Dolphin: Dubai’s Favourite Marine Animal !

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Dolphins are the cutest marine animals. They are mammals and thus show parental care like humans. These cute animals come in a variety of types. The one that comes to your mind while imagining a friendly interaction or a cute hug with dolphins is the bottlenose dolphin. Dubai is home to around 40 bottlenose dolphins. The city has dolphins at 2 different locations, namely Dubai Dolphinarium at the Creek Park and Dolphin Bay at Atlas Village. 

The Delightful Dolphin Experience In Dubai:

  1. Dubai Dolphinarium at the Creek Park
  2. Dolphin Bay at Atlas Village

1. Dubai Dolphinarium:

Located right between the Bur Dubai and Deira is the Dubai Creek. Near the Creek is the very famous Creek Park. This park has many animals and birds that perform fun stunts to entertain humans. Dubai Creek is well known for its Dubai Dolphinarium. It is a place where you can see these cute bottlenose dolphins at play. There are regular dolphin and seal shows that you can enjoy without getting wet. Dubai Dolphinarium has all the safety measures and expert trainers to keep you and the dolphins safe. Additionally, you can even hug or kiss a dolphin without touching the water. 

2. Atlas Village:

Atlas Village offers a diverse range of water adventures and fun for people of all ages. This place has a waterpark, Lost Chambers aquarium and Dolphin Bay, where you can interact directly with Dubai’s bottlenose dolphins. There are several fun activities you can do with dolphins here at Atlas Village and they are:

  • Swim With Dolphins

How amazing it is to imagine yourself swimming with dolphins; isn’t it? Your dream is a reality at Atlas Village’s Dolphin Bay. You can sign up for a session of swimming with Dolphins. These friendly bottlenose dolphins will certainly cheer you up with their charm and wit. There are certain age and height requirements that you have to meet with, and also follow the instructions given by the trainer. Overall, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime in this activity. 

  • Dolphin Meet and Greet

You are not a swimmer and just want to say hello to a dolphin? All you need to do is sign up for a dolphin meet and greet session. You can touch, hug or even kiss a friendly dolphin there. These dolphins are known for their smartness and affection towards humans. So, if a dolphin approaches you, it probably likes you. 

  • Dolphin Paddle

What could be a better adventure than Dolphin paddle in Dubai in the water where dolphins swim around you? Yes, you read that right. At Atlas Village, Dubai, you can go paddle boarding in the water where dolphins are also having a good time. Due to their friendly nature, they tend to approach humans and play with them. Thus, you can have a great time paddling with the dolphins. 

  • Dolphin Kayak

Kayaking at any place is fun, but kayaking at Atlas Village is different. The adorable, cheerful and cute dolphins are the value addition you get in your Atlantis Dolphin Kayaking experience at Atlas Village. Get ready to kayak with dolphins and let them come close and touch your kayak. The serotonin release you are going to experience here is immense. 

  • Dolphin Photo Fun

At last, go get yourself a memory of your interaction with the puppies of the marine world. In this session, a professional photographer will click your picture with the dolphin while you hug or kiss the dolphin. This picture is surely the best souvenir you can take home after your Dubai trip. So, book your adventure soon with Travel Saga Tourism. 


The world is vast and diverse beyond human imagination. By limiting our social lives only to human interaction, we miss out on exploring other species and their behaviour. This is a fact that you’ll realise once you meet the amicable dolphins of Dubai.

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