What is Belly Dance and where you can watch it  

Belly Dance

Since its entrance into contemporary life, belly dancing is one genre of dance that has captivated audiences all over the world. But not many people are familiar with this unusual dance, and that is what we will talk about in this article. Continue reading if you want to learn more and become enthralled.

Origin Of Belly Dancing

This dance is commonly linked with the Middle East, but did you know it started in Egypt? That’s right, the Pharos’ homeland. The dance has seen many changes over the years, yet its popularity has not dwindled.

Introduction Of Belly Dance In The Western Countries

By the begging of the 18th century (source), this dance had made its way to Western countries and gained tremendous popularity.

Health Benefits Associated With This Dance

Experts have stated that dance is supposed to strengthen and improve the flexibility of the spine. It also builds the strength of the muscles on the legs. However, this does not happen overnight, it takes regular practice and another exercise to build this stamina. No side effects of this dance have ever been reported.

Many health experts have also stated that belly dancing helps in boosting one’s self-esteem as it helps in producing endorphins in the body, it actually helps in getting rid of inhibitions and also improves your posture.

Which Are The Places Where You See Belly Dancing

As mentioned, you can see this dance form in many countries worldwide such as the Middle East, Turkey, Egypt, and many more. If you want this in a stylish location, you should head straight to Dubai. Where in Dubai can you see this dance? You can view this dance on  an Evening Desert Safari, both these tours offer you the perfect ambiance to absorb the very essence of this dance. Whether it is on a cruise or Desert safari, you watch belly dancing performed by local artists while enjoying a 5-star meal cooked by experienced chefs in Dubai.

You may be under the impression that belly dance is easy, but it is no walk in the park. A person has to practice for years to achieve a lot of perfection. If you feel that someday you would want to learn this dance, you must treat yourself to a couple of shows just to understand and get a feel of its enigmatic energy and charm.