10 musical Performances in Dubai this May

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Dubai, the most lively city on earth, hosts the most spectacular musical shows and concerts. The month of May 2024 is just the same. All your favourite artists such as Martin Garrix to famous K-POP groups, all await your presence at the concerts. So, if you’re wondering what to do or where to go this May, here’s the lineup of 10 upcoming musical performances you need to attend when you visit Dubai this May 2024.

List of 10 Musical Performances in Dubai this May

Oh My Girl and KARD

6 May and 7 May

The Agenda

Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Tourism Organization to hold the tourism promotion event “Seoul My Soul in Dubai” from May 6th to 7th in Dubai. Moreover, well-known K-pop idol groups OH MY GIRL and KARD will perform in a K-POP concert at Dubai’s The Agenda, as well as participate in fan events and sound check rehearsals. and even more. They will surely perform their popular songs for all K-POP fans.

Note: Seung Hee from OH MY GIRL will not attend the show.

Cinema Medley

10 May

Coca Cola Arena

The epic soundtrack show Cinema Medley by Imperial Orchestra comes to premiere on the 10th of May in Dubai! Experience the greatest moments in movie history through a symphonic voyage that includes beloved franchises like Star Wars and Harry Potter, enhanced by breathtaking visual and aural elements. Additionally, after visiting the concert if you wish to stroll around, you may choose to go on a Dubai fountain lake ride nearby.


10 May

Zero Gravity Dubai

This is a massive hip-hop party that will rock Dubai, not simply a concert. The internationally renowned hip-hop artist Tyga will dazzle Zero Gravity Dubai with his popular tunes and amazing stage presence. With songs like “Rack City,” “Taste,” and “Ayy Macarena,” among other recent hits, Tyga will surely transport you to the realm of hip-hop.

Martin Garrix

11 May

Coca Cola Arena

One of the most popular DJs and EDM royalty is coming to Dubai. Firstly, for his performance, an enormous stage, one of the largest purpose-built stage performances ever assembled on The Palm Jumeirah. For this unique event, a group of more than 100 professionals will dedicate more than two weeks to bringing this production to life by building one of the biggest 18-metre stages to stand free-standing on The Palm.

Shaggy and Blackstreet Boys

11 May

Coca Cola Arena

On May 11, 2024, a remarkable musical extravaganza is in store for you in Dubai! Visiting Dubai in may brings the joy of live music unlike ever before, from Shaggy’s catchy reggae sounds to the legendary Blackstreet’s award-winning performance. Certainly, you’ll be left grooving and singing all night long by them.

Nicole Scherzinger & T.I.

12 May

Coca Cola Arena

In a once-in-a-lifetime reunion concert, the legendary rapper and Grammy award winner, T.I.—known for his groundbreaking contributions to hip-hop and his dynamic live performances. Joining him is former The Pussycat Dolls singer, Nicole Scherzinger, the multi-talented singer, dancer, and performer known for her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence. 

Kadim Al Sahir

23 May

Coca Cola Arena

One of the most popular Arab vocalists ever, Kadim Al Sahir, will charm you with a captivating live performance. A night of the pop icon’s chart-topping hits awaits you as he takes over Coca-Cola Arena. The performer, also known as the “Caesar of Arabic Songs,” has sold over 100 million recordings worldwide. He will perform hit songs like Ana Wa Laila, Ha Habibi, and many more in store for his fans.

James Blunt

24 May

Coca Cola Arena

Pop music enthusiasts are in for an enjoyable experience on May 24 when renowned English singer James Blunt returns to the city. Bring your group and visit the Coca-Cola Arena to hear hits from the multi-instrumentalist’s extensive 21-year career, such as I Came For Love, Love Under Pressure, and the number-one single You’re Beautiful.

Hans Zimmer Live

31 May

Coca Cola Arena

With Hollywood’s renowned music composer Hans Zimmer, prepare yourself for a concert unlike any other. On May 31, the multi-Grammy and Academy Award-winning performer will dazzle fans in Dubai with incredible live performances. A night full of instantly recognised songs from some of the most cherished films ever made, including James Bond 007 – No Time To Die, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Batman – The Dark Knight. Also, mixtures in Zimmer’s distinctive style will be included in this amazing musical event. 


So, this May, experience many award winning, regional and international artists from around the world in Dubai. Groove, move and remove all your sorrows when you step into the world of unending fun and memorable musical performances. Hence, wait no more and book your tickets now!

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