Arts and Entertainment at Desert Safari Dubai

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Are you a fan of the performing arts? Have you ever experienced the traditional Arabian dance forms live? If not, then you must try the desert safari in Dubai. The desert safari is a popular excursion to try in Dubai or any emirate of the UAE. There are several options from basic breakfast desert safari to Overnight desert safari with astronomical experience.

Performances and Art at Desert Safari Dubai

Many performances and art forms with Arabian roots are part of the Desert Safari experience in Dubai. All you have to do is connect with Desert Safari in Dubai by Travel Saga. Let’s have a look at the performances you can experience on your Desert Safari Tour

Belly Dancing

Belly dance is also traditionally popular as ‘Raqs Sharqi’. This dance form is deeply rooted in the traditional Arabian culture. It is quite ancient and can be traced back to the ancient civilisations of the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. It has been in practice since times immemorial as a form of entertainment and ritual in the Arabian provinces. However, this dance form evolved with time, involving various elements from different cultures. 

Tanoura Dance 

Another traditional dance form of Arabian culture is the Tanoura dance. This dance is symbolic and represents the rotation of the earth around the sun. Its music also has Arabic characteristics and is related to the tunes of Eastern countries. Moreover, drums, flutes, and other instruments accompany the traditional music of the Tanoura dance.

Fire Show

See a well trained stuntman perform stunts with real fire in the desert. You might end up having multiple moments of astonishment as the performer blows out fire from their mouth.  Also, you’ll feel amazed at how they can play with fire as if they are playing with a harmless toy. 

Khaleeji Dance

Khaleeji word itself means gulf, signifying that it is the traditional dance of the Persian Gulf countries. However, the existing dance form is a fusion of traditional and contemporary dance. It is majorly performed by women at weddings and other ceremonies. 

Dabke Dance

It is a Levantine folk dance performed in circles and lines on joyous occasions in the countries of Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, etc. Some of the desert safari camps also offer this dance performance. Apart from the Dabke dance, acoustic live music performances are also there at the desert safari camp. 

Henna Tattoo

We’ve talked about the entertainment part of the desert safari, but now let us see the artwork. In a desert safari camp, you can get to paint your palm or hand with beautiful designs. Of course, it doesn’t use colours, it is a special paste of Henna plant leaves that stains the skin for some days. The beautiful Arabic designs will keep reminding you of the good times spent in Dubai for about a week. 


Now that you have read all about the performances and arts of the desert safari, consider trying this experience at least once. With Travel Saga Tourism, you can avail of all the above-mentioned fun and a lot more. From Dune Bashing to staying in the desert camp overnight, you can select your tour and enjoy your experience easily. So, don’t keep waiting, just jump on this adventure immediately.