The Hidden Gem of Abu Dhabi: Al Ain Oasis

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Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the Emirates of the UAE. The city has so many landmarks that gather millions of tourists every year. Those are the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Ferrari World, Snow World, and many others. Amongst these iconic landmarks in the city lies a hidden gem- Al Ain Oasis. 

So, if you want to discover the wonders of nature you should visit Al Ain Oasis in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, It’s a very captivating experience as the history, nature, and culture come together here. Let’s learn more about this hidden gem in Abu Dhabi with Travel Saga. 

Things to see at Al Ain Oasis 

This lush green place right in the heart of the Deserts of Abu Dhabi is a great place for tourists. It is a soothing place to visit, that will also bring peace to your mind. Tourists visiting this place can indulge in lots of activities such as:

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Take a walk around 

The best way to calm your mind is to go for a walk. Thus, going for a walk around the Al Ain Oasis is a good idea. It will not only bring peace to your mind but you will also explore the wonders here. It has around 1,47,000 date palm trees and many working farms as well. 

The Eastern Fort 

As its name suggests, this place is located in the eastern direction of the oasis. Additionally, it is amongst the most visited spots in Abu Dhabi. 

The Miniature Oasis 

It is a replica of the original fort with structure, system, and pathways. Moreover, this area also offers clay modelling activities, that kids can indulge in. It also educates the visitors about heritage buildings and the irrigation system. 

The Eco Center

This place showcases the history of the oasis perfectly. In addition to that, it also hosts a lot of other activities for its visitors. So, if you want to know the details about how this oasis is maintained by the authorities, then you must visit it. 

Falaj Irrigation System 

This irrigation system is the oldest and used in most parts of the country. So, if you’re looking for a place to learn about the age-old traditions of the Arabian nation, then explore the Falaj irrigation system. 

UNESCO World Heritage Site 

History says it was one of the first places where water was found by a human in the vast desert. Moreover, it is also the first World Heritage site by UNESCO in the UAE. It was declared a world heritage site in the year 2011. It has an area of about 12000 acres of land. Moreover, it has over 100 types of vegetation. It is famous for its large number of palm trees. However, it also has other trees like mango, lemon, banana, and fig trees. 

Best Time to Visit the Al Ain Oasis 

It is a better idea to visit this place during the winter months from October to April as the temperature is comparatively lower. However, if you wish you can also visit this place in the summer as it’s a lush green area right between the desert. Moreover, remember to wear a sun hat and apply lots of sunscreen, while visiting Al Ain Oasis.  

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This place is just an hour’s drive from Abu Dhabi. Moreover, It is well connected to the major road networks of the country. You can easily reach this place via car and also discover some other Abu Dhabi tourist attractions. Connect with Travel Saga Tourism to book your tours.