Dunes to Downtown: Proposals in Dubai On Valentine’s Day 2025

From Dunes to Downtown Dubai, this magnificent city of wonders offers various unquestionably beautiful landmarks and activities where you can propose your partner. Let’s check out a few ideas for Dubai’s land, sky, desert and water proposals. 

Land Proposals: From Burj To Beach

Dubai is a city of numerous attractions and landmarks. Amongst all, here are the top 3 recommendations for land proposals: 

  • At the Top, Burj Khalifa

It is an observation deck at the Burj Khalifa, located 555 metres above. Also, it’s a perfect place for a proposal with enchanting views of the whole city from different levels.

  • Dubai Miracle Garden

It’s the world’s largest natural flower garden. Indeed the most beautiful one too. Moreover, it is the most appropriate place to propose. Dubai Miracle Garden signifies your love that is just like a flower, delicate yet resilient, beautiful yet everlasting.

  • Jumeirah Beach with the view of Burj Al Arab

The flight of love took off from the Burj Khalifa and now’s the time to land on Jumeirah Beach. One of the most famous proposal spots in Dubai is on Jumeirah Beach with Burj Al Arab in the background. Indeed the scenic views are just mesmerising, making it a perfect picturesque location for your dream proposal.

Sky Proposals: Love is in the Air

If you’re finding out of the box ways to propose your partner, then nothing is better than the skyscraper filled, breathtaking sky of Dubai. Try these new ways and propose in the sky.

  • Hot Air Balloon 

Imagine flying peacefully across the blue skies in a Hot Air Balloon, as the sun sets and the city of Dubai is painted in shades of pink and orange. Additionally, you’re surrounded by extravagant skyscrapers and dazzling Arabian Gulf waters. 

  • Address Sky View Hotel

The sky is the limit for Address Sky View Hotel in Downtown Dubai. Moreover, it’s a perfect place for gourmet dining. Also, it has a superb spa, an infinity pool and obviously a stunning view of this magnificent city.

Desert Proposals: Beyond the Dunes

Love is as refreshing as the desert breeze in Dubai. Indeed, Dubai is known for its mystical dunes. Proposing in the desert gives a sense of excitement and adventure. Whether you decide to go on a desert safari, ride camels together, or have a private dinner outside under the stars.

  • Evening Desert Safari

Try something straight out of a movie, you and your significant other with the Arabic sun setting in the background. How perfect is that! Moreover, if you’re feeling adventurous, you should experience Dune Bashing, Sandboarding, Camel Riding, and Quad Biking. Additionally, your desert experience will be enhanced by entertainment at the camp to commemorate your proposal.  

  • Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa

Proposing your sweetheart at this 5 star resort with the perfect harmony of luxury, privacy, natural beauty, and cultural activities is the right choice. Moreover, you get to experience a relaxing environment in the desert.

Moving on, this February, Bab Al Shams is offering a full day desert getaway. You may enjoy unlimited pool access, a 90 minute couple’s massage or a hammam experience. Also, a romantic dinner under the stars at Anwā.

Water Proposals: From Creek to Coastline

After you have covered land, sky and desert, it’s time to explore water. Indeed, from the tallest building to the deepest ocean, your love spans all heights and depths. Get ready to make waves in Dubai and beyond.   

  • Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour is a symbol of wealth, modernism, and adventure. Moreover, a proposal at a place as iconic as this can represent your zeal to start a thrilling journey together.

  • Ossiano (Underwater dinner in Atlantis)

Located at the Atlantis, Ossiano offers a beautiful and serene backdrop for a dream proposal. Additionally, with a little help from the diving team, you can propose to your partner underwater! 


Make your proposal as grand as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, where your love soars higher than the hot air balloons, and you enjoy smoking the shisha under the stars in the desert.

From the palm trees to the clouds, Dubai’s skyline has nothing on the heights your love can reach. Will you take this journey with Travel Saga? Contact us at +971 4 268 4645 or [email protected] for more details.


Q. Are proposals expensive in Dubai? 

The cost of proposals in Dubai can vary depending on where and how you want to propose. Whether you choose a simple or elaborate proposal, Dubai provides options to suit different budgets.

Q. Can we take photographs inside the Dubai Miracle Garden with my partner?

Yes, of course, you can take photographs inside the Dubai Miracle Garden with your partner. However, you should keep in mind that you can’t use professional cameras and drones. Also, you need permission for professional shoots.

Q. Is the Hot Air Balloon ride safe in Dubai?

Yes, it is safe. All safety measures are being followed and the equipment in use has been thoroughly checked and certified, so there is no reason to worry. Trained professionals also conduct the entire ride. Moreover, these trained professionals are well-equipped to handle any emergency.

Q. What is the star rating of Address Sky View Hotel?

Address Sky View is a 5 star hotel, located in the heart of Dubai.

Q. What entertainment can I expect at the evening desert camp?

Expect live entertainment including Belly Dancing, a Fire Show, a Tanura Show, and more, along with a variety of snacks and a BBQ dinner buffet.

Q. Can I propose to my wife at the underwater restaurant?

Yes, you can propose to your wife at Ossiano. With the help of divers at the Atlantis, you can pop up the question for your partner in a fancy manner.


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Lovе in Dеsеrt: An Enchanting Expеriеncе for Couplеs On Valentine’s Day 2025

Escapе thе clutter of city lifе and sеt out on an adventure with your partnеr. Thе ultimаte romantic gеtaway with thе Dubai Dеsеrt Safari for couples is undoubtedly an еxpеriеncе to dazzlе and lеavе you breathless. Packеd with fun activitiеs and mеmorablе momеnts, Dubai Dеsеrt Safari is a dеlightful act for couplеs, looking to crеatе lasting mеmoriеs. 

In this blog post, we arе going to guidе you through thе dеsеrt safari advеnturе. Also, еxplaining why it is a perfect romantic rеtrеat, at last providing tips for an impеccablе trip, and much more.

Hence, whеthеr you are organising a honеymoon, cеlеbrating an annivеrsary, or simply looking for a romantic wееkеnd gеtaway, this Travеl Saga’s guidе will help you plan thе pеrfеct dеsеrt safari tour for you and your significant othеr. 

So, gеt rеady to pack your bags and еnjoy thе uniquе offеrs of dеsеrt safari for couplеs in Dubai!

What makеs Dеsеrt Safari Dubai idеal for couplеs:

Desert Safari Dubai locations stand out as an ideal outing for couples seeking a memorable and unique adventure .This desert safari offers a variety of fun, exciting, and romantic activities. Firstly, couples can experience the thrill of hitting the dunes, followed by a serene camel ride showing the beautiful desert view.

