Cultural Capital of Arabian World: Sharjah

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Once upon a time, the earth was just a plain empty canvas, waiting to be painted by its inhabitants. With time and evolution, communities, groups and populations evolved with their distinct characteristics and painted the canvas in millions of colours. Culture is what distinguishes areas of the human population from each other. Later, people travelled, carrying the essence of their culture to different parts of the world, and cross-cultural diversity became a part of many places. This added to the richness and diversity of an area’s cultural heritage. One such culture, known for its tolerance, acceptance, hospitality and richness is the Arabian culture. 

Peculiarities of Arabian Culture & Prominent Places of its Practice:

The Arabian world is famous predominantly for following their religious beliefs devotedly. Secondly, their contribution to literature is worth appreciation. The culture produced great poets and is known for having deep proverbs, sayings and folklore. Arabian language has about 10 million+ vocabularies, royal grandeur, and yet the humbleness of a layman. Arabian music, handicraft and their love for camels, dogs and desert horses is in practice to date. 

Sharjah: The cultural capital of Arab

With changing times, urbanisation and modernisation, many aspects of culture tend to fade away. Only a select number of places successfully retain authentic cultural beauty. Although culture is ever-evolving, cultural heritage is precious and needs to be preserved. Sharjah, one of the 7 emirates of the UAE, is one such place that has preserved the cultural heritage of Arabian ancestors in its true form. Sharjah is a beautiful city and the capital of the Sharjah Emirate. Moreover, it is popular for being the cultural capital of Arabs. People and rulers of Sharjah work together to maintain the peace and order of this place. They ritually follow their cultural traditions and thus celebrate every aspect of their ancient culture. Sharjah is also a great tourist destination for seekers of peace. So, a visit to Sharjah is certainly going to make visitors feel content and at peace.

So, 4 major places to visit in Sharjah are as below:

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation

Sharjah is majorly an Islamic city, similar to the rest of the Arabian provinces. The people of Sharjah have preserved their Islamic cultural roots strongly here. The Museum of Islamic Civilisation contains more than 5000 Islamic artefacts like coins, carvings, calligraphy, ceramics, and scientific instruments. The museum aims at spreading the significance of Islam by collecting and displaying the special and rare things from the Islamic world. So, visit Sharjah to learn about the history, evolution and importance of Islam just as a culture of the Arab world. 

Al Noor Mosque

Sharjah has about 600 mosques in the emirate. Out of them all, Al Noor Mosque is the most popular and most visited one. It is open to the general public on Mondays. The place is a peaceful, white and uniquely beautiful piece of architectural artistry. Additionally, the best look of this place comes to light during the Sharjah Light Festival when the whole city is full of lights and colours. Make sure you plan your visit to Sharjah during the light festival

Al Noor Island & Butterfly House

Just like its name, the place is also heavenly. It is a peaceful and green island in Sharjah which is available for relaxation and rejuvenation of peace in people. Remember the sudden burst of happiness you felt as a child while spotting a butterfly in the garden? You are welcome to experience the same feeling at the Butterfly House on Al Noor Island. See, meet, cheer and cherish the child in you when you meet hundreds of butterflies here. Also, it is an informative place where children can learn about butterflies’ lifecycles and a lot more.  

Qanat Al Qasba

Feel like you are in Venice when you visit Qanat Al Qasba. This beautiful place has pedestrian bridges, shops, terraces, and a Ferris wheel in the background. The Ferris Wheel is as picturesque as one can imagine. It is also known as the “Eye Of The Emirates”. Al Qasba is a canal connecting the two waterfronts of Sharjah. There are boating activities available at the canal to enjoy the scenic beauty of Sharjah.


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