Unleashing the Magic of Desert with Evening Desert Safari

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Dubai is a city with breathtaking landscapes. It also offers a lot of cultural and adventure experiences for its visitors. So, amongst all the experiences that the city offers, the most amazing experience is the evening desert safari in Dubai. So, on a desert safari in the middle of the Arabian Desert of Dubai with Travel Saga,. 

The evening desert safari in Dubai offers various adventures for tourists. Therefore, going on a desert safari in the city is a must. The red sand dunes mixed with hues of sunset offer an amazing view of the desert. Let’s explore more about the evening desert safari in Dubai. 

Adventures During an Evening Desert Safari 

During an evening desert safari, guests can indulge in various adventure activities. These activities offer a high adrenaline rush as well as a very exciting evening. The most popular adventures of the desert safari are:

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Dune Bashing

You’ll get a chance to soar across the vast desert in a 4×4 vehicle. However, this activity requires a special set of skills. So, you can seat yourself with a seat belt while our professional driver takes you on a thrilling ride. 

Quad Biking

This is an adventure activity for all skill-level thrill seekers. In this activity, you will navigate through the rugged terrain of the desert. Moreover, you can explore the vast desert while riding a quad bike.

Camel Ride

A desert visit is incomplete without riding a camel. It’s a very exciting activity in which you can go up and down through the desert. Exploring the landscape while riding this friendly animal is also a very enjoyable experience. 

Animals That You Can Spot During Evening Desert Safari

What makes the evening desert safari special are the hues of the sky during the sunset hour. While enjoying the beauty of the desert, you’ll also spot a lot of animals in the area. The desert is home to many animals that especially come out during the nighttime. So, you will get a chance to spot camels, Arabian Oryx, Desert Foxes, and Desert Hares during your safari. These are the most popular species that you’ll be able to spot during the desert safari. 

Cultural Delights

Going on a desert safari is a great way to enjoy the cultural delights of Dubai. Moreover, you’ll have an enjoyable evening with your loved ones. Visitors can also go on a private night safari and astronomy experience. During the evening desert safari, you can enjoy the different activities according to your preferences. The activities are: 

  • Henna Painting
  • Shisha Smoking
  • BBQ Dinner
  • Traditional Photography Session

Entertainment activities on an Evening Desert Safari 

Along with all these adventure and fun experiences, the safari offers more entertainment activities. Visitors can sit back, relax, and enjoy the special performances. It will be a very memorable experience for you and your family. Moreover, you can go on Luxury Desert Safari tours as well to enjoy these entertainment activities. 

  • Sufi Dance Performances
  • Fire Show 
  • belly dancing performance
  • Khaliji Performances
  • Tanoura Dance Show


Thus, to connect with nature, enjoy the desert culture, and create lasting memories, go for an evening desert safari. It’s a perfect experience if you want to get a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The delightful desert safari experience will help you relax and enjoy the Emirati culture.

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