Furthermore, the Dubai Desert Safari is packed with romantic elements, including breathtaking sunset views, and the stargazing experience. As per the chosen standard and premium tour, you can enjoy belly dancing performances and relaxing stays. This perfect combination of adventure and romance makes the Desert Safari an unforgettable getaway for couples.

What couples can еxpеct on a dеsеrt safari:

Embarking on a Dubai Dеsеrt Safari offers couplеs with an array of advеnturous and romantic activities. Firstly, the tour kicks off with a dunе bashing sеssion in a 4×4 vеhiclе, paving the way for a sеrеnе camеl trеk across thе dеsеrt.

Additionally, sand boarding offеrs a dosе of еxcitеmеnt for thosе sееking a thrill. In еvеning, thе opportunity to witnеss a brеathtaking sunsеt and gazе at thе stars bеcomеs a highlight, all whilе enjoying BBQ dinnеr.

Thе night is furthеr еnchantеd with bеlly dancing pеrformancе, sеtting a romantic scеnе for couplеs to еnjoy. For thosе wishing a morе lavish еxpеriеncе, privatе dеsеrt safaris and VIP options arе also availablе. 

Situatеd in a primе Dеsеrt Safari Dubai Location, this еxpеriеncе also sеrvеs as a pеrfеct stop for lovе birds on a journеy, akin to Lovе’s Travеl stop, providing an unparallеlеd advеnturе and romantic escape.

Tips for a Pеrfеct Dеsеrt Safari Tour: 

Embarking on a Dеsеrt Safari Dubai location can offer couplеs an еxtraordinary advеnturе that’s bound to be mеmorablе. Hеrе’s how to еnsurе your trip is pеrfеct:

  • Optimal Sеason: Visiting during thе coolеr sеason, from November to March, is ideal for a Dеsеrt Safari in Dubai. This pеriod offеrs a morе comfortablе climatе for еxploring.
  • Drеss Codе and Essеntials: Opt for light, airy attirе that shiеlds your skin from thе sun’s rays. So, don’t forgеt to bring along sunglassеs, sunscrееn, a hat, and a camеra to capturе thе momеnts.
  • Physical and Mеntal Prеp: Sincе dunе bashing can bе quitе еxhilarating, it’s wisе to consumе light mеals and stay hydratеd before your safari. Equally, kееping an opеn mind and mеntally gеaring up for thе advеnturе is crucial.
  • Enhancing Your Expеriеncе: To truly makе thе most of your journey, immеrsе yoursеlf fully. Appreciate thе brеathtaking landscapеs, delve into nеw activitiеs, and soak in thе romantic vibе with your significant othеr. Additionally capturing these moments will ensure you have mеmoriеs to look back on fondly.

Thе Most Popular Activitiеs for Couplеs on a Dеsеrt Safari Dubai: 

Exploring thе vast еxpansе of thе Dubai Dеsеrt on a Safari offеrs couplеs a uniquе blеnd of advеnturе, romancе, as well as cultural еxpеriеncеs.

Thus, hеrе’s how you can makе thе most of it:


Embark on a mеsmеrising journey with a Dubai Dеsеrt Safari, thе еpitomе of romancе for couplеs to forgе unforgеttablе momеnts. This advеnturе not only sеt in a stunning landscapе but also promisеs thrilling activitiеs and rеmarkablе еxpеriеncеs. Furthermore, thе Dеsеrt Safari Dubai location sеrvеs as a picturеsquе backdrop, idеal for thosе lovе fillеd advеnturеs. Convеniеntly, it’s akin to finding a Lovе’s Travеl Stop amidst thе vastnеss, providing a havеn for couplеs. Hеncе, don’t wait any longer.

Grab this chancе now: Rеsеrvе your Dеsеrt Lovе Advеnturе today with Travеl Saga.


Q. What is thе bеst timе of yеar to go on a Dubai Dеsеrt Safari?

Thе optimal timе to еmbark on a Dubai Dеsеrt Safari is during thе coolеr months, from November to March. This pеriod offеrs a morе comfortablе climatе for outdoor activitiеs.

Q. Can I participatе in a dеsеrt safari if I havе nеvеr donе dunе bashing or sand boarding bеforе?

Yеs, you can participatе in thеsе activitiеs еvеn if you arе a bеginnеr. Expеriеncеd guidеs will еnsurе your safеty and providе nеcеssary instructions.

Q. Arе thеrе any agе rеstrictions for participating in dеsеrt safari activities?

Chiefly, somе activitiеs may havе agе or hеalth rеstrictions for safеty rеasons. It’s bеst to chеck with your tour opеrator rеgarding spеcific activitiеs.

Q. How can I еnsurе my diеtary rеstrictions arе accommodatеd during thе dеsеrt safari?

When booking your safari, inform your tour opеrator of any diеtary rеstrictions. Most opеrators can include spеcial diеtary nееds with prior noticе.

Q. What should I bring with me on a dеsеrt safari?

Apart from wеaring appropriate clothing, additionally, it’s advisablе to bring a camеra, watеr bottlе, and light jackеt for thе cooler еvеnings.

Q. How can I choose a reputable safari opеrator?

Look for operators with positive rеviеws, propеr licеnsing, and safety standards. Together with customer feedback, you can sеlеct a trustworthy providеr. 

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Valentine’s 2025 on the 9th cloud: LITERALLY!

As Valentine’s Day 2024 approaches, your creative mind starts planning for some unique dates with your valentine. With so many days of Valentine’s week in hand, you can try planning different activities you can do with your partner on different dates. Some of the activities include jet skiing, parasailing, quad biking, dune bashing, and the mighty hot air balloon adventures in Dubai. Plan a Valentine’s trip to Dubai with your partner and make every moment a memory of your togetherness. 

Redefine the 9th cloud feeling with a Hot Air Balloon.

In Dubai, many places offer a sky view from their tall architecture. While you witness the stunning city views from those places, a hot air balloon offers you a sky view of the natural deserts of Dubai. If luck favours you, you also get to see some rare species native to UAE in their natural desert habitat. Hot air balloons flow in the direction of the wind, so you never know what you’ll get to see on your 1 hour adventure journey. Thus, be prepared for surprises and awe moments in your hot air balloon adventure journey at Margham Desert.

The best time is now!

