The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day 2025 with Kids in Dubai

Once you are a parent, “love” stops being just about your partner. It becomes about your family! Being a parent, it’s almost impossible to plan something that doesn’t involve your babies. An invitation without your kids is a straight no. 

As it is time for your annual Valentine’s Day plans, are you planning to take your kids on the date too? Showing affection to your partner in front of your kids also helps in your kid’s emotional growth. So let’s plan the perfect Valentine’s with your kids.

6 Must visit places with your partner and kids

1. Desert Safari :

What can be better than Desert Safari an adventurous ride bashing the red sand dunes of the Lehbab desert? Embrace the sunset views and enjoy luscious meals in the heart of desert camps. Laugh and talk to your kids in between to keep them curious and engaged.  

2. Theme parks :

This one for sure is a kid’s favourite. Besides, it also allows you to experience life from your child’s perspective. Besides, it will also strengthen the trust in your family.  Some of the famous theme parks in Dubai are

  1. IMG Worlds of Adventure
  2. Motiongate
  3. Legoland Dubai

3. Beaches :

Building sand castles and finding pretty pebbles and shells is certainly one of the core childhood memories most adults adore. Give your children a similar experience by taking them to the beautiful beaches in Dubai like JBR Beach, Kite Beach, and Jebel Ali Beach. Take your love to the horizon level and let your feelings flow.

4. Dubai Mall :

One of the most adored places by kids of all ages. Dubai Mall is a place where adults or children, everyone can enjoy amazing activities altogether. Dubai mall Aquarium and the underwater zoo are going to be an amusing experience for your kids.

5. Zabeel Park :

A wide open and lush green place to play for your kids while you can sit and talk in peace is something every family will agree on. Click pictures near the iconic Dubai frame for memories you can cherish forever.

6. Quranic Park :

It is a great and interactive method of teaching young minds about rights and wrongs according to the Holy Book. Plants, trees, and Arabic calligraphy will generate curiosity and fascination in your kids. At last, the cave of miracles will take them back to the historic times they’ve only heard about in tales in Quranic Park 


Why is Love and affection important for your kids? 


Everyone agrees on the concept of families having a deep impact on a child’s mental health but usually fails to understand how the dynamics of family work. Additionally, acts of affection give children a sense of security living with their parents. 

Children grow fast and it won’t be long before you’ll be concerned about their safety. At the same time, for parents who refrain from showing affection in front of kids, it becomes awkward to teach their children about platonic and bad touch, private health, and consent. 

Research says showing affection to your partner in front of kids is healthy. So what are your plans this Valentine’s week? Let me help you out. A trip to Dubai will do wonders for your relationship, both with your partner and kids. Now you might be wondering, what can you do this Valentine’s with your partner and kids? There’s a lot to do in Dubai. Check out the places you can visit and things you can do with your loved ones this Valentine’s. 

Now that you know why to celebrate Valentine’s with your children and what you can do to make it memorable. So, plan a family trip on Valentine’s week. Travel Saga’s tailor made travel packages will help you get the most out of your trip. Also, while thinking of taking your kids along, look up the child policy of different places. You can find the relevant information on our website

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Q. Is it okay to celebrate Valentine’s Day with children?

Yes, it is completely okay. This, in fact, teaches your child about expressing love. Some acts of affection are also healthy unless it crosses boundaries.

Q. Are there entry fees for children in Dubai?

Many places have different child policies. Some places have free entry for everyone while most places charge children above three years of age as adults.

Q. Can adults also participate in activities at theme parks?

Yes, such activities keep the child inside you alive. 

Q. Where can we find support for a VISA application?

Travel Saga helps with Dubai VISA applications, hotel stays, and transportation services also. In short, Travel Saga helps make your trip convenient and hassle free.

Q. Can we take food from outside in Zabeel Park and Quranic Park to have a family picnic?

Yes, outside food is allowed in these parks. You can also find some options in and near the premises itself.