Best Summer Indoor Escape In Dubai And Abu Dhabi

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Dubai is known for its stunning views and deserts. The heat here can also be very challenging. If you are wondering which place in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is best for summer vacation in the summer season, then stick to this blog till last. Moreover, Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be enjoyed even during the summer holidays. Certainly, there are many fun and exciting indoor activities to enjoy here which provide relief from the heat. Here you will find perfect indoor activities for a day or a long vacation that will make you feel cool and give you an unforgettable experience.

Top Indoor Activities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

After you make up your mind to experience the most amazing indoor activities, it’s time to look out for the best one. So, some of the finest indoor activities that you can enjoy are as follows. 

1. The Green Planet

The Green Planet, built on City Walk, is the UAE’s first enclosed tropical forest. It is a wonderful and miraculous sight of engineering and architecture that competes with the pyramids of the Louvre Museum. The amazing beauty of nature amidst this desert city where there are more than 3000 plants and animals. Learn about the various types of fauna and flora in the Green Planet with a tour guide.

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2. Ski Dubai

Would you believe that winter can be felt in the scorching heat of Dubai? If not, then we will tell you about a place that makes you feel a magical winter amidst the scorching heat of Dubai. Ski Dubai, the world’s largest snow park, is too indoors. It is located in the Mall of Emirates, which will let you enjoy adventure activities like fun bobsledding, tobogganing, and an attractive penguin show. You do not need to bring winter clothes to come here because Travel Saga Tourism gives you all the winter clothing on the ticket. And everything necessary.

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3. Unique Illusion Museum

Step into the mesmerising wonderland of Illusion World in Dubai. Here you can see such amazing views that will deceive your senses and make you feel that this is reality. Enjoy the illusion tunnel here, here you will feel as if the ground is shaking under your feet. Also, many more amazing indoor activities will give you relief from the heat and make you happy. Travel Saga Tourism Premium Ticket brings you the indoor adventure activities of Dubai so that you do not miss out on the fun.

4. IMG Worlds of Adventure

If you are fond of thrill and adventure, then this place is the best. Spread over 1.5 million square feet, this museum is a wonderful safari, theme-based restaurant, and fun haunted hotel, the best place to spend a whole day with pleasure. Travel Saga Tourism’s Fast Track Combo Ticket Offer is to save you from long lines and enjoy the trip to the maximum.

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5. Sea World Abu Dhabi

For marine lovers, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a great place to visit. Here you see over 100,000 animals and 75 interactive experiences and rides. Explore the incredible diversity of marine life and discover how the One Ocean connects us all. This immersive adventure promises to educate and inspire, offering a unique opportunity to learn about our planet’s precious aquatic ecosystems.

Hence, delve into this marine life theme park with Travel Saga and book your Sea World Abu Dhabi Tickets.

6. Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

 Located on Yas Island, Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi is a vibrant indoor theme park with action-packed creations. Explore the worlds of everyone’s favourite characters from the worlds of Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones, and Looney Tunes, with themes like Gotham City and Metropolis. Moreover, Travel Saga Tourism has the best options to choose from, offering you tickets to Ferrari World or Yas Waterworld without waiting in queues.

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7. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Famous for its thrilling Safari attractions, it is the world’s first Ferrari-branded amusement park. Experience the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa, and other thrilling activities with Travel Saga Tourism as we provide you with no-wait tickets and free passes that give you access to Waterworld Warner Bros. World, and nearby attractions.

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8. Snow Park Abu Dhabi

To see the spectacular magic of winter at Snow Park Abu Dhabi, a breathtaking indoor snow wonderland. Enjoy the thrill of snowball fights, sledding, and exploring ice caverns, all in a controlled, snowy environment. Travel Saga Tourism ensures your visit is seamless and enjoyable with careful planning and comfortable arrangements.

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9. Kidzania Abu Dhabi

Certainly, Dubai has many fun indoor activities not only for adults but also for children. Kidzania in Abu Dhabi is a small city made for children where children can participate in many amazing activities. They can try different professions such as fire fighting and cooking, while enjoying both fun and educational experiences. Travel Saga Tourism provides a complete Kidzania family package to make your trip with children hassle-free, which will make your family tour memorable.


Finally, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are famous all over the world for their attractions and amazing indoor activities. Therefore, the opportunity to have a long vacation is available only in summer. Travel Saga Tourism brings you a great Dubai trip for the summer season. So, you just have to contact Travel Saga Tourism and book the tickets for these amazing places with private transportation services to enjoy a lot. 

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