7 Best Places to go for Scuba Diving in UAE

This country is a well-known place on this earth for its luxurious lifestyle, sky-high skyscrapers, and rich experiences. Outside the glitter of the city with modern urban areas, UAE has a great natural beauty inside with desert and Arabic cultural heritage. The vast desert with endless golden sand dunes, and the architectural charm of mosques with tall minarets, caravans of camels, and graceful palm trees reflect the rich history and culture of this region.

UAE has evolved as a famous tourist spot for people all around the world. Beyond tall buildings, fancy resorts, luxurious lifestyle, and stunning shopping this country provides it has also beautiful beaches, crystal clear reefs, marvellous diversity of marine life, and shining blue water of the Arabian Gulf.

7 Best Places for Scuba Diving in Dubai, UAE

If you are seeking the best underwater adventures, there is no better place than the UAE. Whether you are an experienced diver or want to get some thrilling adventurous familiarity with underwater adventure, UAE has some of the best scuba diving places in the world. In this blog post, we will check out the top 7 places for scuba diving in the United Arab Emirates. Scuba Diving is one of the top things to do in Dubai.

Let’s go on a journey to explore the 7 best places for Scuba Diving in Dubai with Travel Saga.

1. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most prominent and beloved places of scuba diving in Dubai, which is a famous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If you are looking for an exciting underwater experience then Jumeirah Beach is a perfect place to visit. Jumeirah Beach offers the best sites of sand and water for hanging out and scuba diving for tourists. The clear water of this place makes it more suitable to spot marine creatures. Just taking a short boat ride and gears, you are ready to dive into the water. As soon as you dive in, you will be able to see different kinds of fish, sharks, turtles, and other water animals.

2. Martini Rock

Martini Rock is an underwater spot near Fujairah in the UAE. Moreover, Martini Rock offers some of the world’s best scuba diving experiences. This place is a haven for scuba divers. The crystal blue water here gives you a fantastic view of underwater landscapes, plants, various fauna, and vivid aquatic life. When the sunlight passes through the clear waters, the undersea world gets all bright and lighted up putting the natural beauty of the ocean in front of your eyes.

3. Dubai World Islands

The Dubai World Island is a collection of human-made Islands developed alongside the coastline of Dubai. The Dubai World Islands is well known for its luxurious hotels and architectural concepts, but it also has some best destinations for scuba diving. Just imagine diving in crystal-clear water surrounded by multiple islands with various themed diving sites. These artificial islands have their own underwater ecosystem. The Dubai World Islands offers a single location to explore the diversity under the water.

4. Zainab Wreck

The Zainab Wreck is also a good choice to go for scuba diving in Dubai, UAE. Zainab Wreck provides adventurous scuba diving experiences to tourists. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a well experienced, it provides complete adventure for all. In the past, a cargo ship was sunk here and over time this place has become a place of aquatic creatures. You will see the fish living inside the ship’s rooms.

5. Mariam Express

The Mariam Express was a cargo ship that was submerged with its cargo in 2006. Now it lies in water at a depth of approx. 25 metres with its cargo which are now the home of aquatic animals. The Mariam Express located in the UAE is a scuba diving place that is packed with adventure and natural beauty. Mariam Express provides a unique opportunity for scuba divers to explore marine life and its ecosystem. Mariam Express is comfortable for beginner divers and advanced divers. Going inside the ship allows the divers to explore the rooms of a wreck.

6. Scuba Diving in Dubai Mall

Scuba diving in Dubai Mall is an amazing and adventurous experience you will get. The Dubai Mall has one of the largest aquariums in the world. This aquarium holds different kinds of water species like sharks, rays, etc. The best thing is you can dive into it. This giant aquarium offers a unique experience to the scuba divers. The experience of getting into this tank with sharks can be an unforgettable moment for divers.

7. Sharm Rock Scuba Diving

The Sharm Rock is located in the north of Dubai. It is like a natural aquarium which makes it a unique place for scuba diving in UAE. This place is home to different kinds of marine life like butterflyfish, angelfish, Moray eels, etc.


You can never get enough of the marine species. So, Scuba Diving is a great way to explore the marine species of the world. Connect with Travel Saga to book scuba diving tickets in Dubai. You can also try out other adventure water sports in Dubai with us.