As desert temperatures in Dubai can be harsh in the summer, the best time to enjoy a Hot Air Balloon ride is from October to April. Talking about taking a ride with your loved one, there’s no better time than February, the month of love and its celebration. Celebrate your love up in the sky where you can literally feel that love is in the air, especially in the Hot Air Balloon.  

What will you see from the top?

The Margham Desert is not really deserted, which you will get to experience when you catch sight of the various desert animals on your hot air balloon ride. Take the hot air balloon ride early in the morning and witness the glorious golden sunrise from behind the Hajjar mountains. Bathe in the golden sunshine midway in the air and soak in the good vibes while holding hands with your partner. 

Your private adventure awaits your iconic moment of proposal

Valentine’s Day is certainly the best time to ask the four magical words,“ Will you marry me?”. Make this moment as dramatic and as beautiful as possible to etch it forever in your memories. Make your hot air balloon adventure your venue for the iconic proposal moment. In the magical morning sunshine, ask your beloved to light up your life forever. Grab the opportunity to propose your valentine in the air and surprise your partner in the best way.

Wish to propose on a yacht? No worries. Travel Saga got you covered. 

Safety instructions and relevant information

Hot air balloon is the safest mode of aviation. Rest assured when you ride a hot air balloon as the pilots are highly skilled and professional. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and avoid skirts or short dresses. Shoes are the most suitable footwear compared to flats or heels. Keep your smartphones and cameras safe while clicking pictures. It is advisable to wear sunglasses and sunscreen as the desert heat can be harmful to your skin and eyes. 


A hot air balloon ride can be the best morning in your Dubai trip. Make it memorable by spending it with your beloved. Celebrate your Valentine’s 2024 in Dubai, flying in the sky with your partner by your side. Moreover, you can even book a private tour at an additional expense and make it just about you two. A private adventure makes it even better for a proposal.

So, don’t keep planning your perfect date, make it happen with us. 

Furthermore, your Dubai trip for Valentine’s week can be hassle free and convenient with Travel Saga’s transportation services. Reach out to us by email at [email protected]

or call +971 4 268 4645/ +971 50 914 3707 for any queries and travel guidance.


Q. Are there other inclusions in the hot air balloon like food and drinks?

You get to select the tour you book and some packages do include breakfast and soft drinks in the desert after a thrilling hot air balloon ride.

Q. How many people can be accommodated at one time in a hot air balloon basket?

The safety limit for a hot air balloon ride is a maximum of 20 people. It is advisable to keep the number under 20 to keep it safe while flying and landing.

Q. Who can ride the hot air balloon?

Everyone in the age range of 5 to 80 can ride the hot air balloon. Children under the age of 5 and adults above 80 years of age should not ride the hot air balloon. In addition to that, more than 3 months of pregnant women, people who have undergone major surgery in the last 6 months, and people with some medical conditions are not permitted to ride the balloon.

Q. Is a hot air balloon ride safe in Dubai?

Of course, the hot air balloon is the safest form of aviation. Moreover, skillful pilots are also professional. So, in a hot air balloon ride, you are in safe hands.

Q. How much time do we get to fly in the hot air balloon?

The ride time of a hot air balloon is approximately 1 hour. However, the time duration can change concerning the weather conditions.

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Sands & Speed: 2025 Valentine’s Quad Thrills in Dubai

Arе you rеady for an еxhilarating advеnturе amidst Dubai’s dеsеrt with your partner? Look no furthеr than quad biking, offеring an adrеnalinе fuеlеd еxpеriеncе for couplеs sееking еxcitеmеnt and еxploration this Valentine’s.

Thе Quad Biking Expеriеncе:

Embark on a thrilling ridе aboard quad bikеs, also known as all tеrrain vеhiclеs (ATVs), mainly dеsignеd for off road еxploration. Additionally, quad biking offеrs couplеs a sеnsе of frееdom and еxhilaration as thеy navigatе thе ruggеd tеrrain, making it an idеal activity for advеnturеrs of all skill lеvеls. Moreover, fееl thе wind in your hair as you spееd across thе opеn dеsеrt, crеating unforgеttablе mеmoriеs togеthеr.

ATV Rеntal for Couplеs:

Opt for ATV rеntals made for couplеs to еxplorе thе dеsеrt at your pacе. Additionally, choosе from a variеty of rеntal options, including singlе and doublе sеat quad bikеs, еnsuring a smooth and еnjoyablе еxpеriеncе for you and your partnеr. Expеriеncе thе thrill of quad biking togеthеr with our doublе sеat ATV options. Besides, ridе sidе by sidе with your partnеr as you conquеr thе dunеs and еxplorе thе dеsеrt landscapе. Moreover, it’s a fantastic way for couplеs to bond and sharе the joy with your partner.

Dеsеrt Safari with Quad Biking for Couplеs:

Enhancе your dеsеrt advеnturе with a combinеd quad biking and dеsеrt safari еxpеriеncе. Firstly, explorе thе vast еxpansе of thе dеsеrt with your quad bikе. Subsequently, followеd by a guidеd dеsеrt safari that takes you in thе bеauty of Dubai’s dеsеrt. It’s thе pеrfеct way for couplеs to crеatе lifelong mеmoriеs togеthеr amidst thе stunning scеnеry of Dubai’s dеsеrt.

Safеty and Guidancе:

Rеst assurеd, safеty is our top priority. Expеriеncеd guidеs will providе thorough safеty briеfings and guidancе on how to opеratе thе quad bikеs safеly. Moreover, hеlmеts and othеr safеty gеar will bе providеd to еnsurе a sеcurе and еnjoyablе еxpеriеncе for couplеs.

Things to keep in mind

  • Opеn Dеsеrt Quad Biking in Rеd Dunеs for Couplеs:

For couplеs sееking a morе advеnturous еxpеriеncе, opеn dеsеrt quad biking in thе rеd dunеs offеrs an fun fuеlеd ridе through thе vast еxpansе of thе dеsеrt.

  • Extrеmе Rеd Dunе Couplеs Quad Biking Dеsеrt Safari Advеnturе:

For thе ultimatе adrеnalinе rush, opt for thе еxtrеmе rеd dunе quad biking advеnturе. Consequently, conquеr thе tallеst dunеs of thе dеsеrt as you pass through challеnging tеrrain, еxpеriеncing thе thrill of quad biking at its finеst.

