Kid’s dreamland: KidZania Dubai

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In the bustling city of Dubai, inside the busy Dubai Mall is a paradise for kids—a place where children can find themselves in a world of their imagination. At the same time, they can learn and have adventures in the same space. KidZania Dubai is a miniature adult world designed for kids to experience being adults. They can be involved in a wide range of professions they can take as adults and get to know what suits them the best.

The children coming here can role play as any professional, from cops to firefighters or doctors. So, if you wish to fulfil your child’s dreams of becoming a detective or a pilot, bring them to KidZania Dubai. Additionally, you can check out the things to do in Dubai Mall while your kids are enjoying KidZania because it is safe and you can enjoy shopping or other things nearby.

So now its the time to book your Kidzania Dubai Tickets.

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A Miniature City for Kids

KidZania Dubai  is not a theme park or a children’s playground, it is in fact, a whole city designed for kids to live on their own for some time. Children of age 4 to 16 can have their time as grown ups in this city. The city has well-designed streets, buildings, stores and everything that looks like a real city. KidZania offers a wide range of professional role playing from being in the bank to hospitals and media. There are about 60 roles that your kid can try out here at KidZania and learn about the real world while playing. After the KidZania experience, you can also take your kids to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, to introduce them to the marine world.

Self Learning While Enjoying

Of course, self learning through realisation is the best way to learn anything. At KidZania, children experience the world their parents live in. Thus, creating a sense of responsibility and professionalism in them. This activity helps children understand the world around them and how it works. Additionally, they understand the importance of teamwork, leadership and other important skills in life. All activities here are so real that it gives your child a raw and natural experience of the world out there. At the same time, consider booking yourself Burj Khalifa tickets so you can use that time to amuse yourself.

Real-World Experiences

What makes KidZania truly special and unique is its attention to detail. Right from uniforms to props, signboards and the entire environment is so real that it gives your children a 100% real feel.  Let your kids experience this authentic real life experience. This way kids also get a reality check of the things they dream of doing after growing up. They can try on different roles and see how it makes them feel in that role. All these activities help them understand themselves better and spark encouragement to learn new skills. Another perk of this activity is it will help children decide the career they should pursue later in life. While your kids are playing inside, you can also take a leisurely stroll at the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk.


KidZania is a place that encourages children to make important decisions, think critically and solve real world problems. If safety is your concern, rest assured that your child will be 100% safe in KidZania. Kids also have an RFID bracelet through which parents can connect with them. These bracelets can be tracked and used to talk with your children wherever they are on the premises.

So, bring your kids here after booking the KidZania Dubai tickets and let them live like adults for some time. Introduce your pampered ones to the real world while still being there for them. Connect with Travel Saga Tourism to book your adventure.