All About the Winged Creatures of Dubai Butterfly Garden

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The city of Dubai is one of the favourite destinations for many travellers. The city offers many attractions to its tourists from theme parks, serene beaches, malls, mosques, etc. However, the best part about visiting the city is exploring its hidden gems. Similarly, one of the hidden gems in the city is the Butterfly Garden in Dubai. 

This beautiful garden in Dubai is located near the Miracle Garden. Therefore, you must visit this garden when you visit the Miracle Garden in Dubai. It is the world’s largest covered Butterfly garden in the world. This beautiful garden houses more than 15,000 butterflies and around 50 various species of butterflies. 

So, let’s explore more about this garden with Travel Saga. 

Exploring the Dubai Butterfly Garden

The garden is open to its visitors on all days of the week. It is an indoor garden with 10 domes, those domes shelter thousands of butterflies. This place has a butterfly museum, educational centre, and cinema. So, it is an ideal place to visit amongst all the other Tourist Places in Dubai

An Educational Area 

The butterfly garden in Dubai provides its visitors with a great opportunity to learn about the butterflies. It emphasise educating visitors about the life cycle of butterflies. There is a guide who will answer all your questions related to butterflies and their creations. 

Butterfly Museum  

Butterflies are wonderful creatures and the most beautiful too. Indeed you’ll be fascinated by those butterflies when you visit the museums in Dubai. Here, you can discover the unique collections of butterflies which are gathered from all over the world. You will also find beautifully sculpted pillars, images, and much more. 


It’s a temperature-controlled area which is covered with a variety of plants and animals. As you enter this dome you will witness the colourful butterflies flying around. It will be a treat for your eyes to witness such beauty. Additionally, it is decorated with beaded curtains. It’s an eye-catching attraction at the Dubai Butterfly Garden.

Koi Pond  

This area is a great place to relax and take some beautiful pictures. It is in the dome 2. This dome has colourful fishes roaming around which are orange, gold, and white. You can also listen to the chirping of the birds here. So, it’s a soothing space where you can chill. 

Tips for Visiting the Dubai Butterfly Garden

There are certain things which you must keep in mind before visiting the Dubai Butterfly Garden. So, let’s have a look at the tips before visiting this park. 

  • Although this is an indoor park, it is still recommended to visit this park in the winter months. 
  • As it’s an eco friendly place, visitors are advised to keep the garden clean. 
  • Bringing food and drinks inside the garden is prohibited. 
  • Touching the butterfly wings is also prohibited. 
  • Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets are available online.
  • Kids under the age of 3 years can enter for free. 

How to Reach this Beautiful Garden

It is open to visitors throughout the year. So, you can visit Butterfly throughout the week from 9 AM to 6 PM. Moreover, the location is also ideal for the visitors. So, you must visit this place. 

  • By Metro: The nearest station to the Dubai Butterfly Garden is the Mall of Emirates station. After that, you can take a cab or taxi to reach the destination.
  • By Bus: You can take the RTA Bus No. 105, which will directly take you to the butterfly garden in Dubai. 
  • By Car: The park has a lot of parking space. So, it can accommodate up to 2,000 cars each day. You can reach this place easily via car. You can also use Travel Saga’s rental car service to reach the garden. 

Other Must Visit Attractions near the Butterfly Garden

  • Miracle Garden Dubai 
  • Global Village
  • Ski Dubai, Mall of Emirates  

So, what are you waiting for? Witness this unique attraction while you are in Dubai. Apart from the butterfly museum and the koi pond, there are multiple attractions that you can enjoy in the park. Thus, connect with Travel Saga Tourism and book your Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets.