Boating like never before in the Yellow Boats Dubai

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Have you tried boating in Dubai? Be it an Abra boat, Dhow boat, Donut boat, Banana boat or yellow boat, boating is really fun at the Dubai Marina. Marina indeed is very popular for its water excursions like boating, water sports and cruising. It is also because of the views you can enjoy of the major attractions of Dubai City and the iconic Dubai skyline.

Among these heavenly water excursions, yellow boats stand out like their colour as a unique, vibrant and jolly way to have fun in the water. 

What are Yellow Boats?

They are not just other boats, they carry joy and excitement in their colour and structure. These Yellow boats in Dubai look strikingly amazing against the clear blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. The sleek and stylish structure is easy to spot and looks as fun as it feels while boating. So, experience riding these beautiful synonyms of sunshine while enjoying the splashing waters at Dubai Marina.

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The Story Behind the Yellow Boats

Yellow boats came into existence when a group of enthusiastic maritime entrepreneurs painted their RIBs ( rigid inflatable boats) in a shade of yellow. The colour inspiration comes from the yellow taxis of New York. The idea was an instant hit as it covered some guided tours of the Dubai coastline and defined adventure. 

Exhilarating Tours and Experiences

What is so special about boat rides in Dubai? Especially these yellow boats? One might wonder casually. These boats offer a wide range of tours and experiences. So, someone who wishes to feel the thrill can opt for a speedy adventure on water, while some tourists may wish to have a laid back, relaxing tour on the waters. Yellow boats essentially cater to all kinds of visitor needs. From your boat itself, you can catch a glimpse of the iconic Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm and a beautiful sunset in the sea. Don’t forget to click pictures of these beautiful moments on your camera for memories. 

Other Amenities

The Yellow Boats have the best in class structure and technology to keep it safe. There are life jackets, GPS tracking systems and VHF radios for communication purposes. All these things altogether ensure the safety of the boat and all the passengers. Additionally, the captains of the boat are highly skilled and certified for their job, so guests need not worry about it, they can simply relax knowing they are safe on the boat. When you are taking a yellow boat ride, you are contributing to environmental conservation as well. The Yellow Boats team ensure fuel efficiency, waste reduction, waste management and beach cleanliness to reduce their carbon footprint. Thus, along with fun, you’ll be a part of an eco friendly activity and enjoy your vacation guilt free while taking this tour at Dubai Marina


The Yellow Boats at Dubai Marina offer an adventure like no other at the coasts of the Arabian Gulf. If you are seeking a guided tour of the coastal region of Dubai, yellow boats also offer that. These carriers of joy and excitement in their sun colour hues, are the perfect water activity for you to try at Dubai Marina. However, you can also take a Dhow Cruise Dubai, a private yacht or try parasailing. With hundreds of water sports and activities at Dubai Marina, you can conclude your day with fun and laughter. Get in touch with Travel Saga Tourism to book your yellow boat experience.