Look How Dubai Celebrates Indian Republic Day!

Dubai Celebrates Indian Republic Day

Indian Republic Day

India, the 5th largest economy and the largest democracy is all set to celebrate its 75th Republic Day on 26th Jan 2024. It marks the day when the Indian constitution came into effect on 26th Jan 1950. Indian constitution is well known for being the longest constitution in the world and includes every good thing from constitutions all over the world. The preamble of the constitution declares India as a socialist, sovereign, secular, democratic and republic. Thus, the 26th of January celebrates the Republic principle of the Indian constitution.

The day spreads a wave of pride, freedom and gratitude towards the motherland all over the country. Indians celebrate Republic Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. India is not the only country to celebrate its Republic Day with such grandeur. The Arabian Province of Dubai, with a population of 3.5 million Indian citizens residing there, also celebrates Indian Republic Day with equal joy and enthusiasm. 

Indians in Dubai

Dubai has the largest Indian diaspora. The community constitutes 51% of Dubai’s population and 30% of UAE’s population. Thus, the Indian diaspora’s contribution to the country’s commercial sector and economy is remarkable. It’s not just the size of the Indian community but the wide range of roles they play in the workplace that symbolises their characteristic of “Unity in Diversity”. 

The UAE hosts the single largest group of Indian nationals [outside of India], They are all deeply in love with their motherland. UAE understands the nostalgia and feeling of belonging that people of India have while living abroad. Indians living abroad miss their homeland and thus they collectively celebrate Republic Day in Dubai with their Emirati friends. The celebration fills Indian expats with a proud feeling of belonging to India and living in a friendly nation. The wave of patriotism spreads throughout the city of Gold on Republic Day. 

Dubai on Indian Republic Day

The first Republic Day celebration in Dubai was in the year 2020. President Ram Nath Kovind tweeted about the harmonious relations between the two nations on that day. Since then, Dubai has celebrated Indian Republic Day annually. The Indian national flag is also projected on the Burj Khalifa on the India Independence Day in August, making every Indian feel elated. Last year, Aug 2023, Burj Khalifa also projected the image of Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi during his Dubai visit.

Every year, Dubai City wears the tricolour of the Indian National Flag. In addition, various places hoist the Indian Flag in Dubai. The Indian Flag on the background of Dubai’s skyline is an indescribable feeling for Indian citizens. Every year, around Republic Day, Sheikh Rashid Auditorium conducts a Kavi Sammelan and Mushaira.  Indian High School Dubai hosts this event to spread the message of cross-cultural bonding native to India. This year’s event will be more happening and inspiring. It is to be held on the 28th of Jan 2024.  

Activities on Indian Republic Day

Restaurants serving different cuisines especially serve tricolour meals on Republic Day. The iconic Burj Khalifa also projects the Indian National Flag, to experience which, Several communities come together and bond.

Dubai hosts many cultural events allowing citizens to showcase their native art form. At the same time, Bharatnatyam dances, plays, classical music and many such activities are performed in Dubai. The universal message of Unity in Diversity spreads in all the events of Republic Day.

Must Visit Places on Republic Day in Dubai

These are some places you must visit when you explore the city on Indian Republic Day. So, you will probably find other Indians to bond with on that day. Plan your Dubai trip around this national festival and get to see the “ desi-ness of Dubai “. 

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