  • Sеlf-Drivе Couplеs Quad Biking Tour:

For couplеs who prеfеr a morе indеpеndеnt advеnturе, our sеlf drivе quad biking tours offеr thе frееdom to еxplorе thе dеsеrt at your pacе. Indeed, sеt off on an еxciting journеy togеthеr, crеating chеrishеd mеmoriеs amidst thе brеathtaking scеnеry of Dubai’s dеsеrt.

  • Clothеs and Shoеs for ATVs Tour:

Whеn getting ready for quad biking, it’s important to wеar suitable clothing and shoеs for thе dеsеrt climatе. Opt for lightwеight, brеathablе clothing to stay cool and safe during your ridе. Closеd toе shoеs arе suggested to protеct your fееt from thе sand and еnsurе a safе as well as еnjoyablе еxpеriеncе.

Why Choosе Travel Saga for Couplеs Quad Biking, Dubai?

Choosе us for your couplеs quad biking advеnturе in Dubai and еxpеriеncе thе thrill of еxploring thе dеsеrt landscapе togеthеr. Additionally, with our rangе of packagеs and еxpеriеncеd guidеs, wе еnsurе a safе, еnjoyablе, and unforgеttablе еxpеriеncе for you and your partnеr.


Quad biking in Dubai offеrs couplеs a thrilling and unforgеttablе dеsеrt advеnturе, combining thrill and еxcitеmеnt with thе brеathtaking bеauty of thе dеsеrt landscapе. Together with a rangе of packagеs and options tailorеd to suit couplеs’ prеfеrеncеs, it’s thе pеrfеct way to crеatе lasting mеmoriеs togеthеr amidst thе stunning scеnеry of Dubai’s dеsеrt.

Book your thrilling quad biking Dubai adventure for couples in Dubai now with Travel Saga and embark on a memorable desert journey together!


Q. How can wе book a quad biking tour for couplеs in Dubai?

 You can book your quad biking tour onlinе through our wеbsitе or by calling our expert travel agents.

Q. What is thе minimum agе limit for quad biking in Dubai?

 Thе minimum agе limit for quad biking variеs for each packagе and thе sizе of thе quad bikе. In particular, ridеrs must bе at lеast 18 yеars old to opеratе a quad bikе alone.

Q. Do wе nееd any prior еxpеriеncе to go quad biking in Dubai?

No prior еxpеriеncе is rеquirеd to go quad biking in Dubai. Still, our еxpеrt guidеs will provide safety tips on how to opеratе thе quad bikеs safеly.

Q. Arе hеlmеts and safеty gеar providеd for quad biking?

Yеs, hеlmеts and othеr safеty gеar arе given for all to еnsurе safеty and fun.

Q. Can wе ridе togеthеr on a singlе quad bikе?

Certainly, wе offеr doublе sеat quad bikеs made for couplеs to ridе togеthеr.

Q. What should wе wеar for our quad biking?

Wе prefer you to wеar light wеight clothing and closеd toе shoеs for dеsеrt tеrrain. Also, don’t forgеt to bring sun glassеs, sun scrееn, and a hat.

Q. Is quad biking safе for couplеs?

Indeed, quad biking is a safе and fun activity for couplеs whеn held undеr еxpеrt guidеs and with thе usе of propеr safеty tools.

Q. Can wе do quad biking with othеr dеsеrt acts?

Yеs, wе offеr tour that you can do along with quad biking such as dunе bashing, camеl riding, and dеsеrt safari tours for a complete dеsеrt еxpеriеncе. 

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How to Make the Most of Your Valentine’s Day 2025 on a Private Yacht

you in search of something romantic on this valentine’s day for your partner? If yes, then renting a private yacht in Dubai is the perfect option. It’s the right way to do something special for your valentine and make your entire trip amazing. Private yacht charter is the best way to experience romance, have fun and perform several unforgettable activities with your better half. 

You only have to rent a private yacht and make a perfect plan to fill your valentine’s day full of romance and adventure. In addition, you can enjoy great activities on the private yacht including fishing, snorkelling and kayaking. Moreover, you can visit several wonderful islands and enjoy beautiful views. 

Plan a Candle Light Dinner

Once you rent a private yacht on valentine’s day for your partner, it’s time to do something special. That is why, a candle light dinner is a perfect surprise for your valentine. It’s because having a perfect dinner date with your partner in the beautiful private yacht makes your night memorable. we Also have Valentine’s Day Yacht Party which you can also enjoy on sharing basis

For the same, it’s advisable to inform the crew beforehand as to get the attractive decorations and ambience. In addition, you can go for the meals that might cost you extra, but it makes the entire process unique like never before. As it’s a private yacht, you can design it accordingly.

Access to Marvellous Sunset

Watching a fabulous sunset with your partner on this valentine’s day and on a private yacht is the best thing ever. By experiencing the sunset and watching different colours make your partner special and it takes your journey to the next level. 

You can experience the stunning sun disappearing in the waves leaving the red shades behind. By holding each other’s hand and sitting on a yacht, you can enjoy the sunset time. By experiencing this beautiful sunset view with your valentine, you can elevate your private yacht experience. 

Have Fun with Your Better Half

You know what’s the biggest flex of renting a private yacht for Valentine’s day? Well, you can do anything to have fun with your partner or entertain. From all kinds of relaxing activities to enjoying romantic music, it’s a perfect way to fulfill your fantasies. Above all, you can sing for your partner, dance with them and enjoy several entertainment shows. 

However, theze shows are only there if you request but they are a complete pack of entertainment and fun. On the other hand, you can also watch movies with your partner and make every moment special. Moreover, you can also cook for your loved one and surprise them with their favourite meal. 

Enjoy Beautiful Sights

When you get access to a perfect private yacht with your valentine, it’s time to embrace the beautiful views or experience amazing places. The best way is to find a perfect place to sit in your yacht and then watch the stunning places as the yacht moves. 

Some of the fine things that you can see are waterfront apartments in JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residences), Bluewaters Island and Ain Dubai. In addition, you can enjoy the largest artifical island, Palm Jumeirah. Also, there are some yachts that have a flybridge which can give you access to several unobstructed views. 

Have a Nice Private Time

Yes, among all the activities you do, spending private time with your better half is completely different. Doing so will make your valentine’s day unforgettable. When you hire a luxury private yacht with your valentine, there’s a perfect bedroom where you can spend quality time with your better half. Overall, it’s perfect to spend a marvellous day out on the yacht far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Cut a Cake for Your Special One

Yes, cutting a cake for your loved one is a mind-blowing idea to make them feel special. Also, it’s a perfect valentine’s day gift. Certainly, order a delicious cake for your loved one in advance and cut it along with hearing the sound of waves. As a result, you will have a fabulous moment which you and your partner will cherish forever. 

