UAE National Day

UAE national day

The UAE National Day has almost arrived.  So, what are your plans for this special day? Let us learn more about this day and look at ways in which you can enjoy to the fullest. The national Day for the UAE is on 2nd December, people usually go out with their family and celebrate this patriotic day. This is the day when the UAE came into existence and Sheikh Zayed Sultan was the first president.

What Are The Seven Emirates That Make Up The UAE

  • Umm Al Quwain– This emirate is well known as it is believe that world’s oldest pearl was found here.
  • Sharjah This was declared as the cultural capital of UAE by UNESCO in the year 1998. This city has attractions such as Emirates wheel, Sharjah Museum, and many more. If you visit this city, you will love the charm and the vibe.
  • Ras Al Khaimah– This city has one of the tallest peaks in the UAE, the Jebel Jais stands at a height of 1,934 meters. This is a popular tourist destination, and each year thousands of people visit here.
  • Fujairah- This city is home to one of the most ancient mosque within the UAE
  • Dubai- Yet another popular tourist attraction and home to many celebrities. Dubai is famous for its night life and the Burj Khalifa.
  • Ajman-This emirate is steeped in history and is a must visit for all tourists.
  • Abu DhabiThis city is the capital of UAE and the main attraction in this city is the Zayed Mosque. This city also has amazing amusement park with thrilling rollercoaster rides.

How Can You Celebrate During National Day?

Most businesses and schools remain shut for nearly two days, so people tend to travel within the UAE with their families. If you are in the UAE during this period, there are a great number of places that you can visit and have a memorable holiday. Within the UAE you can witness events like fireworks, parades, and concerts. People even decorate their cars and participate in parades.

List Of Activities To Do On National Day

1. Travel All Over The Country

The best thing to do is travel to some selected places on this special day. You can select from a massive list of places that are blessed with natural beauty and historical landmarks. You can take your family with you to and spend some quality time together.

2. Have a Party in The House

You can have a house party where you can dress up in traditional clothes and decorate your house with the national flag.  You can have your family members and also your close friends to celebrate this special day.

3. Organize A Clean-Up

Do you want to show love for your country then why not organize a clean-up activity? This is a great way to spread the spirit of patriotism with other people.

Places To Visit During National Day

1. Dragon Mart Theme Village

This is a wonderful place to visit, and this place already hosts a bunch of fun activities starting from the 28th of November that include free drinks and traditional food. The events are held between 10 am to 5 pm. You get to view traditional clothes, fashion accessories, and handicrafts. You will also have the chance to take pictures with the falcon.

2. Wahda Mall

To celebrate this special day, the mall arranges fun activities to usher in the festive spirit. Most of the activities are suitable for all age groups. Your kids are going to love activities such as bubble soccer, and mini golf. The exhibition arranged in this mall is also worth viewing.

3. Etihad Museum

Spend the weekend and about the rich history of the UAE, its culture, food, people, and its politics at this museum. You should visit the official website and find out about the timings.

4. Dubai Mall

This is another great place to hang out on during National Day as they have many activities that not only capture the patriotic spirit but will also put you in a good mood. The activities organized here will keep people of all ages entertained.

5. Burj Khalifa

On this special day the Burj Khalifa is lit up with bright LEDs to commemorate the UAE National Day. You will also get to hear patriotic music and watch fireworks too.

6. Firework Show At the Burj Arab

Would you like to see some majestic fireworks? Then make your way down to the Burj Arab to witness some astounding fireworks show during the evening. This firework show is bound to blow your mind.

The UAE has come a long way since its first national day and today it is considered a very powerful nation in the world. 2nd December is the day when people all over this country take the time to celebrate their history and their country’s achievements.

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