From Heights To Highlights; Everything Dubai!

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In the Arab world of the Middle East is a country called the United Arab Emirates. This country has 7 emirates or 7 provinces. The most popular of them is the Emirate of Dubai. Dubai is an innovative and culturally rich place with a culturally diverse population. Right from the stunning skyscrapers of the city to the beautiful beaches and historical neighbourhoods, Dubai is a city that caters to diverse needs.

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The Heights

The iconic Dubai skyline would be incomplete without the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. It is a symbol of Dubai’s architectural marvels and stands tall at a height of 828 metres. The Burj Khalifa tickets offer panoramic views of the city below through glass walls and glass floors at the observation deck. Visitors can also relax and enjoy a good breakfast and refreshments at the Sky Lounge in the Burj Khalifa. Your visit to Dubai is incomplete without visiting this architectural marvel. You can book your tickets through Travel Saga Tourism easily. 

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Dubai Mall: A treat for all

Right below the Burj Khalifa, is the Dubai Mall. It is the largest mall in Dubai and also the most popular one. Dubai Mall caters to a diverse range of needs. Be it shopping, entertainment, adventure, or relaxation, Dubai Mall has it all. Dubai Mall houses about 1,200 retail outlets which include high-end brands, boutiques, and designer shops. This mall also has gaming, and adventure activities for people of all ages. There’s an indoor skiing option as well in the mall. Experience Virtual Reality in the VR park, and meet marine animals at the Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. To wind up the tour, stroll around the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk. 


Apart from the tall skyscrapers, Dubai has a lot of other things you should consider visiting. Below are some of them.


In a city known for its novel experiments and human made marvels, there’s a place steeped in history. The Al Fahidi neighbourhood and Al Bastakia regions of Dubai city tell the tales of ancient Arabian people who lived there. These areas feature historic monuments like the Al Fahidi Fort also known as the Dubai Museum, old buildings, traditional markets called souks and stories from the past of Dubai. These areas are a perfect destination for history and culture enthusiasts. So, when you visit Dubai, don’t just be stunned by its sky-high skyscrapers, but also consider peeping into the history and culture of Dubai and its. This will give you an idea of the roots of Dubai and how it evolved into its existing condition. 

Mesmerising Dubai Marina

If there’s a place to enjoy the best view of Dubai’s skyline, then it has to be Dubai Marina. This place is famous for its wide range of water sports in Dubai. The activities include yacht cruising, Dhow ( traditional Arabic wooden boats) cruising, Parasailing, speed boating, paddle boarding, kayaking and a lot more. You can enjoy everything from a dinner date to a family picnic at the Dubai Marina. There are also food outlets and some great cafes here to try.

The Desert Safari Experience

One thing a visitor in Dubai must not forget to experience is the dynamic desert safari experience. One might wonder how a desert can offer so much fun, but it indeed does offer a wide range of activities. You can choose from Travel Saga’s carefully crafted tours that cater to your needs and head out for this once in a lifetime experience. The fun starts right from Dune bashing and quad biking. Later, you can relax and be entertained by some belly dancing, Tanoura dancing and Fire shows performed at the Desert camp. Try camel riding or henna painting at the camp while a delicious BBQ dinner is served in Arabian hospitality. You can also opt for an astronomical experience in the desert sky after sunset. Your desert safari experience is certainly going to be on your most loved tour in Dubai. 


Dubai is much more than one can even imagine. The only way to experience this dynamic city is to explore it with tailor made tours from Travel Saga Tourism. Experience Arabian royalty and cross cultural harmony when you visit Dubai. The city of gold awaits your visit, just to make your holidays a perfect one.

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