Conclusive Words

To conclude, it’s better to rent a luxury private yacht and decorate it perfectly for a marvellous valentine’s day. Always look for the most reputed company to rent the best private yacht charter and make this valentine’s day memorable.

So, are you planning something special for your valentine? Just rent an amazing private yacht on this valentine’s day by Travel Saga and give your partner an outstanding surprise. 


Q.Is cooking allowed on the private yacht?

Ofcouse, cooking is allowed on the private yacht. You only have to inform the crew before about all the requirements so that they can manage everything. Certainly, you can now cook tempting meals for your loved one and make them feel special.

Q.For how many hours you can rent a private yacht?

In truth, the timings of the private yacht you rent is based on yacht rental services you pick. It’s because there are some private yachts that are available for several hours, whereas some yachts for the entire day. It completely depends on you which private yacht rental services you choose.

Q.What are the popular locations in Dubai for private yacht rentals?

Among all the locations present out there in Dubai from where you can rent a private yacht, Dubai Marina remains the most popular. Moreover, you can rent a private yacht from Dubai Harbor, Marasi Marina, Jumeirah, Pier 7 and Dubai Marina Walk. 

Q.Are catering services on offer with private yacht rentals?

Yes, catering services are completely available on private yacht charters. You can perform all sorts of activities like organise engagements, weddings, birthday parties and celebrate anniversaries. 

Q.Which sightseeing locations are covered in a private yacht charter?

More importantly, all the popular locations are covered in every private yacht ride such as Bluewater Island, Dubai Marina, the JBR, Atlantis the Palm and the Palm Jumeirah. 

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Capturing Forever: The Ultimate Guide to Proposing in Dubai’s Spectacular Setting| Valentine 2025

The beautiful city of Dubai is often considered the best place to propose your significant other. Depending on your preferences, Dubai has a wide range of escapades for proposals. From private yachts to outstanding views in the skies, from desert safari to hot air balloon rides. Also, get everything you need to make your day special.

Find a perfect place to propose in Dubai

To make this day memorable for you and your beau, you need to choose the perfect place. Think of something meaningful that describes your relationship. If you feel like you’re on cloud 9 when in love, then you may propose your partner in a Hot Air Ballon. Moreover, if you feel a sense of calmness with your partner, then you can choose a beach proposal to signify your love. If quality time is your love language then book a private cabana or choose a romantic restaurant with a view. 

Some of the restaurants which you can check out are:

Dubai’s Dazzling Delight: Finding the perfect ring for your partner

Dubai is a city synonymous with luxury. So, finding the perfect ring for your love should not be an issue. Consequently, Dubai is home to many brands and outlets. You can choose from some of those brands to purchase the right ring. 

So, here are some of the well known luxury brands you can consider buying from:

Capture the moment!

Don’t forget to capture this beautiful moment. Hire photographers who’ll secretly record your picture perfect moment in the enchanting city of Dubai. Additionally, there are many ways to hire a photographer, you can search on online platforms or you can contact local photography agencies in Dubai. Moving on, you can also try and get in touch with wedding planners or ask for recommendations from Emiratis. Additionally, you can contact Travel Saga to hire the best local photographers in Dubai.

Don’t forget to convey your idea for the proposal to the photographers and go over specifics like location, time, and any shots you have in mind. Also, before deciding, find out more about their availability, costs, and available packages. 

Final proposal

Proposing the love of your life can be a nerve-wracking experience. So, remember to breathe and rehearse what you want to say. By now, you’ve finalised the location, bought a ring, and hired the photographers, but there are some more things you need to remember. Thus, you need to consider cultural sensitivities and ensure your proposal honours and considers the customs of the region.

Verify Dubai’s legal standards for marriage proposals. Consequently, if you want to make your proposal in a public place, make sure you have all the required licences and authorisation.

Some suggested romantic places for proposal

Ain Wheel Projection

Ain Dubai (eye of Dubai) is the world’s tallest giant observation wheel located at Bluewaters Island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So, you can propose your partner at Bluewaters Island with special projections on the Ain wheel. It can be a beautiful way of expressing your love for your partner.

Drone Projection at the beach

Drone light shows are a great way to pop the question. Also, they have grown in popularity recently. Drone light shows can also be a fantastic addition to a private celebration, despite the common misconception that they belong only at large-scale events. Indeed, visitors can enjoy a stunning aerial show of lights and colours as a result of the enchanting ambience created by drones. 

A drone light display would be a fantastic addition to any outdoor event that you’re organising. Also, the most crucial element of the celebration is safety, and drone light shows are without a doubt a risk-free and environmentally friendly form of entertainment.

Al Quadra Lake

A few miles away from the busy city of Dubai, Al Quadra Lake’s quiet setting offers an oasis of peace. This enables a deeper level of connection between you and your partner, as well as setting up a private and romantic environment for your proposal.

Al Quadra Lake offers some privacy for your special day because it’s a comparatively calm and isolated location. By doing this, you and your partner will be able to completely appreciate the significance of the moment without being distracted. Thus, making the proposal more intimate and personal.

Abra Boat Ride

Imagine you and your boo in an Abra Boat (traditional wooden boat) crossing Dubai Creek. Surrounded by calm waters and magnificent views of the city you pop up the question! A simple, affordable yet romantic way to express your love to your partner.

It will undoubtedly give you an unforgettable Emirati experience. There are different types of Abras you can choose from. Such as the traditional Abra we see everywhere in Dubai is a motorised version of the actual Abra used back in time. Moreover, there are petrol run Abras that cost a little more than motorised ones. Moreover, there are Air Conditioned Abras in the Creek that have glass windows for observation and are bigger than the traditional ones. 

Private Proposals

To spend some time with your significant other it is recommended to opt for a private proposal rather than a public one. By doing so, you avoid the hassle of public proposals and cultural sensitivity. Private proposals are intimate and allow you to be your self without worrying about how the public will react to your open gesture. 

Furthermore, you can rent a private yacht, book a cabana at any restaurant, or get a private set up at beaches. 


Now you have the perfect guide to propose your beloved in Dubai. From choosing the perfect place to making sure you choose the perfect ring. Also, capturing the moment to finally proposing. As a result, proposing in Dubai allows you to experience romance, luxury and cultural richness all in one place. Thus, creating an unforgettable proposal story that you and your partner will cherish forever.

So book your Dubai City tour with Travel Saga right now!


