a place for spending good vacation time while enjoying the various magnificent attractions and amazing construction works around. The place is known for its vivid luxuries and the number of exotic sea beaches around the coastline. Tanoura dancing is one such wonderful attraction to cherish while relaxing in Dubai. it is a dance form that originated in the early Egyptian sect and is quite known in Turkey as well.

Please check out the following part to learn about the rich history and meaning of Tanoura dancing projected below for the readers.

Introduction and History 

The word Tanoura means skirt in Arabic, and it originated in the late 12th century by Sufi practitioners. This dance was performed as a tribute to nature and the almighty by swirling around wearing a skirt with chimes studded over it. This creates a sound along with the dance forms, and that looks astounding as well. The skirts are crafted using clear and glowy geometric patterns with diverse layers.

A male dancer would perform the act and swirl around in a circular motion. This would make the skirt move around and create vivid sounds and lighting. The dancer also wears a suit of light that looks soothing to the eyes of the audience. The swirling of the skirt here represents the movement of the planets along the sun, which is depicted in the Sufi cult. The Tanoura dancing live performances are quite a treat to watch, being organized at distinct places like the Dhow Cruise and the Evening Desert Safari in Dubai.

Places to Enjoy Tanoura Dance in the UAE

Various places present the this  form to visitors here in the UAE, and a few are pointed out below for the readers to look at.

1. Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

The Dhow cruise Dubai Marina is a great place to enjoy the Tanoura dance live performances. Various agencies around the Dubai Marina conduct these cruises for visitors to enjoy the tranquil waters of the Jumeirah, along with varied activities to engage in. Couples can enjoy these dance performances on the Dhow boats and rejoice in the evening with partners here. Enjoy the vivid ambiance along with the dining feats while watching the Tanoura dancers perform on these boats at the Dubai Marina, UAE.

2. Night Desert Safari

Another place to enjoy the Tanoura dancing performances is to avail of the Overnight Desert Safari activity. Many operators can help you with the booking process that takes you on a night time adventure into the desert and engages you in various activities like dunking and quad biking at night. After the closure of the activities, individuals are welcomed to a Bedouin-style camp where they are provided the best cuisines from around the world while gazing at the Tanoura dance performances. This activity is a delight to savor with other performances in a row amidst the vast Dubai desert during the night.

Bottom Line 

To wrap up, these are the top places to watch the Tanoura dance live performances in Dubai, UAE, and indulge in a pleasant affair with Dubai city life. Individuals can check out the different operators and agencies around Dubai and book their evening activities while watching the Tanoura dancing acts here.