Abu Dhabi Dates Market

Abu Dhabi Dates Market is very popular among the tourists. The United Arab Emirates is famous for its opulent structures and future-inspired technologies. However, there is another side to it, which most of us don’t know – Dates. Purchasing dates is one of the most important things to do when visiting the UAE. Abu Dhabi is one of the famous cities to buy fresh and juicy dates. No matter what you take home from here, dates shouldn’t be missed.

This special dry fruit tastes delicious, and everybody loves it. Due to this reason, tourists crowd the dates market. Winter is the best time since you will get a variety of items. The two most common date markets in the city are the Mina Date Market and the Central Market.

Dates – An Ideal Emirati Souvenir

Buying quality dates means your loved ones get the chance to enjoy the true flavour of the Emirates. December to March is the ideal time to visit the market since you will find the date traders and buyers haggling for the best quality at an affordable rate. Moreover, you can roam around in the market and enjoy the local culture even if you don’t buy anything. Every year, we host hundreds of visitors interested in buying dates. We incorporate this itinerary for everyone. Therefore, we can say that no one leaves the market without buying dates.

Tour the Dates Market

Coming to Abu Dhabi but didn’t include the dates market in your itinerary? Well, you are missing out on a big part. After your Abu Dhabi city tour, consider visiting the Dates market too. This Dates market is one of the must-visit places, especially if you want to peek inside the local Emirati culture. The quality and various options you will find here are beyond belief. You will get tasty dates that too at the best rate. Besides, we are there to guide you on buying delicious dates. Hence, you can rely on us and the traders and buy them.

Old Abu Dhabi starts from the lane that sells groceries and fruits. Once you start walking through the lane, you will find hundreds of shops selling flavorful and juicy dates. The best part is Arabians treat their guests with utmost love and affection. Therefore, you will enjoy a warm welcome from the sellers. The shops selling dates have samples of each product, which means you can taste before buying.

Local Delicacies

The famous Al Reef Dates is in Abu Dhabi since 1999. It is famous for selling dates, and you will find huge wooden barrels inside where dates are kept to maintain their freshness. The local dates that you must try include Lulu and Khlas. Furthermore, the Majhool Dates are also a great option to try due to their soft and juicy texture. One of the best places in the city to get these dates is Al Mina Vegetable Market.

Why Visit the Dates Market in Abu Dhabi?

Dates are one of the staples of the Arabians. Besides, you will find unique date species in the city throughout the year. Moreover, the imported fruits from Saudi Arabia and Oman are undoubtedly delicious apart from the local products. Various date products are also available, like date syrup, dry fruits, date chocolates, etc. Products that offer authentic taste and quality include Majdool, Khudri, Mabrum, Shalabi, Sukari, Safawi, etc.

Another must-visit date market is Saadiyat Island. However, it is an open-air market that sells imported fruits and vegetables from Jordan and Turkey. Here, you will find yellow-coloured Sucri dates, which are hands-down the best due to their smell and taste. You can also visit the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, which is very close to the dates market.

Dates – The Arabian Heritage

Dates are a crucial part of the Arabian heritage and are a great nutrition source. You will get them in unique colours and flavours- orange, mango, butterscotch, almond, etc. These are used to make date syrups, jams, and other miscellaneous products. The sellers offer them in sealed packages since they know you will travel by air. Moreover, you can taste them even if you are not interested in buying them.

Final Words

A visit to the dates market is not just meant for buying dates but to enjoy the local culture and traditions. The tourists walk through the lanes, take time, and understand the quality and taste of the dates, which is indeed an experience. Hence, you must include a visit to the dates market, especially if you are visiting Abu Dhabi tourist places.

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