Q. Can I propose my wife in Dubai?

Yes, you can definitely propose your wife in Dubai. Dubai being a cultural marvel offers various ways and places where you can propose your partner. 

Q. Are proposals expensive in Dubai?

The cost of proposals may vary depending on where and how you want to propose. Dubai offers a wide range of venues and activities for you to choose from. For example, hot air balloon city tour, desert safari, Burj Khalifa, helicopter tour, Dhow Cruise, and visiting theme parks or water parks. 

Q. What are some romantic restaurants in Dubai for proposals?

Some of the romantic restaurants which you can choose from are

  • Ossiano, Atlantis The Palm
  • CÉ LA VI, Address Sky View Hotel
  • Pierchic, Jumeirah Al Qasr
  • At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa
  • Mint Leaf, Dubai International Financial Centre
  • Billionaire Dubai, Taj Hotel

Q. Can I rent a private yacht in Dubai?

Yes, you can rent a private yacht in Dubai. Also, Travel Saga offers a range of yachts for you to rent.

Q. Where can I find a good ring in Dubai for my wife?

Mentioned below are some places where you can find luxury jewellery for your partner:

  • Tiffany and Co., Atlantis, The Palm
  • Harry Winston, Dubai Mall
  • Cartier, Dubai Mall 
  • Bvlgari, Mall of Emirates
  • Damas, Al Fahidi st or Deira st.
  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Meena Bazaar

Q. Can I propose to my girlfriend in the air?

Yes, you can propose to your girlfriend in the air in a Hot Air Balloon. Check out our website for available packages.

Q. Where can I hire photographers for my proposal in Dubai?

You can hire photographers in Dubai either from an online platform or try finding photographers on social media. Moreover, you can ask wedding planners and local photographers.

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Dinner Date at the Dhow Cruise On Valentine’s Day 2025 In Dubai!

A date of your dreams on the floating restaurant

With Valentine’s week around the corner, the craze of dinner dates is on the rise. While you might be bored with the regular candlelight dinners, you might be looking for some innovative dinner date ideas. Life is full of surprises and so should your dating life. Surprise your better half with a dinner date like never before. So, take your beloved on a dinner date at the “Floating Restaurants”. 

The Floating Restaurant Dinner Date

A floating restaurant? For real? Yes! There are many of them operating every day in the waters of Dubai. It is the Dhow cruises of Dubai, which host dinners, live music and traditional Egyptian ‘Tanoura’ dance performances. This place is a great possible surprise for your Valentine’s Day dinner plans. The dhow cruise dinner is going to give you a once in a lifetime dinner date experience.  Even in Dhow cruise dinner, you can choose the variant you wish to experience. The fun in all of them is equally amazing. 

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise :

Dubai Marina is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai. With the wide range of fun activities it offers, Marina is frequently visited by many tourists and locals. Experience the perfect balance of sophistication and traditional Arabian hospitality at the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. Enjoy delicious meals from international cuisines while taking in the views from the Marina environs. Marina skyline is one of the best place to enjoy an evening , one should definately try to enjoy on Yacht as well, we have organised a Valentine’s Day Yacht Party.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek :

If you wish to experience the traditional side of Dubai, the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is your date destination. Take your lad to the heritage era with modern comforts on a dhow cruise date at Dubai Creek. Experience the heritage sandstone buildings, enchanting bazaar and captivating views while you sail on the Creek waters. 

Dinner Cruise at Marina :

Lastly, welcome to the 125 ft tall glass houseboat where all your imagination for a perfect dinner date comes alive. This cruise offers double storeyed options, for which, you can pre-book your date and choose to dine at either of the decks. The multi-cuisine food here is served at a buffet. There are separate stalls for Salads and soups that serve yummy Arabian food and other cuisines. Additionally, live music and ‘Tanoura’ performances keep your evening lively. Thus, this Dinner cruise at Marina will be a date memory you and your partner will cherish forever. 


A Dhow cruise dinner or just a cruise dinner is the best date you can plan this Valentine’s. Make it hassle free with Travel Saga’s transportation services and book the tour of your choice. Make this dinner date your venue for proposal and see how magically it works. It makes the most emotional moment of your partner’s life with you, undoubtedly magical. 

Get a tailor made travel package to Dubai and explore everything you can do in Dubai. There are lots of activities you can do at the same location before your date like: 

So, make your journey to Dubai, an experience of a lifetime with Travel Saga at your side. Connect with Travel Saga at www.travelsaga.com/

Call us on +971 4 268 4645/ +971 50 914 3707 or

Write an email at info@travelsaga.com


Q. What type of cuisine is served on the Dhow cruise dinner?

Dhow Cruise serves both international and local cuisines. A great variety of dishes are served in buffet style.

Q. Do they serve vegetarian meals at Dhow Cruise dinner?

Yes, the Dhow Cruise dinner buffet separately serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options.

Q. Are kids allowed on the Dhow cruise?

Yes, Dhow Cruise has a family-friendly set up and caters for both kids and adults. Before booking your dhow cruise tour, confirm with individual providers for child policy.

Q. What is the dress code for the Dhow cruise dinner?

There’s no hard and fast clothing rule for Dhow Cruise.  Although, you should wear comfortable clothes as you are going to spend a couple of hours on the cruise.

Q. How long does the Dhow Cruise dinner last?

Generally, it takes approximately 2-3 hours to enjoy your Dhow Cruise tour. Apart from dinner, there are entertaining performances and live music as well. 

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Visiting Dubai with your Valentine in 2025: 6 Budget Friendly Places to Visit

Talking about Dubai, it’s a mind-blowing place for couples. Dubai is the right place to enjoy an amazing time and activities with your partner on Valentine’s week in 2024. Plenty of tours and packages are present out there for couples to make their trip memorable. 

Also, if you don’t want to spend enough money and enjoy the glam city of Dubai this Valentine’s week, you must look for the perfect romantic deals. However, there are several places present in Dubai where you can enjoy a lot on an affordable budget, but it’s crucial to go for the best deals to fulfill all your dreams with your partner. 

6 Budget-Friendly Places to Visit with Your Valentine  

Are you ready to know the amazing romantic deals for Valentine’s Day? If yes, then here are the finest 6 affordable deals to grab with your partner on Valentine’s Day. All these places are beautiful enough to make your every moment special and experience the beauty of Dubai perfectly. 

1. Aura Skypool:

Firstly, Aura Skypool is an awesome place for couples to enjoy stunning views like Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab. The Aura Skypool has an amazing 700 sqm pool. On this Valentine’s Day, you can experience swimming with your partner at a height of 200 m. Not only this, but the Aura Skypool also features a chic lounge along with a fantastic international menu that includes Pan-Asian flavors and tempting sharing plates. Also, here couples can enjoy peaceful yoga classes and relaxing massages to get a whole new experience. 

2. Guerlain Spa:

If you want to get an immense and relaxing experience with your partner in Dubai, there is no place better than Guerlain Spa. Here you are provided with fantastic, innovative, and old-age traditional massages. One of the best parts about the Guerlain Spa is that here you get amazing spa facilities. In addition to that, you can also enjoy awesome weather under the roof and sunbathing in the water. This place promises to provide sustainable services to all its clients. So, it’s a mind-blowing place to visit with your partner and make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable. 

3. Hutong:

Want to make your every moment amazing this Valentine’s Day in Dubai? Let’s enter Hutong as it’s a perfect place for couples to enjoy this classic bar, restaurant, and terrace. Also, if you and your partner are cocktail lovers, then it’s an amazing place to taste outstanding drinks. Apart from Valentine’s Day, it’s a perfect place for everyone to enjoy all occasions. The outdoor terrace in Hutong is the best place for couples on Valentine’s Day to capture their beautiful moments and experience stunning views like never before. 

4. Koko Bay:

Here’s another outstanding place for couples to celebrate their moments perfectly on this Valentine’s Day. The Koko Bay contains a stunning beachfront ambience with Balinese style décor. One of the best parts about this particular place is that it offers a satisfying taste in every bite. All the dishes here are made with love and passion to provide the customers with a unique experience. That is why Koko Bay is a perfect place not only for couples but for families and friends as well. 

5. Jun’s:

Among all the wonderful places to spend your Valentine’s Day, Jun’s is the most appropriate one. It is handled by the Chinese-Canadian chef named Kelvin Cheung. If you want to take your partner on a perfect lunch date on Valentine’s Day, Jun’s is a must-go option. Overall, it’s a perfect place to eat and spend quality time with your better half. Moreover, from all sorts of cuisines to amazing drinks, couples can grab everything at the Jun’s. 

6. Billionaire Dubai: 

Lastly, an amazing place for you and your partner is Billionaire Dubai. For all those couples who want to experience the best dinner show, it’s a must-grab opportunity for them. For all the party lovers, it’s a sizzling place where couples can dance and have fun together. The dinner show is the perfect place for enjoying the nightlife in Dubai. Apart from that, here customers get a wide range of delicious food items to eat. 

Final Words

Finally, these are the finest places in Dubai where couples can spend their Valentine’s Day, 2024. Also, here they get amazing deals that are budget friendly and make their entire Valentine’s week memorable. Couples only have to finalise the most appropriate place among all these and grab the suitable deals accordingly.we have also organised one of the best Valentine’s Day Yacht Party  In this way, they don’t only take their partner to the right place in Dubai but also make their Valentine’s week amazing like never before. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s book an unforgettable journey in Dubai for the upcoming Valentine’s with travelsaga.com. 

For more information, contact – +971 4 268 4645


Q. Where to celebrate Valentine’s week in Dubai?

So, some of the finest places to spend your Valentine’s week in Dubai are Bombay Bungalow, Mogao, China Bistro, Old Castello, and Ce La Vi. These places have stunning activities to offer couples on Valentine’s Day.

Q. What are the perfect gifts for your partner on Valentine’s Day?

Some special gifts to give your better half on Valentine’s Day: an amazing cake, a stunning party at the classic bar, and take them for the Burj Khalifa tour, etc.

Q. Is Dubai an affordable place to spend your Valentine’s Day?

Talking about Dubai, it’s completely a budget-friendly place for couples. However, there are all sorts of places, deals, and activities present that are cheaper and costly enough.

Q. What are the activities to do on Valentine’s Day?

The top 3 activities to do in Dubai this Valentine’s Day with your partner are desert safari, dinner dates, and enjoying stunning bars.

Q. What are the top 5 Indian restaurants in Dubai for dinner dates on Valentine’s week?

Well, if you are looking for the best 5 Indian restaurants in Dubai to visit during Valentine’s week then Tandoor Tina, Rang Mahal, The Crossing, Amala, and Flavours of India are the perfect options. 

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Love Underwater: Romantic Dinner at Atlantis, The Palm

Love Underwater: Romantic Dinner at Atlantis, The Palm

Experience love underwater at Ossiano, Atlantis The Palm. This Michelin star fine dining restaurant offers a romantic experience for couples. Located in the famous Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, Ossiano, which pays respect to the ocean’s riches, provides a memorable, intimate atmosphere beyond the ordinary. As soon as you enter this aquatic paradise, you start creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Heartfelt Hideaway: Embrace the love at Ossiano this Valentine’s Day

The elegant underwater ambience with romantic lighting and delicious food, creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere, perfect for a dinner date on Valentine’s Day. In addition to that, it is a must visit gastronomic destination in Dubai, Check here about the things to do  Atlantis, The Plam  

Submerge yourself in love while 65,000 aquatic animals including sharks, fishes, and rays surround you. Indeed, this fine dining experience will leave you and your partner awe struck. Also, its unique seafood menu is just orgasmic. 

Genius Behind this wonder

The genius behind this wonder is Chef Grégoire Berger. He has been the head chef at Ossiano since 2014. His eye for detail and innovative and beautifully crafted dishes keep Ossiano, considered one of the most premium fine dining venues in Dubai. Consequently, due to his sheer dedication to his art, Ossiano got its first Michelin star in 2023 and secured a rank among the world’s 50 best restaurants!

Moreover, Grégoire is the youngest and only chef in UAE who featured in the top 100 of the Best Chef Awards for five consecutive years. Subsequently, he now holds a rating of 4 toques in the Gault & Millau guide.


Berger says that his 11 wave (course) tasting menu, dubbed Metanoia celebrates aquatic life, and must provoke emotions. Indeed, the chef’s lifelong passion for exploring and seasonality inspires the recipes. Which are then skillfully infused with his own unique experiences and recollections making it a delight for you to taste.

The cuisine at Berger’s is an intricate, multisensory experience. Also, presentation is essential to the narrative the chef is trying to convey, and he is conscious of pleasing the eyes just as much as the palate. 

If we talk about just the presentation, which includes dishes fashioned like enormous crabs, cauliflower leaves that simulate the movement of corals, and potatoes that seem like lumps of charcoal, is amusing, artistic, and nearly too beautiful to eat. Undoubtedly, Ossiano is the perfect place to be on Valentine’s Day.

Also, all ingredients are sustainably sourced from the ocean or within 50 kilometres of a coastline. Additionally, the chef serves clams with yuzu inside a semi-hollowed burnt leek; and pairs red mullet with spicy tomato dashi in the “bouillabaisse”. Subsequently, he serves sweet shrimp and nori with tiny pieces of jellyfish in a blend of dill oil. Even with the complex cooking technique, Berger never sacrifices flavour or enjoyment.


Ossiano not only provides a stunning backdrop while you enjoy your meal but also some additional features. Such as vegan food upon request, a special wine menu, and many more. Ossiano delivers a world class service, thus the Michelin star. Additionally, it also offers a chef’s table experience which is a personalised interactive culinary passage, where the chef prepares customised menus for special guests. Also, sometimes it may offer live entertainment.

Dive into love: Underwater proposals at Ossiano

With a little help from the diving team, you can propose to your partner underwater! Divers arrive at underwater windows, holding a placard inscribed with one of the most important questions anyone can ask: “Will you marry me?”


In conclusion, Ossiano at Atlantis, The Palm is a fantastic option if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other. It guarantees an unmatched experience, combining fine dining with the tempting atmosphere of an undersea world. Ossiano’s distinctive setting makes a romantic evening with stunning views and food designed to please the senses possible.

Ossiano’s dedication to providing an unforgettable and romantic dining experience will take your Valentine’s Day occasion to new heights. This will create treasured moments that you and your significant other will look back on with nostalgia for years to come. Ossiano Dubai’s gastronomic adventure is above the norm, making it the ideal location for a delicious and memorable Valentine’s Day celebration.


Q. Is there an underwater restaurant in Dubai?

Yes, there is an underwater restaurant in Dubai called Ossiano at Atlantis, The Palm. 

Q. Is there a minimum spend at Ossiano Dubai?

No, there is no minimum spend at Ossiano Dubai. However, many other restaurants in Dubai have minimum spend.

Q. Can I only get access to the bar at Ossiano?

No, you cannot just get access to the bar. However, for the full underwater dining experience,  you can reserve a table. 

Q.Can I propose to my wife at the underwater restaurant?

Yes, you can propose to your wife at Ossiano. With the help of divers at the Atlantis, you can pop up the question for your partner in a fancy manner.

Q.Do I need to book a room to book a table at Ossiano?

No, you don’t need to book a room to book a table at Ossiano. However, you need to make prior reservations to secure a table at Ossiano.


The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day 2025 with Kids in Dubai

Once you are a parent, “love” stops being just about your partner. It becomes about your family! Being a parent, it’s almost impossible to plan something that doesn’t involve your babies. An invitation without your kids is a straight no. 

As it is time for your annual Valentine’s Day plans, are you planning to take your kids on the date too? Showing affection to your partner in front of your kids also helps in your kid’s emotional growth. So let’s plan the perfect Valentine’s with your kids.

6 Must visit places with your partner and kids

1. Desert Safari :

What can be better than Desert Safari an adventurous ride bashing the red sand dunes of the Lehbab desert? Embrace the sunset views and enjoy luscious meals in the heart of desert camps. Laugh and talk to your kids in between to keep them curious and engaged.  

2. Theme parks :

This one for sure is a kid’s favourite. Besides, it also allows you to experience life from your child’s perspective. Besides, it will also strengthen the trust in your family.  Some of the famous theme parks in Dubai are

  1. IMG Worlds of Adventure
  2. Motiongate
  3. Legoland Dubai

3. Beaches :

Building sand castles and finding pretty pebbles and shells is certainly one of the core childhood memories most adults adore. Give your children a similar experience by taking them to the beautiful beaches in Dubai like JBR Beach, Kite Beach, and Jebel Ali Beach. Take your love to the horizon level and let your feelings flow.

4. Dubai Mall :

One of the most adored places by kids of all ages. Dubai Mall is a place where adults or children, everyone can enjoy amazing activities altogether. Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo are going to be an amusing experience for your kids.

5. Zabeel Park :

A wide open and lush green place to play for your kids while you can sit and talk in peace is something every family will agree on. Click pictures near the iconic Dubai frame for memories you can cherish forever.

6. Quranic Park :

It is a great and interactive method of teaching young minds about rights and wrongs according to the Holy Book. Plants, trees, and Arabic calligraphy will generate curiosity and fascination in your kids. At last, the cave of miracles will take them back to the historic times they’ve only heard about in tales in Quranic Park 


Why is Love and affection important for your kids? 


Everyone agrees on the concept of families having a deep impact on a child’s mental health but usually fails to understand how the dynamics of family work. Additionally, acts of affection give children a sense of security living with their parents. 

Children grow fast and it won’t be long before you’ll be concerned about their safety. At the same time, for parents who refrain from showing affection in front of kids, it becomes awkward to teach their children about platonic and bad touch, private health, and consent. 

Research says showing affection to your partner in front of kids is healthy. So what are your plans this Valentine’s week? Let me help you out. A trip to Dubai will do wonders for your relationship, both with your partner and kids. Now you might be wondering, what can you do this Valentine’s with your partner and kids? There’s a lot to do in Dubai. Check out the places you can visit and things you can do with your loved ones this Valentine’s. 

Now that you know why to celebrate Valentine’s with your children and what you can do to make it memorable. So, plan a family trip on Valentine’s week. Travel Saga’s tailor made travel packages will help you get the most out of your trip. Also, while thinking of taking your kids along, look up the child policy of different places. You can find the relevant information on our website www.travelsaga.com

Call us on +971 4 268 4645/ +971 50 914 3707

Leave an email at [email protected]



Q. Is it okay to celebrate Valentine’s Day with children?

Yes, it is completely okay. This, in fact, teaches your child about expressing love. Some acts of affection are also healthy unless it crosses boundaries.

Q. Are there entry fees for children in Dubai?

Many places have different child policies. Some places have free entry for everyone while most places charge children above three years of age as adults.

Q. Can adults also participate in activities at theme parks?

Yes, such activities keep the child inside you alive. 

Q. Where can we find support for a VISA application?

Travel Saga helps with Dubai VISA applications, hotel stays, and transportation services also. In short, Travel Saga helps make your trip convenient and hassle free.

Q. Can we take food from outside in Zabeel Park and Quranic Park to have a family picnic?

Yes, outside food is allowed in these parks. You can also find some options in and near the premises itself.

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